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Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts Salary in Half

Posted by James Newton

"Very, very sorry"

As the 3DS only shifted 710,000 units worldwide between 1st April and 30th June, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is feeling the hit in his own pocket, cutting his own salary in half.

Iwata isn't the only high level Nintendo executive taking a hit: Shigeru Miyamoto's salary will drop by around 30%, as will fellow that of managing director Shinji Hatano.

Specific details were not forthcoming but it appears executives will forego performance-related bonuses as well as taking home reduced salaries.

Feeling the hit most of all, however, is majority Nintendo shareholder Hiroshi Yamauchi. The drop in share price after the price announcement caused the multi-billionaire to lose around $500m in one day. Ouch.


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Dynetheous said:

wow thats gotta hurt, i feel sorry for them. im sure they will be back on there feet in no time.



TanookiSteven said:

Ay...Nintendo is starting to fall a bit, but they will recover. They made a mistake and that's ok. They're taking risky moves, but it'll pay off. They just gotta take it one step at a time, and it won't always be a clear road for them, sometimes they'll be beaten by a simple koopa, but they just gotta hang in there. The won't fall no matter what, it's just us fans that need to show them, that we love them no matter what !



Odnetnin said:

Poor rich people.

It's kind of funny how no one seemed to realize that Nintendopocalyspe was happening until they announced the price slash. And now suddenly everyone is afraid of the company going out of business.



ooofooo said:

We should start a support group to show them that the fans will never give up on them.



Wheels2050 said:

Much respect for taking the blame like that. It's not often you see CEOs cut their own pay following poor performance...




At least they're doing something about it unlike Sony with the PS3 and PSP. I mean look at the prices of Sony hardware several upon several years on. Still too high. Pure arrogance from them



daznsaz said:

hope theyve got their heads screwed on would not be funny if they did a sega sure that wont happen fingers crossed



ooofooo said:

The problem that I have noticed is that many people aren't aware that the 3ds even exists. Every time I use it in public someone always comes up to me and asks me what it is. Maybe if Nintendo made more commercials that would help in sales



TanookiSteven said:

Hey now, Nintendo isn't the only ones that need to help show everyone what a 3DS is, so do the fans.



FonistofCruxis said:

I wasn't expecting the 3DS to so this bad. Even though I'm not that impressed with the wii U at the moment, I hope the same doesn't happen to that as I wouldn't want Nintendo to end up like Sega.



CerealKiller062 said:

I can't help but feel the PS Vita's price and something to do with this. Aside from bad IP.

I think Reggie should take a pay cut in order to help motivate him into fixing the localizing problem and the awful Club Nintendo rewards!



XCWarrior said:

Guys, 50% of a $2 million salary is still $1 million. Iwata is going to survive, and bet he won't even have to turn to food stamps.

I still don't forgive Nintendo. 3DS lineup is still very weak and I will continue to wait for the Wii RPGs - Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower. I'll take one of them, and you can have your forgiveness.



ooofooo said:

From now on when you guys go out you should try to use your 3ds as much as possible so people will become intrested in it. Also for those of you who are on social networks such as facebook you should promore it. Just tell people how cool it is. If we all do this we will be helping out nintendo



littlebigplanet said:

@18 I think it's price cut will help it sell more than the Vita. Lets put it this way: You have never had a handheld console before. you go to the store holiday 2011. and you have 2 choices: A PSVita for $250, or a 3DS for $170. You compare the libraries: 3DS: Kid Icarus, Mario, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Zelda, MGS, Resident Evil, etc. You see the Vita: Watered down ports of PS3 games with an estimated 2 hour battery life. Not to mention, Oled screens are extremely sensitive. my friend had an eBook with an oled screen, he was reading it outside, and the suns created spots that damaged the screen. So if you had a vita, you couldn't play it in direct sunlight... anyways. It seems like an obvious choice. the 3DS launch was to early though. I wouldn't have minded waiting another 2 months to get it with Zelda and the eShop. If the 3DS launch library had 1st party games, it would be selling much better... much better..



AVahne said:

Ouch, I'm getting a 3DS as soon as a red one comes out, so bring it over here quickly Nintendo!



