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Crazy Hamster Swaps Pet Shop for DSi Shop in August

Posted by Trevor Chan

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Having passed Nintendo's lotcheck earlier this month, Gamelion's Crazy Hamster will gnaw its way to the DSi Shop early August.

Players will help the little hamster get from one part of the level to another via a selection of tools that will help the little fella navigate the terrain as if it was Bear Grylls. Gamelion has made available a trailer which shows a bit of gameplay and you can check that out below.

Crazy Hamster is scheduled for release on 11th August in North America at a cost of 200 points.

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Alpha2797 said:

On the first trailer I saw of this(it was a few weeks ago) dsiware game, the hamster was all brown(no white at all) and the animations(I think this is the correct term) weren't very good. For example, the hamster would be flinged upwards into the air from the ground when the trampoline is used but in this newly updated trailer, the hamster looks like it's jumping on the trampoline to reach new heights.



FonistofCruxis said:

It looks like they improved the animations for this game but it still doensn't look like a game I would want to get.



Mowzle2 said:

Well it's colorful and sorta cute, and he only costs 200 points. Maybe a nice one for the little 'uns to spend some summer pocket money on. I'd wait for the review myself



Supremeist said:

Looks like just another generic DSiWare game. Those animations aren't looking very good either. While it could be fun, and worth it, considering the price tag, I still won't be picking this up.

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