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Iwata Discusses More Built-In 3DS StreetPass Games

Posted by James Newton

Find Mii again

Nintendo's built-in StreetPass games Find Mii (also known as StreetPass Quest) and Puzzle Swap are rather neat incentives to carry your 3DS console around, but once finished there's less reason to venture out into the world with your 3DS in your pocket. Nintendo realises this, and president Satoru Iwata acknowledged the issue at a recent meeting.

Noting that many Nintendo employees have long since finished the mini-RPG Find Mii, Iwata even told attendees that Shigeru Miyamoto has been pestering employees for ideas for a follow-up, with "several departments considering the possibility", according to Iwata.

While Iwata had nothing concrete to announce, it certainly sounds as if the issue is important to the company, and even hinted there could be more content to come in the future:

I cannot say when or what we can deliver, but we would like to change the minds of the people who are temporarily thinking, "I cannot see the point in carrying my Nintendo 3DS with me," to make them think, "Oh, I want to carry it around with me again." I believe we can proceed in a way that answers your request.


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alLabouTandroiD said:

Would be smart and if it turns out as well as the recent two games i'd definitely like it. Just make it free so anybody with a 3DS will want to use it.



TanookiSteven said:

I've finished the Find Mii, but I always go ahead and restart, because it makes me excited to see the people I come by with Streetpass and see what kind of powers they like, and how I can use it as a strategy against my opponents!



Sneaker13 said:

Finally, because I've been waiting for ages for something new to do with StreetPass.

And it shouldn't be so difficult. They already have the puzzle game, so just add more panels.



ImDiggerDan said:

The problem with trying to extend the games that are already there is that not everybody will update their firmware and be running the latest version. They would have to deal with cases where people with the original version meet people with panels from pictures that their software doesn't even know exist.

An entirely new Streetpass game would make more sense, particularly if they could make it never ending.



StarDust4Ever said:

Streetpass would have been great, except for one minor caveat: I carry mine around everywhere I go, but since launch, I've only gotten four streetpass hits. Come on, am I really the only guy in my whole freakking community who carries a 3DS around in his pocket? Perhaps I'll have to wait until after Christmas 2011(when market penetration is hopefully better) before I start getting more hits.



sykotek said:

I've completed the Street Pass plaza games long ago. Meaning I've beat Find Mii, got all the hats and got all the puzzle pieces.

Here's an easy solution they could do in the meantime. Port Personal Trainer Walking on the 3DS for free, it doesn't need to be in 3D necessarily, it could just be a straight port as far as I'm concerned.

Releasing PTW could allow the PTW community a chance to reach their goals and provide incentive for all 3DS owners for walking. Add in support for the existing pedometers and pokewalkers and that's all you'll need for awhile.

Problem temporarily solved and plus, you don't abandon support for a worldwide walking community. =D



Raptor78 said:

Ive enjoyed the two mii plaza streetpass games, but Ive also enjoyed the ones that come with some of the other games like the StreetFighter Streetpass battles and to some degree the Streetpass battles with Samurai Warrior Chronicles.
What I would like them to develop a mii game similar to the Streetpass battle using miis. Mabey the colours of the outfit would act like a rock, paper Scissors format and you can put together a team from mii's you have collected. Just an idea, but something like that would mabey have some decent legs... mabey they could incorperate the Pokedex into a FindMii game.



daznsaz said:

i take my 3ds everywhere got a hit at hmv yesterday and got new puzzle a mario one had zelda pikmin and kirby puzzles on the last boss on quest for second playthrough got all hats i think so im happy with what it already has but new street stuff is welcome



RedYoshi999 said:

I don't see myself getting many, in any, StreetPass hits so Find Mii and Puzzle Quest is good enough for me.



pikku said:

I carry my 3DS whenever I go anywhere pretty much, and to thisday I've only gotten three hits. So more streetass content would be great for people who actually pass other 3DS owners, I'm not one of them. But it couldn't hurt to keep them coming, especially if they're freee DLC. That would be awesome.



Raptor78 said:

Live in a REALLY small town and carry my 3DS everywhere and now I have a population of 24 and about 40 hits… so to everyone whose out there without any/many stick with it because you never know when you get a day where you get about nine hits in one day and you suddenly see your plaza double in size.



jdkipfer said:

I'v gotten 5 streetpass hits. One was planned, and the other 4 were in big attractions in the largest city in my country (Toronto), so people really need to connect with streetpass more.



Shinjix2 said:

i only have had one streetpass hit since I bought the system on its release date. I have taken it EVERYWHERE. Oh well at least I got another puzzle out of it. I really hope that the 3DS becomes as common as the DSlite



NintyMan said:

That's great to know, but it's bad that up to this point I've only had three tags, and two from the same stranger. I've taken my 3DS almost everywhere I went and even went into video game stores without success. Because of that, paying play coins to hire an army of wandering heroes was my only way of clearing Find Mii. I'm still glad that the Streetpass games will be updated at some point. Also, that was an interesting interview Iwata had.



