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It's OK Mega Man Fans, Dr Wily's Revenge is Imminent

Posted by James Newton

Some light at the end of the tunnel

Disappointed that Mega Man Legends 3 is cancelled? You'll still get to try some Mega Man goodness on your 3DS this year at least, as the ESRB has rated Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.

While of course age ratings aren't cast-iron release confirmations — PEGI rated Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version after all — the ESRB has a 100% record with 3DS VC releases so far, and with Dr. Wily's Revenge already out in Japan we'd expect to see it reach North America before too long.

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Bass_X0 said:

Its a fun game (once you get used to it). Very hard though. But its nothing at all like the original NES game. Its worth getting even if you already quite familar with the NES game.



Supremeist said:

YES!!! I hope this comes very soon, I've been dying for some Megaman! Possibly... this week?



WaveBoy said:

What's the point? Aren't MM1-4 on the GB inferior smaller half boobed GB-fied ports of the original Nes titles? If so, I'll pass. Although I'm still tempted just for the sake of some original Mega Man portable action, and because I've got a bit of nostalgia for this one.

But I'd rather wait for the original MMV....But i guarantee we won't be seeing that on the 3DS's VC for



Tasuki said:

@Waveboy: Yep your right MM 1-4 are inferior ports. I have always wanted to play MMV on the GB but you are probably right on how long it will take them to release it.



Xkhaoz said:

Still ticked about MML3. Hmmm, get this and support Mega Man, or not and boycott Capcom....



timp29 said:

I just remember this as being hard. Finished every MM I ever played on NES (was only a few of them though), but I could never beat the last stage of this. On the original GB this game was excellent for its time and excellent for the handheld it was on.



alLabouTandroiD said:

While it would have been great to get a game that's not a port of some sorts i still might get it. It's too tempting to have my first Mega Man handheld-experience as soon as possible.



kkslider5552000 said:

dissappointed that your dog died? That's ok, I won you a stuffed toy at the carnival! That makes everything better.



MasterGraveheart said:

The ESRB also rated EarthBound for Virtual Console. Where is THAT at? Don't direct me to a legal issues page. I will laugh at you.



Noire said:

Maybe I'll just let Doctor Wahwee take over the world this time. I don't have the motivation to save anything right now. ;____;



Link79 said:

Only the 5th Gameboy Mega man is really worth it since it's entirely original and not just a watered down Nes version like 1-4.
We kinda already knew this would be coming though.
After all Japan got Wily's revenge. Why wouldn't we?
If Capcom wants to make up to the fans after the horrible news today how about releasing MM6 and X2, X3 for Wii VC?



Link79 said:

Luckily I still have my original cart of Gameboy Mega man V!
In some ways I think it's better than the Nes MMV.
It's the only game to feature Tango the Robo cat and the planet themed bosses are cool as well.
I still pop it in my Super Gameboy sometimes and play it on the TV in color!



KeeperBvK said:

1-4 aren't just ports...they use the NES versions' bosses and enemies to create entirely new levels, which makes them absolutely worthwhile in my opinion. Lost Levels isn't regarded as a "port" of the original SMB to the NES, so why are these looked upon differently?



Link79 said:

@ KeeperBvk
Yes, The stages themselves are slightly different than their Nes counterparts but I've always viewed them as the poor kids Mega man.
It was the only alternative for kids who's parents couldn't affort an Nes.
mixing the bosses between the games was odd. At least each game had a Wily fortress that was different than the ones on Nes.



Gamer83 said:

I hope people ignore it. Actually, no matter what system people own whether it's from Nintendo, Sony or MS, I hope everybody starts ignoring Capcom soon. They are as deserving of as much hate, maybe even more than, Square-Enix has gotten lately.



FonistofCruxis said:

Will we see it in Europe though? Its hard to tell when theres no sign of MM5 and MMX coming to wii vc in Europe.



Bass_X0 said:

I've always viewed them as the poor kids Mega man

Maybe 2 & 3, but this first one was decent I thought. I prefer it to the NES MegaMan 1.



