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Capcom COO Thinks Monster Hunter Will Make It to 3DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

That's a quest we'd like to see Capcom take

Prior to Capcom's Captivate 2011 event in April, gamers were hoping for some kind of Monster Hunter-related announcement for the 3DS after the popularity of Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) for the Wii. Unfortunately, nothing of the sort took place.

However, a recent interview with Capcom's European chief operations officer David Reeves, conducted by Middle East Gamers, has once again injected gamers with hope that we will one day see the monster-hunting series make it to the 3DS:

So there are going to be [Capcom] games coming out for [Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita]. And they are both Japanese companies, Nintendo and Sony, and so is Capcom. So the ties are very, very strong. So I think down the road, you could probably see a Monster Hunter iteration somewhere. Probably on both of them. I haven’t heard any concrete plans…they don’t always share those plans…because they switch teams many times.

Capcom has already published two games for the 3DS: Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Perhaps the publisher is waiting until the 3DS installed base is higher than it currently is before bringing over the Monster Hunter series? Earlier in the interview, Reeves speculated that the 3DS hadn't sold as well as Nintendo had hoped (something that Nintendo itself has admitted) and that the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D probably helped hardware sales.

The DS didn’t take off quickly, too, it took a while to generate [interest]. I think you are going to find…come end of the year, I think there is going to be a lot of…in the early years of DS, a lot of them were purchases for other people and that started off [the sales]. I think [the 3DS] will grow but at the moment it is a slow start.


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FonistofCruxis said:

I would much rather a Zack and Wiki sequel for 3DS even though it will probably never happen. That game was much better than Monster hunter 3, which is the most overrated game on the wii.



NSBlueLighing said:

I rather have one in HD not 3D, i dont mind 3D but i dont think its good for gaming. There better be one on WiiU considering the touch screen can be uses for choosing items instead of scrolling through them one at a time like on Tri. Handheld Monster Hunter...only if it can run smoothly and lots of weps and armor.



MrMagpie said:

A version for both? That sounds horrendously like we might get a port or something, not something built ground up for 3ds...



Dynetheous said:

come on capcom, just do it, and make it like monster hunter frontier. there needs to be that many monsters for me to buy it for the 5th time



Megumi said:

I pretty much was going to say what Pixel said...This explains that response to my email that they have no plans to bring it to the 3DS, guess they're like Nintendo huh....with their little, secrets. ANNOUNCE IT ALREADY!!! T_T



bonesy91 said:

No this could actually be good, I see Capcom actually takes the 3DS seriously with their line of games (unlike "cough" Ubisoft "cough") and Maybe we could end up with having the Same MH on both 3DS and Vita, and not have to worry about getting the short end of the stick.



Raptor78 said:

I put loads of hours into Tri at the begining but because it was on our main TV I was unable to continue with the dedication. They say the 3DS is as powerfull pretty much to the wii, so although I dont want a port I would really be happy playing a similar set up as Tri but on the 3DS. I own Mercs and SFIV and with the exception of only one or two laggy matches on each game the online has been nice, solid and stable. If they could replicate that with a four player online hunt like on the wii I would be very happy.



Skotski said:

One can argue that Zack & Wiki is one of the most overrated titles out there. Heck, any game can be considered "overrated" if the wrong audience gets their hands on it.
Face it, the genre isn't for you - it's not overrated: It's just not your type. ...heck, I loved FFV more than I loved FFVII, doesn't mean FFVII was overrated - it just appealed to more people, and I wasn't a part of that targeted audience.



KDR_11k said:

Makes sense, the 3DS is at roughly the power level that Monster Hunter has previously used (PSP and Wii) and considering power was the main reason for those two platforms the 3DS is a much better fit than the PS Vita. Since the new generation is a blank slate they can decide now where they want their fanbase to go. The Vita won't be much cheaper to dev for than the PS3 and costs were the reason the PS3 didn't get MH3.



Lan said:

Wii U Monster Hunter! I'm geeking out. I'm on a huge Monster Hunter kick right now, and I've only played Tri. Wait! Monster Hunter on 3DS AND Wii U that somehow connect! Capcom, hire me! I'm a genius!



Megumi said:

That reminds me, what happened to that fake screen/pic of Monster Hunter on the 3DS? It was pretty well done, lol (can't find it anymore)



Supremeist said:

Awesome. I've never played Monster Hunt but I'm definitely interested if Capcom announces it for the 3DS.



Chris720 said:

Just launch it Capcom, you know full well that we'll buy it. I just hope that they can use the SpotPass function to its complete maximum, okay, Monster Hunter is incredible, however it can get very stale when you get some of the more high tier weapons and armor.

If they can release new weapon builds, new armor builds, new quests and maybe even special event quests with a different map, something like Jhen Mohran+ then it would be awesome.

MHWii was a knock-out and it's still pretty amazing a year on, it is however old, boring and stale now that most players have all the high tier weapons and armors, and I'd love to see what Capcom will do for the 3DS.



JayceJa said:

so they may be waiting for it to pick up, perfectly reasonable. but to me it seems a monster hunter revealed for 3ds would do more for the system sales than any other game would

oh well, i dont doubt it will come to either the 3ds or the wii u after the success of tri, possibly both, im happy to wait for it



IronMan28 said:

Considering the Japanese are huge on obsession, it seems like this hypothetical game will sell really well there...I hate to be John Madden or vaguely racist sounding when I say things like that, but Japanese culture is based on conformity, so the shoe fits...



JayArr said:

Unless its an all new game I don't really care if it comes to 3DS or Wii U. Myself and a loooooooot of other MH fans will have already played MH portable 3rd in glorious HD when they release it on the PS3.



MERG said:

MU on 3DS would make me a VERY happy person! I'm enjoying MN Tri but I just don't play a console as much as a handheld. If I had MH on 3DS I wouldn't really need many other games.



zionich said:

What's bad is if they announce and release it in Japan, we would still have to wait for a slim US release over a year later



motang said:

I am sure if the PSP can do Monster Hunter then the 3DS definitely can.



sinalefa said:

I would rather have a Wii U iteration. I am too used to controlling the camera with the right stick as in Tri. I have never tried portable Monster Hunter games, but I find it hard to play in short bursts.



triforceofcourage said:

MUST HAVE if true. Unfortunately though, I would RATHER have a Wii-U MH game. I just feel the gameplay is more suited to a fullscreen, HD, Powerful online, dual circle pad system. If it came out on the 3DS I think it would definately come out on Vita too. Sooooo... That means we'll be waiting a bit.



Traxx said:

IF we get a MH 3D (I still doubt it), I think this won't be a full grown MH experience. The costs will be too high. However, considering Capcom's approach to RE:The Mercs 3D, we might see something like a full grown Monster Hunter Tri's Arena mode singled out.

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