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Fox Flies Into a New Trailer for Star Fox 64 3D

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

What, no barrel roll?

Nintendo has released a fresh trailer for the upcoming Star Fox 64 3D, due for release on 9th September in Europe and North America.

This new video shows off various parts of the single-player campaign, including linear levels and some dog-fighting (or fox-fighting) action. There are some impressive graphics on show, while various members of the cast are introduced, mostly asking Fox for help. It all looks good, but we have one complaint: with so many one-liners thrown in, the most famous of all is missing. It's the most memorable line from the game, and has some frankly bizarre videos dedicated to it. You know the line we're talking about.

Anyway, this oversight aside, this latest trailer is worth checking out.

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19Robb92 said:

Wow, they've actually improved the graphics a lot more than I thought they would. It looks really nice tbh.

I'm not getting it though. SF have never sparked my interest. But just additions like the water effects and stuff make a huge difference.



Kifa said:

They probably did a ba... uhhh... you-know-what and avoided putting that line into the trailer not to feed any more wicked fan videos. Or at least that's my conspiracy theory. Anyway - it looks awesome and I can't wait to lay my hands on that game!

And who else thinks that those weird squeaky noise after each transmission sounds like R2D2 from Rouge Squadron?



C-195 said:

Everything was great except for the voices, wolf's one sucks now.

Please let us have the option to use the original voices!



ToneDeath said:

Katt was always there, but whether or not you met her depended on which path you took through the game.
...Where's Falco?



Gameday said:

haha yea katt was always there did u always go the same routes when u played Homer ? Doh! lol



TwilightV said:

Anybody else think they rerecorded the lines? Peppy's voice sounds kinda different, and i'm pretty sure the way Katt said "Beautiful!" sounded different too.



Teh-Ray said:


Glad I wasn't the only one waiting to see Falco's I-really-wanna-slap-him-in-the-face lines.



Graph said:

Am I the only one who doesn't care about multi-player? I don't see why people want multi-player in EVERYTHING!!! My god.



Chris720 said:

It looks better than the graphics on OoT!

The water looks really shiny and the lava looks really amazing! The graphics aside, the game looks like it'll control rather well. I can't wait for this game!



PuppetMasterIX said:

Solar looks nice. O_o
And I agree with Robb. Even though I don't mind the new voices as much as some other people, having an option for the original voices is a necessity, especially considering this is one of the most quotable games in existence.



Moco_Loco said:

"You look just like James, but you have your mother's eyes." Is that the line we're talking about?



warioswoods said:

Based on the 3D e3 trailer, this will likely be the most dazzling showcase for the 3DS and its graphics yet.



NintyMan said:

Wow, the graphics do look really good. It'd be nice if we could get this on Nintendo Video so we could see it in 3D.



warioswoods said:

Does anyone know who is behind the development on this one? Grezzo was given OoT, but is the updating and porting being handled in-house this time? The results are certainly impressive.



Squiggle55 said:

@Graph I think you are.
I don't know a single person who has a 3DS, but I would still like to play the multiplayer battles. So no online hurts. It looks like a lot of fun. For those in the know, would adding online capabilities truly be that much of a hassle and be very expensive?



pixelman said:

I'll buy it day one anyway, but I can't believe it won't have online multiplayer. >:[



PSICOffee said:

Having an option for old voices is stupid. Why not add in rumble and old graphics too? Just play the original then! The lines are still the same and you'll get used to how they sound.



pikku said:

lol same here pix....garsh, nintendo really knows how to suck our moneiz D:<



CerealKiller062 said:

Ah, Star Fox. I remember playing the same path over and over, until a freind of mine told me that I could visit all the other planets by just flying under all the rings in the first level.



Xkhaoz said:


Seriously, this looks like a great graphical showcase for 3DS. I've noticed that most 3DS first-party titles have a similar art style, like coloring, shading, it's all similar.



LordTendoboy said:

I wish they kept their Smash Bros. Brawl voices. Slippy sounds terrible, and Wolf sounds German.



JebbyDeringer said:

I remember the UK version of Star Fox 64 had an option for the old scrambled up voices like the SNES version. The US release lacked that feature.



ToneDeath said:

Shame they couldn't just dig out the old tapes of the voice recordings and compress them again to a higher quality. Not too high though, because the voices were deliberately muffled on the N64 to sound like they were coming through your Arwings radio.
The new voices sound like they will do the job well enough (though I'm hope they haven't left Falco out of the trailers because they're embarrassed by how his voice has turned out).



jayo said:

It seems like they had the voices fine-tuned! Though personally, I was hoping they'd use the voice cast from Star Fox Assault. Still, they did try harder on this one!



Retr_acro said:

No online multiplayer? I thought there was one. That E3 video showed people's faces in the multiplayer mode. I mean, why bother show people's faces in the game if they are all in the same room (and you can just look at their expression in real life)? Have I missed a key info or something?



jpfan1989 said:

by the time i can even purchase a 3DS they will already be obsolete by some other better version 3DSXX this is my luck with gaming.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@Graph: Hey! I'm on your side! I agree, I could care less about online multiplayer. This game never had deep multiplayer to begin with. If I actually thought it would improve sales, then I might argue for it, but these people about online would never buy the game anyway.

@38: Slippy is a girl, there's no way that voice comes from a man.



theblackdragon said:

@TheDarkness: Slippy is male. The game booklets and in-game text continually refer to him as such. He may be voiced by a female, but then so are plenty of other cartoon/anime/game characters :3



Supremeist said:

Online Multiplayer would make it a complete package, but those graphics look fantastic. Especially at the rain and the lava. Huge Improvement. This game is turning out great!



NeoShinobi said:

Looks pretty good, kinda sucks there's no online multiplayer though.

But is there still local multiplayer, or did Nintendo cut all that out?



AlbertoC said:

@1, @41: I also recall something about seeing your friend's face when you won or lost...
EDIT: It seems this is only for local wireless. Big heap bummer.

@9, also @17:
The original had Katt on it. The original had multiplayer on it.

Also, it's not like everybody wants multiplayer in Mario's Picross. Mutiplayer, even better, online multiplayer, adds A LOT of replay value, and a social component, to a game.



thanos316 said:

looking good. na this game is looking awesome. bringing back that nostalgia. damn i gotta get a 3ds and get this game. nintendo your doing something right here with this handheld. keep pumping out the great games.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game is looking better than I expected. I might just cave in and purchase a 3DS just to play it.



Sh00kst3r said:

@Graph Meh... A game like The Mercenaries 3D NEEDS multiplayer, considering it's duo mode. But as Squiggle55 said, it'd be nice if a game had it.



Ren said:

I also thought seeing faces meant there was online multiplayer, but the face reactions were absent from this video. What's the actual story with that? I don't mind, either way, though. it looks fantastic with or without it.

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