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Guillemot: "Assassin's Creed Wii U Won't Be Revelations"

Posted by Trevor Chan

Ubisoft CEO teases what's in store

With the recent news that Assassin's Creed: Lost Legacy for the 3DS has been scrapped, we were left wondering if the Wii U instalment of the popular stealth, action series might follow the same route.

In an interview with Swedish website Aftonbladet (as translated by the Swedish branch of Eurogamer), Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot remained tight-lipped on specific Assassin's Creed Wii U details but did confirm that the Wii U game is still on its way:

Our next edition of Assassin's [Creed] will be in a Wii U version...

When asked if that meant Assassin's Creed: Revelations ― scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC later this year ― Guillemot's response was:

No, not Revelations. For the future.

And that's about all the boss at Ubisoft was prepared to say on the matter. When asked whether "for the future" meant Assassin's Creed III, Guillemot refused to say.

Which would you prefer? A unique Wii U version that's a spin-off from the main series, or would you hope that the release of Assassin's Creed III will also make it to Nintendo's next home console?


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MasterGraveheart said:

Well, at least it'll be something new, right? I just hope it isn't gimmicky like the first Assassin's Creed for DS was.



motang said:

I don't mind, I would rather get a newer version of Assassin's Creed to play on the Wii U as I will be playing Revelations on the PS3.



capitalism said:

I'm sick of Ubisoft bullshi*ting about making Assassins Creed games on Nintendo systems.



Henmii said:

"And that's about all the boss at Ubisoft was prepared to say on the matter. When asked whether "for the future" meant Assassin's Creed III, Guillemot refused to say"

Didn't you guys mean Assasins Creed 4? I mean: Brotherhood was 2, right (or was it a spin-off)? Revelations must be 3 then, right?

I think we could get a remake of the first one, or a title that is exclusive to the Wii u. But it shouldn't be a cheap substitute. If the other consoles get Assasins Creed 3 (or 4, if I am right) we also should get it!



brandonbwii said:

Sounds like a port job for a future AC title to me. Though I wouldn't mind a GOOD spin-off exclusively for Wii U, spin-offs are rarely as good as anyone hopes they would be.

Well, you couldn't go wrong with both. Fingers crossed.



sinalefa said:

At Henmii

Brotherhood cannot be AC2, since there is a game clearly labelled as ACII, the first one to portray Ezio. His story arc is continued in Brotherhood and ends with Revelations. Since those games aren't numbered, that is why the interviewer mentions ACIII as the next step.

As long as it is something good, I don't mind waiting for a Wii U game, preferably an exclusive game.



Gery said:

Yeah, REEEEEEEALLY looking forward to that AC game on the 3DS we were told about. I can HARDly wait! It'll be SOOOOOOO cooooool!



Henmii said:


I didn't know that. So that means there are already 4 Assasin's Creed home-console games (Assasin's Creed, Assasin's Creed 2, Assasin's Creed Brotherhood and Assasin's Creed Revelations). That's a lot in a few years time!


I don't want to burst your bubble, but it is clearly stated at the beginning of the article that the 3DS game has been canceled.



XCWarrior said:

Well its Ubisoft, so they are putting a D team on it. I'm sure it will be Assassain's Creed: Dudz in da Hoodz,Two Zs makes it extra crappy.



Gery said:

@Henmii: Yeah, I know. Which is why THIS "announcement' doesn't mean a damn thing. We're talking a nonexistant game, on nonexistant hardware, as opposed to something that DID exist in reality and then was cancelled for cannibalization for a game being relased on other platforms.

Colour me unimpressed.

In other words, I'll believe this wee dollop of slop when I see AND play it.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Well at least it's going to be original. So people can't say "Why should I platy that same game on the Wii U if I already got it for PS3?". Technically this is a smart move.



JustanotherGamer said:

Well it is good that the Wii U won't become the dumping ground for "more than a year late ports" So if that means Assasins Creed 3 released on the Wii U at the same time as Xbox 360 and PS3. That would be good. Instead of just a "one off spin off" game of Assasins Creed for Wii U.



alLabouTandroiD said:

As long as the games don't feel inferior to AC games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 i'm fine with it.
For now i'd be fine with a collection of all the games in the series on the Wii U. If that makes much business sense is another question.



hYdeks said:

Doesn't really matter as long as the great gameplay is there. I have never played a game in the series, but have always been interested in playing one, but never seen one for a Nintendo system yet



Henmii said:


Yeah, I had already a bit of a feeling that you meant it in a sarcastic way but I wasn't entirely sure. Sorry about that.



erv said:

Make it a great game and I'll be buying it.

Simple, isn't it ?



luminalace said:

No surprise really. Revelations launches this year on 360/Ps3 so Wii U won't get that game but the next version. This is good news n my opinion.



Gery said:

@Henmii: No apology needed, we're good.
People may have not noticed but MOST of my posts are HEAVILY laden with sarcasm... an' typos.

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