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Introducing VitaGamr for PlayStation Vita!

Posted by James Newton

Our network expands once more

By now you'll be familiar with our PlayStation Move website Movemodo and KINECTaku for Kinect news and reviews, but we'd like you to meet the newest member of the Nlife network: VitaGamr.

VitaGamr will be heaven to anyone interested in PlayStation Vita, bringing you news, reviews, interviews and features about Sony's new handheld gadget. We've already got First Impressions of Little Deviants as well as a PlayStation Vita preview about the machine itself.

If you've got your eye on Vita or just want to keep up-to-date with the next console to hit the market, be sure to visit VitaGamr. You can also Like VitaGamr on Facebook and follow VitaGamr on Twitter to stay totally up-to-date.


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J-Forest-Esq said:

I was wondering when you were going to advertise this. VITAGamr gets the JF seal of approval from me! Good luck.



antdickens said:

@Aviator we've added separate forums for each site at the moment, however we might consider merging them as they are obviously a very similar topic!



Tasuki said:

I was going to ask why do you guys have Nintendo Life which covers all the Nintendo systems console handhelds retro etc. but you have The Playstation Move and Vita as two separate sites and not just have one site called Sony Life or something like that.



SuperSpank said:

I agree with "12", "10" and "6". Also, im interested in the PS3, but not in the move, so also covering move-less games would be great.



Cipher said:

I remember someone from the staff saying quite a while back that Move and Kinect were focused on due to them being new technology - the PS3 and X360 had been out for quite some time by then so there was a considerable library of games for them both. Expansions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 3, maybe?



NESguy94 said:

I never got why got why you have movemodo and kinectaku and now vita, why not make a microsoft and Sony site



antdickens said:

@Mikau94 like @Cipher pointed out these sister sites are focusing on new hardware and therefore easy to manage... we wouldn't have the time to back date PS3 reviews or Xbox 360 reviews. That said, watch this space, we indeed are planning to have full PlayStation and Xbox sites in the future... which should keep @Wiggler_3D happy too



Portista said:

When I click on the site, it doesn't have a dsign. just letters and a white screen!



HandheldGuru97 said:

Well maybe I'll have to look into the Vita thanks to you people. But think I'll be fine with my 3DS, for now.



Mr_Nose said:

A place for the growing number of Ninty bashers to hang out, other than here...

I'm all for it!



TKOWL said:

Never really liked these websites you guys made, but I can understand why people use them.



hYdeks said:

ps vita site? no thanks...anything other than nintendo stuff always ends up sold in the end.



siavm said:

That is ok but why no sony life. The move site you made means nothing to me since move is a wii ripoff. But regular ps3 games, psn games, and mini's interest me since that is what I bought the ps3 for. I can get reviews and things on ps3 games and some psn games but minis are no where to be found. Please make a site for all playstation not just that crappy move or a system that is not available yet.



DrCruse said:

I think it would make more sense to have an all Sony site to mirror this one. It would be great to read the retro Playstation reviews, and it would certainly be more popular than a few Sony product websites here and there.



Blaze said:

Nintendo Life will always rule supreme!!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Sony or anything, I appreciate Nintendo and Sony as I believe they produce good consoles, (This excludes Microsoft!) but I'll always be a Nintendo fan at heart!!!



ToadFan said:

I do think this is a good idea, but I agree with #6 as in IDK why you can't just put it as a section in Movemodo.



Weskerb said:

SonyLife would be flippin' awesome!

Unfortunately, NintendoLife is slowly but surely filling up with Nintendards



FluttershyGuy said:

As Ricky Martin would say, "Livin' La Vita Loca" (apologies if that's been used by now). VitaGamr: Like a bullet to your brain! I'm sure I'll get it eventually because of one specific game, like I did with PSP (to get Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles). Imagine it'll be Dissidia 3, or hopefully the Final Fantasy V remake I've waited ages for (since Squeenix is apparently going more the iOS game route with FF on 3DS ). Wii U is heavily my priority, though. Even though I detest Nintendo right now.



SwerdMurd said:

keeps on getting better and better ant--good stuff. Already had my eyes on that site for a few weeks now--loving what I see.

Vita's gonna rend worlds. Seriously.