Geonjaha said:

Poor millionairres. What are they to do? Honestly it's a noble sacrifice but they're still making massive amounts. It's not that heroic.



lord_hades said:

I hope they don't stop 3DS production because of this hopefully Mario kart 7, paper Mario and super Mario 3D land boost 3DS sales near Christmas but I can't believe they cut there own salleries for the 3DS this shows that there not giving up on there products although they did give up on the 64DD but that only sold 15,000 units so nintendo don't give up



Raylax said:

I like how the global economy collapses and the banks all go "eh, whatever. We're still having enormous wages and massive bonuses. F' you all." Nintendo has vaguely poor sales and the execs go "NUUUU, WE ARE HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PEOPLE." I can't help but feel they're over-reacting juuuust ever so slightly xD



MakeMyBiscuit said:

If only more CEOs would do this rather than lay off a lot of their own employees who are going paycheck to paycheck in the first place.
Good job Nintendo! I hope other CEOs take this to heart.

When I get money again I think I will buy me some Nintendo games, or at least one



Tare said:

@ 27
I don't think that 3 million units moved is that bad considering the launch titles were meager.
The only thing happening to Nintendo would be them getting a little embarassed about the whole launch snaffoo.
The idea of them pulling the plug on the 3DS is ludicrous. That would cause an uproar, this is nothing. The 3DS is a slow burner, it won't go out for a loooooong time.



Spoony_Tech said:

I would like to think all companies care about their bottom line as much as Nintendo. They have always been about putting out the best product they can and taking their time to make it right. Maybe they did rush it a bit with the 3ds but they will recover. Just look at all the great games still coming out. I think all the resent happenings is just as much a show for all 3rd parties then anything else. Don't want to loss them this early in its life span!



Token_Girl said:

If Nintendo was an American company, Iwata would have taken a massive severance package, and they would hire someone else (for tons of money) to prepare the company for bankruptcy (read: drive the company to the ground while disbursing as much money as possible to execs, so when they do have to go bankrupt there's nothing left for the court to seize).

Good for Iwata. Half seems like a bit much for the situation, but, still, if I had any yen, I would buy Ninty stock in support just for Iwata and the other executives doing what they are supposed to and taking credit for not only the company's successes but also its failures.



Mandoble said:

Nintendo is not falling "a bit", look at the results and the predictions, not only for 3DS, also DS and mostly Wii, none of then reaching anything close to the targets. And what is way worse, the sales curve has negative acceleration for all Nintendo consoles, so everything is expected to be worse. The price reduction of 3DS might just level a bit the negative acceleration for 3DS but will never compensate the loses with DS and Wii. 3DS price reduction seems to be a desperate movement to keep in business at least until WiiU release.
ATM 3DS sales are even lower than PSP and going down. Wii sales are lower than PS3 and equivalent to XBoX, and going down too. Only DS has a slightly up tendency, but now with about 500.000 units less than PS3 in just 2011.

Nintendo is going down in flames and free fall, and Vita is not even available yet. Expect to see more delays with third companies announced games expecting to have a noticeable increase in 3D sales (Metal Gear will not be the last one), something that will hardly happen will just Mario and Luigi there. And what is worse, with these numbers no third party will venture in new 3DS projects.



kdognumba1 said:

I feel that if nintendo wants to come back to a good spot they need to really be more open when it comes to building an online community.



Mr_Nose said:

God, I love Nintendo. Sacrifice, humility... No other Corporation on the planet works as close to the heart ( to say nothing of Governments. ).

And still you have the haters, bashers, and all-around jaded gamers who will never be satisfied. Who, truth be told, are doing more damage to the industry, than they realize.



Megumi said:

Sheesh everyone is freaking out over something caused by a mistake with the 3DS's launch. xD
I highly doubt they'll go down that easily, lol.



ThumperUK said:

I do find it amusing to read some of these comments about company failure and bankruptcy!! All companies across the world are having a tough time at the moment - most will ride out the bad times.

The 3DS was not helped by
a) Priced too high
b) It was launched too soon so not enough decent games at launch/three months on
c) Dreadful marketing.

As with the recent Wii price cut, there will be a huge increase in sales of the 3DS. At least now the adverts state clearly that the machine is 'Not DS, but 3DS" - you do have to be that plain and simple to get your message across.