WaveBoy said:

I'm having major fixed feelings about Capcom as of late as well. They give us a half ed lazy glorified RE5 Mercanries mode as a retail game for the 3DS, along with another god damn port aka Street Fighter IV....And THEN they cancel the only original 3DS title they have in their arsenal? A Big WTF is more like it. And what's up with that new Devil May Cry coming out? They handed that crap over to american devs, and look what they did to the blood thing. It looks like an emo abomination.

Zack & Wiki and Mega Man 9 were the only 2 real amazing titles that Capcom has given Nintendo owners in the past how many years now?
But, a Mega Man 11 will instantly make me forgive them.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Yes, The stages themselves are slightly different than their Nes counterparts but I've always viewed them as the poor kids Mega man."

Slightly different? They're entirely different! You may want to play them side by side...the list of differences would exponentially exceed the list of similarities.

Don't go into the GB games expecting ports. They're entirely re-invented experiences, and they're often quite good.



Blaze said:

Well, some consolation at least! However, I don't see how 'Later This Year' is really very imminent.



sykotek said:

The Game Boy Mega Man games were awesome and well worth playing for anyone that considers themselves an old school Mega Man fan.

They were most definitely not ports and extra care was put into them to make them different although they did feature many of the same robot masters.

Also: Not purchasing Mega Man when it comes out on VC because of the cancellation of MML3 would be misguided and a mistake that only goes to prove one thing to Capcom,

...that they were absolutely right to pull support from the 3DS because there's no interest from the 3DS consumers to buy their games.

Now, I don't have interest in rallying the gaming community, but in fact, the opposite should happen instead,

...those who were interested in Mega Man Legends 3 should buy Mega Man when it is released on the VC to show Capcom that there are fans that are willing to purchase Mega Man on 3DS and that removing support for the platform was a mistake.

I guarantee that would be the best platform to get your point across rather than writing letters or complaining or petitioning or boycotting, etc and it's the sort of opportunity to show a company what you want that does not present itself often.



Ryno said:

This game tortured me as a kid. I remember being really bad at this game. It would be fun to go back and give it a spin though.



Link79 said:

Mega man 2 on Gameboy is the one that really sucks. I don't know what happened to the music but good god. The sound in that one is awful. The best ones are 4 and 5.
I owned both back then and played them all the time.



kkslider5552000 said:

@25 lol yeah, sure buying Old Megaman games will cause Megaman Legends 3 to come back. And buying Final Fantasy VI VC will convince Nintendo to localize Xenoblade.

That just tells them Megaman still sells, not Megaman Legends (which has always been somewhat true sadly). If Capcom re-releases the older Legends games ever, buying those could help. Buying a Megaman game that honestly has little to do with Legends just means the entire Megaman series isn't dead.



OverlordMao said:

Call me in 4 years when MMV comes out on the 3DS VC. Til' then, I'll pass.
GB MM 1-4 are unfair and mostly very annoying to play.



sykotek said:

@kkslider5552000: Sure, buying it alone won't say anything, but if folks are organized and instead of protesting or boycotting or b*tching & moaning about MML3 and instead put their efforts into contacting Capcom and letting Capcom know that their intent is to purchase Mega Man on 3DS VC to demonstrate to Capcom just how many Mega Man fans are out there with a 3DS and willing to buy MML3 when released...that's the data I'm sure would be relevant to them...

If you think the demand for MML3 is as high as others around here, MM for VC will easily be the top selling VC title released AND inside of its release week. Believe me, the odds are way better than:

*Preordering a title that you can easily cancel on Amazon or Gamestop with absolutely no penalty or
*Signing a stupid internet petition 1000 times or
*Complaining to Capcom or
*Complainng to everyone else on blogs or youtube about how Capcom are idiots for not understanding the gaming market.

Also: Your example of Final Fantasy convincing NIntendo to release Xenoblade doesn't make any sense because those aren't the same franchises or the same companies involved.

At least with Mega Man and MML3, they're both Mega Man and they're both Capcom.