Squiggle55 said:

@antdickens thanks for sharing a glimpse of the future. I was also silently wondering about a Playstation Life instead of just Move. I'll definitely be using Vitagamr. Love the organization of all your sites everyone involved.



Radbot42 said:

Im curious on why you dont just have a site for sony and microsoft like this one for nintendo. Your other sites are just focusing on one thing, while this one is focusing on everything Nintendo.



Corbs said:

Because it takes a lot of manpower and money to make these sites go and it's much easier to expand slowly rather than take one giant step. We're already giving up the majority of our lives for these sites, you don't want us dead do you? LOL



Corbs said:

SegaLife just doesn't have a good ring to it. How about SegaFusion?



TwilightV said:

Not interested, but this is good for people who are.

Also, have you guys ever plugged NintendoLife on it's sister sites?



k8sMum said:

excellent job, guys! nice looking site. for those of us who haven't sold our souls to only one company, it's good to know that there's going to be a place where we can trust the reviews.



IronMan28 said:

Interesting, I'm looking forward to the Vita....hopefully the page geared toward Vita will be as awesome as Nintendolife.



antdickens said:

@WiiAboutU we agree, we have no intention to ever do a combined site, they will always be focused on a particular subject, eg Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox etc.



Tri4ceHolder said:

Hahahahah No. I will not be checking that out... no I will not ever... haha... not a chance... haahah... hooo.



motang said:

After the awesome price announcement I am thinking about getting one.



rwq said:

So eehm.. Anyone for iOS life? I could really use a review site that focuses on quality gaming on the iPad.



gambitttt said:

Hope they make Kingdom Hearts for the Vita. This thing looks pretty cool. The launch games look a lot better than the 3DS's and the graphics do to. I still like nintendo is better but I think that the level of funness on the NGP is going to be a little bit higher than the 3DS's to be sure.



k8sMum said:

@sadsack_awesome: no, just game enthusiasts. just because the companies are in competition, doesn't mean the players need be. i want great games/consoles by whomever puts them out.



Bankai said:

What is with the current influx of completly irrational Nintendo fanboys? This place used to be a good meeting ground for gaming fans - the focus on Nintendo was great since this site covers stuff most others won't, but not at the expense of recognising other good games/ consoles.



cheetahman91 said:

@WaltzElf: It seems like it's been getting worse and worse ever since the Wii U was announced.

Anyways, sounds like a cool site. I'll check it out because I'll probably end up getting a Vita sooner or later.



CanisWolfred said:


This is normal, actually. We get more kids in the summer, and you know how they are. I've actually seen far worse. Like the summer of '09, for instance.



Doma said:

I'm waiting out on the 3DS 'cause the price doesn't really equate to the hardware.. so i may get a Vita before it depending on what games are released by then.



theblackdragon said:

@WaltzElf, @those_replying_to_him: Mickeymac is right — we always pick up more kids after E3 and on into the summer, and they tend to bring the kneejerking and irrationality somethin' fierce. :3 it'll die back down after school starts back up.



Mr_Nose said:

Fans of Nintendo coming here expecting it to be a Nintendo fan's site just because it's called 'Nintedo LIFE'... The nerve of some people!

Without these 'fanboys' this site would be the ghost town the spinoff sites are. I'm more concerned with the fan bashers, on what is SUPPOSED to be a Nintendo-centric site.



CanisWolfred said:

They're not bashing the fans, so much as they're bashing the people who make the fans look bad.



k8sMum said:

@sirgreatnose & wiiaboutu: some seem to interpret anything less than shining sunshine up peoples' skirts as bashing. there are very few here who dislike nintendo, but some of us have been using their products for, literally, decades and hold them to standards that they themselves set yet so often default on.

merely writing happy, happy posts with no one daring to criticize nintendo because a) it appears they are supporting (gasp) sony or b) it upsets someone who believes the sun rises and sets due to a video game company is not an honest site, which i feel NL strives to be.



Corbs said:

These spin-off sites spoken of are not as trafficked because: (A) they are relatively new compared to Nintendo Life, (B) two of the sites only cover a single peripheral for a system, not an entire company's worth of systems, and (C) aren't as embedded into the various search engines as Nintendo Life is.

And there's nothing wrong with fans on here being fans of other consoles and systems and having opinions that are for or against Nintendo or these competing consoles - at least not as long as everyone keeps it civil.

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