Decent games are coming - even the eShop now has one 3DSware game! At least Mario Kart and Super Mario will be here by Christmas - these should have been available at launch then this 'crisis' would never have happened.

I remember getting the DS at launch - for the first year sales were also slow to pick up - it wasn't until 2 years later when the Lite came along (and by then a decent library of games) that the DS really flew off the shelves.



DKmania said:

@40: Sacrifice and humility seem to be exclusively Japanese traits in today's world. We could learn a lot from Nintendo's decision.



NintyMan said:

He must be one humble man, and he earns even more respect from me for it. You don't hear of company executives slashing their own salaries. Usually they either get fired or lay off employees. Then again, Japanese companies are managed differently than their Western counterparts. This likely has to do with the Eastern tradition of honor, and Iwata is punishing himself for doing dishonor by rushing the 3DS to market.

And it's not like Iwata, Miyamoto, and Yamauchi are all going to go broke. In the case of the first two, they just won't be making as much money for a while. Yamauchi still has billions more money, and while he took a big hit, it only made a dent in his tough armor. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet took similar hits before.

But, there will still be those fringe fanboys that will take this as a Nintendogeddon and jump ship, despite a island of coins awaiting on the other side of the raging economic sea. You can't tell me that there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps this will help Nintendo make sure the launch of the Wii U will be more successful?



Kirk said:

You know something, if it weren't for the shareholders I don't think Nintendo would be panicking as much as they are right now in terms of taking pay cuts and stuff. This is really just so the shareholders don't lose any money.

I think Nintendo needs to actually stop worrying about constantly satisfying it's shareholders and actually focus on satisfying it's fans a bit more.



FigetingPigeon said:

Could this be the fall of Nintendo? I really hope not! With what I've read and saw of the Wii U at E3 my impressions of it aren't very optimistic. I think Nintendo should pull the plug on the Wii U get back in the drawing room and come up with something else and to start listening to their loyal fans. I'm hoping the price drop of the 3DS do start bringing sales back up, as I do think its a great piece of hardware which I'm really enjoying at the moment. Its just a lot of the 3rd party developers are still really unsure about the Wii U and no real big players have come up to the front saying there's big name franchises coming to the system, also how Nintendo handles their online services are terrible. These are dark times indeed for Nintendo and I think if Nintendo don't radically shake themselves we could see another Sega incident where Nintendo become a publisher only.



taffy said:

Reading some people's responses here and seeing worry about Nintendo's demise is just shocking. Little history lesson for you guys, the Xbox 360's infamous RROD cost Microsoft over $1 BILLION dollars in extended warranties and stock prices fell, the PS3 had a slow start due to prices on SKU's, weaker and buggy ports of 360 games and look at it now. What is it with people expecting Nintendo to fail at the first sign of negative growth, do you people remember how much they made from 2006 to 2009?



Tasuki said:

I have to say if I didnt have respect for Nintendo before which I did, I do now. How many of the top dogs in these corporations are willing to take a pay cut when times are bad. None except for Nintendo. Most often what happens is they cut the low level employees which need those jobs. Heck Sony just laid off a bunch of people not to long ago.

Good show Nintendo good show. I tip my hat to you.

I wish companies like Walmart would take a lesson from this.



WolfRamHeart said:

@Kirk: The thing is that Nintendo wasn't satisfying it's fans and that is why this happened. They got cocky and made some really bad decisions so now they are paying for it. I think that they needed this wake-up call. At least now they are taking steps to make things right. I just hope that they will learn from their mistakes and turn the company around.



FluttershyGuy said:

That's what I was going to say. An American company CEO would lay off half his workforce before cutting his own wage a penny. It's just "The American Way". "Hurray for me, and up yours" (to put it kindly) seems to be our motto these days.

This is a noble move by Iwata and one that I respect. But, in my opinion, it also gives a bad, desperate appearance. And you don't want to see that from THE MAN at Nintendo. This could make stockholders even MORE nervous. Everything Nintendo's doing makes them look desperate. Which makes me worry more so than ever if we're ever going to see Wii U... or any other Nintendo console. The wheels seem to be coming off at such a rapid pace. Every day, more bad news!

