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First Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screens and Art Appear

Posted by James Newton

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The 3DS's first taste of Final Fantasy gaming is coming in the unexpected form of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm game in a Chibi style.

Contrary to early reports, the game is not developed by Jupiter, the team behind the phenomenal The World Ends With You, but instead Electroplankton and Retro Game Challenge team indieszero is handling development duties.

Square Enix's official site hosts the first screenshots and details, revealing some of the songs you'll be able to play through, from Final Fantasy VII's One Winged Angel to Sunleth Waterscape from Final Fantasy XIII.

What do you make of Theatrhythm?


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Samholy said:

looks a bit better than what i saw in the mag scans recently.
too bad its not jupiter behind it oh well, a title ill be watching for more news.



Oregano said:

With such some character designs there's no excuse not to have every single FF character in it. It should definitely have more than the Dissidia games. If not then they're just lazy.



ADaviii said:

The first thing I thought of was Let's Tap for Wii. lol. Let's Tap: Final Fantasy!



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm disappointed that its actually not Jupiter making it but it still looks pretty good. Songs I'm hoping for are dark messenger, (FFIX) Seymour Omnis, (FFX) born anew and fighting fate (both from FFXIII). I'm also disappointed that the music is only from the main series as it would've been good to have the creator from FFIV: the after years.



JimmyWhale said:

Maybe I was being a tad harsh with my comment on the other page. It actually looks kinda fun. Not as fun as a 5/6 remake or Tactics would have been, though



bonesy91 said:

hmmm... waiting on a few more details, but if they sound promising then day one purchase for me.



JayceJa said:

i dont mind the visual presentation, it actually looks cool. im just really worried that the gameplay will get very repetitive



Teh-Ray said:

This actually makes me wonder if it's going to be like the RPG game on Taiko No Tatsujin 3 for the DS. That would be neat.



Saber said:

Square Enix just keeps milking Final Fantasy like there's no tomorrow



SwerdMurd said:

been forever and a half since i've tried a rhythm game..... there's a chance i'll give this one a shot, but FF milking is getting old...



Beechbone said:

Might be fun, we'll see. Doesn't matter what you think about FF games you have to appreciate the music of these games. Interesting new addition to both FF and rythm genre.



asbel said:

Assuming this will have RPG elements, I don't think it will be a long one. Rhythm games tend to get tiresome after the first 20/30 mins... Having said that I'll probably end buying it.



JayceJa said:

ive been thinking about how it could be done, and i have decided that my ideal goal for it would be set in a final fantasy world, and RPG combat featuring action commands similar to M&L or paper mario, but rhythm based



Zach said:

If it's from the makers of DualPenSports it's good in my book.

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