BulbasaurusRex said:

You know, there are some retail games that use StreetPass, too.

I take my 3DS everywhere and haven't had a hit in weeks and only 7 hits since getting it at launch.



HandheldGuru97 said:

since the launch I have gotten 5 people in my plaza. 4 were sort of prearranged and the 5th was in an airport, I'm going to the Mall of America soon so I hope that I will get 2.



FonistofCruxis said:

I've got 9 people that joined my plaza and 12 hits as I got three of them twice so I haven't finished either of the mini-games yet and I carry my 3DS with me to most places so I hope the 3DS becomes more common by the end of the year.



Blaze said:

I'm still nowhere near finishing! Well, I'm quite near the end in StreetPass Quest, I have about 4 more rooms, but I've only completed the Zelda picture and have 3 pieces on The Mario one. Puzzle Swap is much harder without StreetPass Hits, as when you meet someone via StreetPass you can choose which piece of their puzzle you want, whereas, with Play Coins, a piece is randomly chosen, which is why when I had 1 piece left on the Zelda Puzzle I had to obtain 23 more pieces before I finally got the one remaining one I hadn't, and seeing as I have only got 2 streetpass hits and I have had my 3DS since launch, (one being my brother) I doubt I'll e completing them any time soon, so for the while I'm good....................... (Takes a Deep Breath)



Yosher said:

I'm actually hoping for a Mii Park update with more hats (I want my Yoshi hat dangit!), more puzzles, and maybe an extra, entirely new mode. I'm not too good when it comes to thinking of modes though so I'll just wait and see on this matter.



Victoria said:

At least it'll give me something to spend all my coins on ... because so far that's really the only use for them. I'm always at the 300 coin limit.



CrazyOtto said:

I live in an area that's garbage for Streetpass
I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only person in my county with a 3DS



Late said:

Haven't got a StreetPass hit yet but I'll always carry my 3DS with me to find someone another. I have it every day with me at work in amusement park and it seems that not too many people in Finland has it yet (or anyone from somewhere else who is visiting in Finland).



grumblebuzzz said:

This is great news! I actually get at least one StreetPass a week from my local Gamestop so new games to use them on would be awesome.



Raylax said:

Find Mii = Streetpass Quest in the UK?

I've got about 15 hits atm. Tend to get 1 a day (2 if lucky) - I work in a pretty big city, so lots of people around at home time. Get most of my hits in the train station.

EDIT: Maybe I just walk loads compared to others and haven't realised it, but I'd like Nintendo to either increase the number of steps required to earn a Play Coin, or remove/increase the daily cap. 1,000 steps for the 10 coins means I've easily maxxed it just getting to work in the morning (makes the other 7,000 per day seem a bit pointless xD)



Linkuini said:

I've obtained every hat and puzzle piece, but I still keep the Mii Plaza activated just to see if anyone new shows up. Forget Find Mii, though: what I'm itching for is a 3D Dragon Quest game. DQIX allowed you to trade treasure maps with people you passed, but that would work so much better with StreetPass on 3DS, where you wouldn't have to worry about having the game card inserted all the time.



Woots said:

I've had my 3DS since May, and I've only gotten one hit, which was from a kiosk. Kiosks ARE fun to watch and see people's reactions, though.



nmozdzier said:

I surprised they haven't been incorporating play coins into the games, it's obvious that AC will have use for street pass and play coins, for furniture and stuff, but also in Mario Kart, to buy new and better vehicle parts, and well in Paper Mario and Super Mario, maybe to buy some expensive and special items, or to use the Super Guide, which will likely be in Super Mario.



ianmage1 said:

I haven't received a single streetpass hit since I bought the system at launch.



Cengoku said:

do you really take every time your 3DS when you go out? I've met 92 Mii until now and I live in Brussels, I walk a lot, go to the shopping centers and I'm at 470000 feet for 2 months. I've met a lot of Mii's in Paris too.
When you meet twice the same Mii, (s)he goes up to level 2 for the ghost battles.



motang said:

Hmm interesting.
@supernin10do surprisingly I had a few, one on campus, and few other at the local movie theater. But it's really hard to get streetpass here in the US, especially if you live a suburb



Raptor78 said:

They have been incorperating playcoins into games, Super Street Fighter lets you buy Figures with them, DOA lets you buy "presents" with them, Resident Evil unlocks weapon sets with them and Samurai Warriors lets you exchange them for ingame cash. That is four outa the five games I own.

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