Not sure how the Japanese government operates. If a company is "too big to fail" if they give them the helping hand the US gave to banks and automakers (Still makes me want to rip something to shreds that BILLIONAIRES got a bail out and struggling families losing their homes got JACK). But, there can't be many more companies more iconic and significant to Japan than Nintendo Co. Ltd., and more deserving of a bailout if things get that bad!



dimi said:

Oooh, poor Nintendo shareholders. I don't feel sorry for these guys at all. The employers will be the one that will pay the price as always. Cause Miyamoto may lose 30% of his salary but many people will lose their jobs and their ability to feed their family. Nintendo stock value will grow again strong.



TwilightV said:

You think that's generous you should've seen what they donated to the earthquake victims.



Supremeist said:

Nintendo is great, I know they'll get back on there feet. This was a big mistake, but eventually they will recover. Btw, they still have lots of money.. right?



Hyperstar96 said:

Is that sarcasm? Nintendo hasn't done anything wrong. Too lazy to make a longer post on my phone XD



darkgamer001 said:

I know he's still gonna be earning more money each month than most of us can even dream of making in decades, but this was still a very honourable move. Respect

Anyway, I'm doing my part to get more ppl to support Ninty and buy the 3DS (even though that's not saying much considering I live in the tiny island of Malta ) Most gamers over here were kinda reluctant to buy the 3DS at that price or simply couldn't afford it, and most of them were just waiting for a price drop. I'm sure there are similar situations elsewhere, so the situation is gonna improve.

But the thing with the 3DS is that one of its main selling points, the 3D effect, isn't easy to show to consumers (ex. how are you going to effectively show it in on a TV-ad?), so the 3DS really needs to spread via word of mouth



komicturtle said:

Feel really bad that Iwata has to cut his salary in half just to "please" people. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made.

Things will turn out great in the long run



Rapadash6 said:

Iwata is such a solid dude. It's really refreshing to see Nintendo stand up and take accountability for their mistakes. It's clear to me that the company does at least care to some degree. Hopefully they'll heed all this with the Wii U and get it right from the start.



Mandoble said:

Do you guys have the most remote idea about what might be Iwata or Miyamoto yearly salary plus bonuses? As reference: US$ 2.1 million yearly for Iwata.



DigitalGreentea said:

Wow...I'm almost speechless. Not only is he taking a 50% pay-cut (almost unheard of), but he's accepting responsibility for something that was not his fault alone. In a world where almost every other CEO would be laying people off and taking a 50% pay increase, I cannot tell you how refreshing this is to see. Company presidents around the world should follow this man around on their knees and take notes. It's amazing that he's sacrificing his own money for the good of the company - Again, it's almost unheard of. Now I see why we Nintendo fans are the way we are. We're always so happy and forgiving - we love Nintendo. It's apparent to me now that this man is a large part of the reason that we love Nintendo. Nintendo fans can rest easy knowing that the money that they put into their consoles will be used well by this gentleman. I have so much respect for Nintendo, Nintendo fans, and Iwata.. I really hope they manage to pull things together, because I would hate to see such a rarity and such a gem be swept aside.

Best of luck Iwata!



NESguy94 said:

This is called my worst nightmare, NINTENDO CANNOT DIE. What else could I so with all those extra hours when I am not working? Seriously though, this is serious, the only original game company from the original console wars that still makes consoles can't end. A huge part of me would die, mostly my inner child and sense of imagination

How many people can make you feel like you are actually the Hero of Time and then instantly transport you to a devastated land filled with Metroid and Space Pirates. Nintendo is what makes everything ok at the end of a hard day. They have been truly loyal to their fans for over 25 years and I honestly don't think it will end anytime soon.




Slapshot said:

@WolfRamHeart You took the words right out of my mouth - erm, fingers - but I wished I was wrong, but I called this about two years after they launched the Wii and they went full force into the casual markets (e.g. Wii Music, Wii Fit, Wii Play, etc.,) and left there core crowd sitting around for years waiting, as the Xbox/PS3 system exploded the scene with Modern Warfare, BioShock, Fallout 3, etc., games that pushed further than any before seen on home consoles. So many gamers made the jump while waiting for a reason to pick up their Wii-motes again, and obviously most of them haven't looked back, but what's worse is that Apple has gained the majority of the casual markets now and the Wii U hasn't gained much attention with either of the crowds, which puts us to where we are now.

