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Free Buy-In for Our Ante Up: Texas Hold'em DSiWare Competition (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Five copies up for grabs

Ante Up: Texas Hold'em is one of the better poker games available on DSiWare, and now we have five copies of the game to give away to DSi owners in North America, coinciding with the happening-right-now World Series of Poker.

If you want to win the game, be sure to follow MonkeyPaw Games on Twitter and follow Nintendo Life too. Done that? Now just leave a comment on this post with your Twitter username and a few words about why you love poker. If MonkeyPaw likes what you have to say, you could find yourself the lucky recipient of a free copy of Ante Up: Texas Hold'em on DSiWare. Couldn't be easier!

Remember, you must own a North American DSi to win this competition as codes are for the North American DSiWare Store only.

The competition closes on Monday 18th July, so be quick.

In case you're not sure why this is such a good deal, read our Ante Up: Texas Hold'em review.

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Shinjix2 said:

Love card games! Especially Poker, The only one I can wil at!! Twitter: Shinjix2



Xkhaoz said:

So, I leave a comment on here? Twitter: Xkhaoz

P-p-p-poker face p-p-p-poker face.



Juampi said:

Why do I like poker? Because it's challenging.
I love the feeling you get after having outsmarted everyone else in the table and getting all of their chips. There's just nothing like it.
Some people like to do crosswords. Others like to play Sudoku.
I love to play poker.

Twitter: @Juampix



Zsxdflip said:

I love poker because it teaches you how to decide how much money spend and things like that, you can really use it in real life. Twitter: Zsxdflip



bezerker99 said:

My twitter is: bezerker99

I have ZERO DSiWare games on my 3DS so this game, if I were lucky enough to win, would be the first! Cheers!



Nickno said:

Twitter: SuperNickno
The reason I like poker is the getting together with friends. It's a fun past time we do, and it brings us together closer through the power of competition.
And if poker didn't exist, neither would this contest.



slidecage said:

Twitter name slidecage

why i love poker is its one of the few games where you can risk 5000 coins with nothing more then a 4 high and people think you have a royal flush

hope i win could use a poker game on my dsi



xAlias said:

Twitter: labrat50

I love poker because my 6-year old sister gets dirty rich whenever we play, and draws full houses 90% of the time. The rest of the time she gets a royal flush. Next year, we're taking her to Vegas!
It brings the family together when we engage in a friendly match of poker.



bboy2970 said:

Twitter: bboy2970
I used to know how to play Poker when my grandpa taught me. I haven't played it in many years so I forgot. I've been wanting to get a good Poker download on DS or Wii but just haven't gotten around to it with all the other 3DS things coming out lately. Since this one is "One of the better poker games available on DSiWare" it seems like a great opportunity to finally re-learn Poker! Hope I'm picked



Mr_DSi said:

Twitter: MrDanielYun
It would be nice to win this because Bird and Beans just doesn't cut it anymore...



jhuhn said:

Twitter ID: jhuhn74
I like the game of poker because of the skill, tense moments, pressure and even whether or not the other players take a chance on whether to risk it all or call someone's bluff.



JulioMorataya said:

This could really be the Ace Of Spades I was looking for my DSi...
Twitter ID: JulioMorataya

Lucky 13th comment !!



StbAnvh said:

Twitter: StbAnvh

I want Pandora's Tower for my Wii! and also I like poker because there I can use my poker face: ._.



esoul said:

I like Poker because it involves skill as well as luck. By playing poker, I've increased my math skills, and have started learning how to read other players based on their bets.

Twitter: esoulz



Portista said:

Stink! Now I really wish I had twitter. But, I'll still give my reason why I like poker.

Poker is a very unique game. Not only does it have chance, it does involve some skill. I first became a poker player when I was at a new year eve's party. After playing a little (and failing), I started playing it on the internet. That helped me alot, and nowadays if anyone has a poker set, I challenge them (and usually lose )!

Twitter: I.Dont.Have.A.Twitter



orangedrink said:

Twitter: orangedrink666

I'm a big poker fan because I like how it is a card game that incorporates a lot of psychological strategy!



MDee14 said:

love poker games...because it's something that everyone can easily learn how to play. Twitter:MDee14



mike-sauddin said:

A great portable poker game should give you that feeling of excitement of actually being in a good poker game/tournament while on the go. Ante-up can give that dose of perk anytime of the day by offering a simple yet robust poker game for everyone.
Twitter: mike.sauddin



Morpheel said:

Twitter: Abgarok
I have a friend who is crazy about poker, i would love to get a good poker game so I can beat him next time.



Wryan_Wryan said:

Wryan_Wryan... I have loved Poker ever since my uncle Charlie and cousin CJ made me play so they could laugh at how bad I sucked at it. Since then I have gotten a lot better and can not get enough of it! Have many apps on my droid and play it on Facebook also.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Twitter Name: BulbasaurusRex

I like video game poker, because you have the excitement of managing and wagering your money while trying to outthink your opponents, but there's no real money involved to worry about losing it.



sam322 said:

Twitter account: atletico77

would anyone rate Texas Hold'em poker as the top card game? Well, i'll definately do so. That is because poker is actually an addicting game, not like solitare. Solitare could get boring after a while but I've never got bored from this wonderful game. And what makes me love this game at most is that you must use your logic and skills so that amount of chips could agree to sit in your hands. In conclusion, having such a brilliant Texas Hold'em title on a portable device is actually something really cool to have ready on your dsi, and what's even better is that the idea of giving five copies to five, lucky dsi-owners was actually a brilliant idea.
Good luck for who ever wants a free copy of the game!



mike-sauddin said:

unless anyone can confirm they receive something in their emails i guess they need a couple of days or a week to pick 5 out of the 23 posts



slidecage said:

got an email saying i was one of the winners just check email now said they wil send a code? never knew the dsi took codes... cool never won anything on this site before .......

big thanks to this site for running the contest.. its like an early birthday present (bday is july 29) was very shocked i won it now to clear some memory on the dsi to download it

and hopefully will have it by sunday or early next week.... if they send the code off sometime this after noon i may be able to run out and download it tonight if not next days i have off is sunday and tuesday (I run to a hotspot to download ds games too cheap to buy a router

got the email thursday afternoon so might take a few more days to see if you won or not



slidecage said:

@theblackdragon Thanks googled it and it gave a page what said that but i though that cant work cause the code i was giving was bigger then 16 numbers BUT Then i though Maybe its the last 16 numbers .. so i drove back up and boom it is the last 16 numbers of the code that works ... I thought it would give you the download it adds points to the system .... so after driving 2 times (dogs needed to go bye bye anyways i was able to download it

THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP At least if i ever win another code here or somewhere else i now know where to do it .... in the email i got it just said there should be aplace that says ENTER CODE and i was like where is the stupid button

now my cousins kids have something to play tonight and will leave me alone

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