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In Case You Missed It, We Have the Shinobi 3DS Trailer

Posted by James Newton

It's here, in fact

You may have seen this trailer for Shinobi already, but we wanted to remind you that SEGA is finally bringing the ninja warrior back eight years after his last appearance.

The 3DS adventure is in development at portable specialist Griptonite, with a September release date pencilled in from Sega.

Players take control of Jiro Musashi, father of the 16-bit hero Joe, and must make use of melee combat, ranged attacks and ninja magic to restore peace to the Oboro clan, we assume.

The game will also make sure of StreetPass functionality and feature in-game achievements and challenges to unlock too.

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Raylax said:

This looks awesome. I hope they put a 3D trailer up on the eShop at some point.



Corbs said:

Can't wait to take this one for another spin. Welcome back Joe!



bonesy91 said:

Looks pretty good. and I hope the "Only on Nintendo 3DS" doesn't change to: "Only on Nintendo 3DS... Until we decide to just make it a PS3/360 title"



pixelman said:

This does look pretty fun. I'll probably pick it up if it's reviewed well. :3



melechofsin said:

nice.. Nice. Will be so cool also to have sequels for Madworld and Overkill on the 3DS. Sega on the right path.



James said:

@Oregano Damn, I knew I should keep saying "2D footage of a 3D game. 3D footage can only be viewed on the Nintendo 3DS system"



suburban_sensei said:

Gameplay looks fun, but I am not impressed with the fact that it looks like a DS game. After reading some comments, seems I am not alone.



J-Forest-Esq said:

The screenshots aren't fantastic but in motion it looks pretty good. If it gets an 7 or more, I'm definitely getting this. It's not too far off either.



Blaze said:

Looks ok, but I doubt I'll be picking it up unless it gets at least 7.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the horse that guy is riding at 0.56 looks identical to Epona???


MasterGraveheart said:

Now THAT'S a ninja! Bright white and in the middle of the open to go all Rambo on everyone feudal Japan style! Ryu Hyabusa is for wussies!

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to it.



pikku said:

This looks pretty fun. The graphics are a little on the simple side, but definitely better than DS's. Definitely playable.



accc said:

Anyone who doubts that this game will be awesome needs to play some of Griptonite's earlier works, namely Spyro: The Eternal Night for the GBA and their two Spiderman games for DS. These guys are masters at making sidescrolling action games with tons of depth.



Pj1 said:

This does look good but it looks too new! Why can't Sega do a remake of Streets of Rage? that would be good.



timp29 said:

I'm with those who are not too sure about the graphics. Textures look pretty basic, hopefully they're still being worked on.... (but I doubt it)

Oh yeah, and gameplay looks awesome!



TheGreenSpiny said:

People who think this looks like a DS game need to get you eyes checked. Or go buy and play a DS. This way to clean for the DS, it's also cell shaded, which is why it doesn't have impressive textures.



brandonbwii said:

Your language is a bit harsh. I believe Ubisoft is still going to develop quality games on both 3DS and Wii U, it's just going to take them sometime. Yeah I know their track record isn't the best but I bet we'll see far more quality titles from them on 3DS than DS.

On topic: I hope Griptonite Games has had a lot of time to polish this game. Quality has been a mixed bag for the developer and there is clearly some talent there, I think many of their games are flawed due to a rushed schedule (coincidently they also developed the second DS Assassins Creed title which I hear is the best of the handheld series).

I don't see a problem with that actually since a PS3/360 version will likely be a different beast altogether. However, if they decide to later port the game to XBLA/PSN. Then that would be screwing with the fans.

I am a little tire of complaints involving the graphics of 3DS games. Sure those complaints are completely valid on other platforms, but the 3D can make a huge difference in the games appeal and that's something that can't be seen in 2D trailers. IMO, most 3DS games have rather cruddy visuals from screen shots and video but look much better in motion with with 3D turned on. (ex. OoT and Ridge Racer).



Vinsanity said:

I find the visual style distracting. Like they couldn't decide on a bland/flat graphic novel-inspired style, or just trying to make GOOD looking assets. And settled for some nebulous in-between. Looks bad:( Like alright assets against terrible diorama backgrounds. I wish more third parties would try to make a game like Kid Icarus or something. But only Japanese studios seem to invest heavily in the handhelds. Titles like Final Fantasy Type O and Black Rock Shooter on PSP would be huge, tentpole releases on the PS2. They're GORGEOUS. The 3DS gets this. sigh

But the game looks fine. I'll probably get it. Helps that the 3DS library sucks.

I'd honestly would've wanted to see Sega let someone make a new 3D Shinobi though. The PS2 game had so much potential, and the stupid Kunoichi follow up wasn't really a step forward at all. They just kinda put some band-aids on the problem spots and said, "It's better!" and it wasn't. But man, Hotsuma's game was awesome. If it weren't for terrible level design, it easily would've outdone the Xbox Ninja Gaiden reboot. I wish Overworks were still around....or Sega could just find a new developer to do that. After WET — and many, man portable games — I bet Behaviour studios could've done a good job making a new 3D one.



SwerdMurd said:

not exactly mind blowing (crap graphics) but it's great to see this series return. Probably pretty early on in development least I hope so. Whatever--at least it's an original sidescroller that isn't also available for free.

/me waves at Cave Story 3D



James said:

@MaxiMillionG Well, the Game Gear Shinobis are likely to come to VC, in fact I think SEGA has said as much.

@ToadFan The Gamestop date is just a placeholder really, just saying "out this year" rather than "out on New Year's Eve". I wouldn't put too much stock in it



daznsaz said:

watching a video of a 3ds game and playing the same game on your 3ds are 2 different things altogether anyone who has a 3ds knows that.i was even impressed by monkeyballs looks its impossible to make a crap looking game on 3ds unless your trying to take the piss simples.



BalrogtheMaster said:

MAN, I love Shinobi, but these graphics look horrible. Is the game still in alpha stage or something? ...Anyway, with 7 games, I hope this ends up having lots of content, or I refuse to buy this.



hYdeks said:

I love shinobi so it's already a buy cause of that, but other than the gameplay and such it doesn't look like graphic wise there taking advantage of the 3ds at all.



WaveGhoul said:

The cover art looks bad enough....That's some terrible cookie cutter character design if you ask me. And I'm aboard the spiffy ninja train when it comes to the craptastic graphics...Not too thrilled with this one at all.



outrun2sp said:

This looks rubbish. These guys have butchered one of the fondest games franchises.

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