I think they'll turn things around, but they've got some big decisions that need to be made ahead of them and if they don't, the future (my opinion) could be questionable.



NSBlueLighing said:

Iwata makes around 2.1mill a year(supposedly) and that equals out to be around 178,000 a month...about triple what i make a year. Now its only 89,000 a month more than i make a year still. He also still has all his savings from the past 10+yrs. Hes fine! He better just know what hes doing with the Wii U(God please no Friend Codes!)



FluttershyGuy said:

Despite things Nintendo do to infuriate me, I feel the exact same way. The world would feel pitch black without Nintendo. Not sure how interested I'd be in continuing to be a gamer (especially in an increasingly Apple touch screen gaming world so shallow that I detest with all my being) without Nintendo. Not sure it'd even continue to be a hobby. To me, video games would pretty much die with Nintendo. Thinking about it is like thinking of one of those post-apocalyptic worlds you see in movies.



daznsaz said:

if push came to shove they could amalgamate with sega that would be mad but i dont think push is gonna get anywhere near shove★



darkgamer001 said:

Guys...seriously, Nintendo isn't going to think lower than expected 3DS sales and an uncertain future about the WiiU is gonna destroy them? Heck, they survived in the past despite the Virtual Boy disaster and the fact that the N64 and GameCube were outsold by their rivals. Relax dudes, these guys know what they're doing, they'll turn this around soon enough



Chris720 said:

@13 I've seen plenty of 3DS adverts. The problem is, nobody watches commercials anymore, I usually go grab a snack or drink during adverts, also now we can record our shows and skip commercials, TV advertising isn't the best place to advertise anymore.

If I saw £500m wandering out of my bank account, I'd like to know where the hell that went. But poor Shiggy and Iwata having to drop their pay. I think if they kept the price below 200 they would've got more sales to be honest.

Atleast what they're doing is better than Sony, they keep their prices the same for years! Nintendo still rule the gaming world.



Mandoble said:

xDemon720x, probably you dont know that Sony was selling PS3 for a price lower than its production cost for years (yes, they were losing money with every PS3 you buy), while Nintendo was selling Wii for five times its production cost for years too.



sketchturner said:

Hard to feel bad for them when they won't release Xenoblade to the U.S. It's like they're allergic to making profit right now.



JGMR said:

Although the Wii and DS sold like crazy, things seem not to go that well. To cut your salary in half isn't a sign of prosperity i think?! Things cannot be blamed on the '3DS sales' alone, it's simply not possible. Too much invested? Taken a risk that didn't turn out right? I really, really wonder what went wrong...



pippa said:

@58. Exactly! One of the silliest things they did was to remove the 3D sample video. it was the best way to get people interested without them having to get 'into' a game or anything, or be antisocial where there were a few people.



Raptor78 said:

He is doing a great thing. Whereas other companies may have made cuts elsewhere including losing staff he has done an amazing thing by cutting his salery in half. Sure he isnt going to be broke or going to starve or anything, but if he hadnt have taken the hit and it was left to cutting jobs, those he would have had to let go would have suffered terribly.
Well done, Nintendo has just shot up in my expectations.



Moco_Loco said:

It's interesting to me that the overall tone of the comments on IGN have been much more positive. I give Iwata credit for doing this, and I like that he takes the blame as the leader even if he wasn't solely responsible for poor sales.

This experience should be good for Nintendo, as they were showing definite signs of arrogance. Hopefully they will get more competitive with their pricing all around (maybe Mario Kart DS can finally get a price drop before 7 comes out?), as well as their services (online gaming, Club Nintendo, online community, etc.).

Regardless of any pet peeves I have, I love Nintendo games and respect them both for taking bold risks and being willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. I think the 3DS will be fine once the killer apps start coming out for it, but Nintendo has weathered storms like this before and still managed to be modestly profitable thanks to software sales. They should be fine, but ultimately they are an entertainment company. If one source of entertainment ends, like a favorite TV show, I'll usually still find some other way to unwind in my limited free time.



Rathe said:

I think it's funny that Iwata bringing home roughly $2m USD per year is a big deal. Take a look at some what some American CEOs make.