I personally don't care if they release MML3 as I don't like 3D Mega Man, but if you want a good solution, organize and show your support instead of protesting to get your point across. There you go.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

I'll just wait for a review since so far the comments page seems pretty mixed. Well, I say that, but I'll probably get impatient and buy it immediatly.

thank goodness there are people on here who are still supporting Capcom after the cancellation, everywhere else I've looked, there's not a single person who's said to keep supporting Capcom, and that makes me really sad to be honest...



Vinsanity said:

This just makes me bitter too! Because it reminds me that Capcom killed the GBA Mega Man Anniversary Collection, which - unlike the console games - would've colorized and collected all 5 Game Boy Mega Man games into one collection. Which sounded amazing and would've been a great value.

So my stance stands; f*** you, Capcom.



Tasuki said:

You people crack me up not purchasing a game doesnt prove anything to the game manufacturers except that their games dont sell. Then because of that they wont bring anything from Japan because according to their sales reports their games dont sell in the US. Yeah real smart there people.



BattleBorn said:

Both of Mega Man's hotly-anticipated new games were cancelled, but cheer up fans! This port of a 20-year-old Game Boy title totally makes up for it!


The 3DS is garbage.



Noire said:

@Tasuki: And buying their games sends them what kind of message, exactly? That we'll put up with their bullsh*t, allow ourselves to be kicked in the balls, and buy re-releases of the same game over and over again like idiot sheep?

Either way I fail to see how a port of a 20-year-old Game Boy game changes anything. Who the hell determines anything by looking at the sales of a VC game?



theblackdragon said:

@Tasuki: No offense, but I'm not about to buy a game I don't want (i am not a fan of 'normal' Mega Man games) in hopes that they'll eventually release a game I do want. I would've bought a Legends title three times over in a heartbeat, but I have no interest in this at all. :/



Bass_X0 said:

there's not a single person who's said to keep supporting Capcom,

I'm buying Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (despite already owning the original MvC3) and Street Fighter X Tekken on the XBOX360 whatever happens. Many Capcom games I don't buy though.

buy re-releases of the same game over and over again like idiot sheep?

Doesn't that apply for all VC games? Also, although the sales of Dr. Wily's Revenge won't affect Capcom's position on Mega Man Legends 3, it does apply to other VC games. Companies have and will release less games on the VC if previous games aren't selling well. Just look at the Wii VC for example. But as I keep saying, why did many companies release their old crappy games on the VC when they still had several good games to release? They then turn around and wonder why their games aren't selling well causing them to release less games. Thank Square for Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III.



retro_player_22 said:

@ ApparatusMini So are you implying that the PSP (that handheld also had no new MM games but remakes) is garbage too? No new Mega Man games doesn't mean a certain system is trash, there are other great titles on those systems over any MM games any day.



sykotek said:

I think you guys are misunderstanding me, there is, as far as I know, no call to arms to buy Mega Man on 3DS VC.

I'm just saying that IF you guys want to send a message to Capcom that THEY will care about, organizing and buying Mega Man on 3DS VC will be the BEST way to go.

Why would it be, because they'd have real SALES data right in front of them for the platform in question. Lastly, it shows Capcom there are actually people willing to buy Mega Man and they shouldn't ignore the market, it's supported by real SALES data instead of a vocal minority of internet denizens.

Would Mega Man Legends Prototype have been better? ABSOLUTELY!
...and I would've suggested it over MM for 3DS VC in a heartbeat, it is far and away more relevant. Do you have that option, NO.

...but seriously, don't buy MM for 3DS VC if you don't want it. There's no one organizing for this sort of protest as far as I know. I don't care for Mega Man Legends 3's release on 3DS, it's not a cause I'd rally for.



Retrogamer88 said:

YAYE!! old mega man games that we have played already!! i dont care after what they pulled with MML3,if they think putting this on 3DS makes up for that then they must all be on somthing,and its not like capcom cares about there fans anyway so i am just wasting my breath



Samholy said:

noooo!!! this is a nightmare !!!
the worst, the most evil of megaman games. this one was made to make you angry.
to piss you off greatly by excessive number of death.

this is a bad experience from my childhood i wish i would never see again, and its coming back to the virtual console... it can die there! die megaman for gameboy, die !

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