Mandoble said:

@komicturtle92, x5 an exageration? 275€ retail price, 60US$ (41€) building cost, do the math, and you still have there distribution expenses and retail profit untouched (75€ per unit, which probably is way lower than that). I call this robbery.

And that robbery has become quite evident and notorious with the sudden drop of 100€ in 3DS price, while they will keep good margin and profit per unit.



Hokori said:

wait 710,000 world wide, I thought I read Japan was the 1st to go over a Million units ????? ok im confused



TNLGUY said:

I'll support you until the end, Nintendo. You filled the void that my father left behind!



timp29 said:

710,000 worldwide in the last 2? months. Whereas the first month shifted like 2.1 million or something.



TKOWL said:

Oh no, Iwata can't buy another gold car this year! He has to still use last year's model



Jr-Joe said:

Nintendo needs to get back N to it. Hardcore gaming is the only way, we need a modern day N64 and gameboy color. Nintendo needs to stop being so soft! Why is everything baby blue and white, DIS AINT NO BABY SHOWER!!!



Robo-goose said:

Ouch, 50% salary drop? Maybe that will change after the 3DS goes on sale for 170.
Maybe it will sell as well as the DS after that.



edcomics said:

I bet Nintendo will be releasing Pandora's Tower, Last Story and Xenoblade in North America now. Gotta make up all that lost money somehow.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@82 LOL. You really think the 3DS is selling at a profit now? If you checked recent news you'd realize that it's being sold at a loss now after the price cut.



motang said:

Ah that is expected, and it's good that he took the cut. Hopefully they learned something for this.



Mach-X said:

@20 Your post is a perfect example of biased hyperbole, something too many people on this forum are guilty of. First off, my ZuneHD has an OLED screen, it is absolutely GORGEOUS has sat overnight in my car in both intense canadian winter AND 90+ summer weather. And it is still pristine. The Vita's specs/launch titles have not even finalized and you've already passed judgement on it because you're a nintendo fan. I bought my DS 5 years ago, and it has largely sat and collected dust because other than Mario Kart and NSMB, I have not had any interest in it because the games that made the original gameboy so great are missing. Maybe I've grown up a bit, but games like Harvest Moon or Max Wright don't intrigue me. I miss the shmups and beatemups of the old days. I'm passing on the 3DS in favour of the Vita for those reasons. With the Vita, I can buy the two awesome PSP God of War games, and there will probably be more, as well as the fact the Vita will be powerful enough for some good fps action, with its dual thumbsticks. I don't buy consoles just because they are made by one company. I buy the one I feel will give me the games I like. In this case, it looks like the Vita will get my portable dollars.



LordTendoboy said:

Wow. In just a few months Nintendo went from number 1 in sales, to falling a bit. And their only competition in the portable market is iOS and Android devices. Once the Vita hits, Nintendo will have a big battle on their hands.

Here's hoping the Wii U does well in it's first few months.

Iwata is so humble yet honest, a rarity for CEO's of major corporations. Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai (Sony) could learn a few lessons in humility & honesty from Iwata.



LordTendoboy said:


LOL, you think the Game Boy / Color was a "hardcore" game system? There wasn't even such a thing back in those days, that terminology didn't exist back then.



LordTendoboy said:

I'm still pissed that Nintendo won't offer GBA games as a permanent feature of the Virtual Console. NES games stay but GBA games are just a temporary offer? Where's the logic in that?



FJOJR said:

Without Nintendo I would become an avid classic gamer. Probably only get a system for future kids but I'd collect as many Nintendo games as possible to keep the spirit alive. I'd also follow wherever Mario went. Kinda like when a sports team is forced to relocate elsewhere.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

They should act from their money loss. Starting with releasing eShop Pay Cards. It's not the 3DS it's price that failed many to buy, it's the system itself.



Skotski said:

People are freaking out before anything truly big has happened.
Seriously, most of the games people are looking forward to on the 3DS aren't even out yet and people are saying that no one will ever get a 3DS ever again! And Nintendo will die! And oh no doom and gloom forever!

It's not like their DS and Wii profits were enough to handle this blow - oh no, not at all. They're doomed FOREVER!

Iwata and Miyamoto are seriously just doing an honorable business move.'s honorable to do, AND it's a business move.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Wow, that is something I would never have expected the CEO of a company to do, ever.
I wish more corporations had that kind of attitude.
As for 3DS sales, I think they are not that terrible, and maybe Nintendo needs some patience, sales will pick up.
Also, I think one of the problems isn't the handheld or company management, but the fact that most people have a DS or a DSi, and they are probly just happy with that.
Perhaps they should have waited a little bit longer before they launched it?
I think the 3DS has amazing potential, but Nintendo (and some of the fans) should calm down a bit just because systems aren't flying off the shelves at record pace.
I agree that the price of the system may have been a big factor too, especially with the world economy being what it is.
Anyways, once there is a larger library of decent games, they won't have to worry.



James said:

@Metroid_Rebirth Bear in mind that was written before the price cut and share price decrease. Forbes may not give quite such a strong recommendation now



Gamer83 said:

If I screw up a lot less at my job than the fools at Nintendo have with 3DS and even the Wii so far this year with the utter lack of software, I get fired. These people still get to keep their jobs and still makes tons of money, I don't feel sorry for them one bit, try not screwing up the launch of a system next time and also maybe for once take a risk on some unkown games rather than just feeding us the same old Mario Party garbage.




Well done Iwata, Sony should take a leaf out of your book with their PSP and PS3 sales lags over the years. Sony try to be the Armani of the technology world - arrogantly so. The PSP and PS3 prices are ridiculously high considering how long they've been on the market. Even the Wii has been reduced in price ffs



jayo said:

@18: Yeah, they'll survive! At least he admits it was sorta his fault, and not all Nintendo of America's like what went on with Sega in the 90's!



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

Look I'm not saying that Nintendo hasn't made some mistakes, they obviously have, but I still think they are not in a dire situation quite yet. I think Nintendo can't afford to take the same kind of risks that Sony and Microsoft can, because Sony and Microsoft kind of have a safety net in that they are connected to major multimedia business conglomerates. That's why Nintendo operates so conservatively. Iwata taking a pay cut in my eyes is just a CEO taking responsibility for his actions. The video game business really comes down to one thing. Games. And when the 3DS and the Wii U get the games, the stock will sky rocket again.



cfgk24 said:

When you release Red 3ds in UK, I will buy one straight away.
Because it is a nearly perfect product.
The only failing is Region lock.
PS Vita doesn't interest me at all - wrong kind of touch screen for playing games. GF has a PSP, it just sits there in the cupboard whilst we play DS....



JustanotherGamer said:

Way to "man up" and take responsiblity Iwata. A lot of CEO's could learn from you. But the slow sales of the 3DS is not all Iwata fault. The great east Japan earthquake and the Economy is not the greatest. But way to lead by example. The U.S.A government could learn from Iwata.
The house and senate.
I will now buy a 3DS. I wasn't going to originally. With the price drop that makes it more reasonable. Plus Iwata has taken one for the team. I respect that So I buy the 3DS. Nintendo is trying. Way to go Iwata



Kholdstare said:

They'll be back up on their feet before you know it.
Didn't a similar thing like this happen with the Virtual Boy and N64?



magos2k7 said:

In Japanese culture, and in much Asian culture in general, there is the concept of "saving face". If you do something to dishonor someone else without provocation, you must save face. This means you must do something equally damaging to yourself, willingly, or you are a dishonorable person. When Sony execs bowed for the media, they were placing their heads closer to the ground than those they wished forgiveness from, a sign of humility.
When two Japanese businessmen meet to discuss a deal, they talk but they do not hold eye contact with each other. This is considered rude and a deal-breaker.
Iwata-san cut his salary in half. We're out $80 but he's out a million. He is an honorable man.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I just hope Nintendo will learn from its mistakes, the 3DS will take off now and that they can land a hit with the WiiU. Instead of being too frightened of some shareholders that only want quick profit. So all in all i want Nintendo to take their time with their new babies instead of further rushing things. For long term success you often have to overcome some rough times.



grumblegrumble said:

When you're already a multi-millionaire, it's easy to cut your salary in half. So this isn't really saying much, its more or less a "symbolic gesture" than anything else He'll still get oodles of stock options, etc. What he should do is take NO SALARY for a year lol



Henmii said:

This hurts for Iwata, Miyamoto and the other people. Hopefully this gives them even more motivation to make the 3DS a succes!

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