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Aonuma Opens a Treasure Chest of Skyward Sword Details

Posted by Zach Kaplan


In a recent interview, veteran Nintendo developer Eiji Aonuma revealed some interesting details about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, on which he's currently working. If you're not a fan of spoilers stop reading now!

Ganon, Link's adversary since the early days, will not appear in the game. In fact, the odd-looking Lord Ghirahim was created to provide a breath of fresh air and give our hero a more unique foe.

This time around, I thought that if we featured a character similar in presentation to Ganon, it really wouldn’t make that much of a difference and that new character wouldn’t have much impact. I wanted to make to make a character that contrasted what people think about Ganon – someone who is a little bit mysterious and kind of makes people think, “well, I don’t really know what to make of this somewhat terrifying character.” That was sort of my goal in making a character like Ghirahim, and that’s basically why I did that.

He revealed that Ganon's sitting this one out in relation to the Triforce, which operates differently as well here than in times past:

Ganon typically appears in a Zelda game when the story is centered around the Triforce. This time around, the Triforce sort of takes on a different meaning and plays a different role in the story. So because of that, Ganon will not appear.

Aonuma also commented on Ghirahim's androgynous appearance:

One of the things that relates to what I said about contrasting Ganon is that he does have a sort of unisex-like, genderless feel to him.

Additionally, he stated that Skyward Sword would precede Ocarina of Time in the Zelda chronology, that Link starts off as a student at a knight academy and lives in a world above the clouds but must eventually venture below, which is where travel by bird comes into play as well as in racing mini-games. Whereas before, playing an instrument was a simple matter of a button-press, MotionPlus will feature into harp-strumming here. Finally, instead of attaining the Master Sword as in past games, Link will play a part in its creation, around which the story centres to a degree:

As far as the story itself is concerned, one big point that makes it a very different experience is that in most Zelda games, the Master Sword has been something that Link seeks out, finds, and uses to destroy Ganon. This time around, it’s more centred on the creation of the Master Sword – the way it was born, so to speak. Link kind of forges it along the way. It’s more centred on that, which is a different pattern than we have had in a lot of ways.

What new take on the Zelda universe are you most excited about?


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FriedSquid said:

My first reaction to this game: What? What's with all this new Zelda shiz? doesn't look like much... Plus I have to buy that new Motion thing... I don't think I'll get it. Doesn't seem worth it. And that new guy looks wierd...
After I read this:



TKOWL said:

I'm liking things so far. Unlike most of the Zelda fanbase today, I'm happy for these changes and the story is looking top-notch.

I still wish for a Zelda in the future that reinvigorates the demeted side of Zelda (Majora's Mask) again, though...



Megumi said:

So glad Ganon is taking a break. >_>
But this new guy scares me, lol.



19Robb92 said:

Kind of glad to see Ganon wont be in it. I was a little bit disappointed when I found out Zant was more of a puppet than a real final boss in TP.

Looking good.



SuperSpank said:

I will wait for a review. I hope the Controls will work good. If not, i'm not getting it.



moosa said:

Blast the haters; keep moving the series forward.
I'm glad Gannon was in TP though because he was freaking awesome. The way they handled his character model was glorious.



Cia said:

Urgh, it's Ganon, not Gannon. The only time the word "Gannon" were used was in the original Zelda, where it appeared because of the translation error.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm so glad that Ganon isn't in it, he's almost as overrated as Sephiroth but Ghirahm looks like an awesome villain and I think the art style of this game is great!



Crystalking18 said:

I'm happy Ganon isn't in this. He was just shoe horned into Twilight Princess for me, and Ghirahim looks to be a good villain. More interest in this game for me, but Aonuma forgot to mention on thing here; WHEN CAN I PLAY THIS??????



NintyMan said:

I'm all for a new villain in Lord Ghirahim and a different role for the Triforce and Master Sword. It's very pleasing and refreshing that they made new twists to the tried and true formula, so good for them. It makes me think that Bowser should take a break too, and I'm not talking about RPGs but the main Mario platforming series.



Link79 said:

I've got no problem at all with Ganon being left out this time.
It was getting old having him in every Zelda game.
This new guy seems interesting. Let's hope his character is memorable.
Anyone know how his name is pronounced?



Capt_N said:

"that Link starts off as a student at a knight academy" Perhaps this is what the "school rivalry" thing comment was about, in another NLife article about SS.

I'm looking forward to this. Hope it doesn't fail. Ganon taking a break could go either way, good/bad.



Henmii said:

"I wanted to make to make a character that contrasted what people think about Ganon – someone who is a little bit mysterious and kind of makes people think, “well, I don’t really know what to make of this somewhat terrifying character.” That was sort of my goal in making a character like Ghirahm, and that’s basically why I did that"

Make that VERY terrifying! You know what I mean!

And about Ganondorf: I thought he (or someone else from Nintendo) said last time that Ganondorf would be in it, but he would have a small role.

The best part hasn't been revealed yet: The release-date!



siavm said:

What spoilers are here? Normally this is just regular info. How is it a spoiler because this is the only game coming to Wii this year that we care about, and all info is spoiler. Spoiler alert: Gorons are in the game, you use a sword, zelda is in the game, and the biggest spoiler you use a bird instead of epona. I just ruined the game for everyone now.



Zach said:

@siavm A little rudely worded there, but to not know that Ganon is in the game and that Lord Ghirahm is the main enemy is a spoiler if you ask me.



Nintenzo said:

I believe it's pronounced Gihr-ahm. I'm going to call him Lord Graham Cracker from now on.



jedikitty said:

Well if there's no Ganon I hope the new villain can carry the weight. Zant sure couldn't. He is looking good so far through. Creeps me right the heck out.

@Nintenzo Hahaha, I might have to steal that !



TanookiSteven said:

I'm glad I get to stab something else with my Master Sword now xD, plus this does make more sense seeing as I never got why the reincarnations were always the same xD



C-195 said:

It was kinda obvious that Ganondorf wouldn't appear in Skyward Sword, he shouldn't be born til long after this game.
It should be very interesting to see how the Master Sword was made and how Hyrule was first colonized by the Hyrulian's.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Once you used the word "past", I got irritated by thinking of how this is early in Zelda chronology.

About the bad guy, I can't help but think of Pulp Fiction: "Does he look like a b****?"



KaiserGX said:

I actually want Ganon to return, not Ganondorf. Not the Gerudo thief. I was the king of darkness, the wielder of the Trident of Power!

Final enemy appearances. 10
Ganon appearances 4
Ganondorf appearances 3



Bassman_Q said:

Well none of that had anything to do with spoilers imo, but all I can say is that I hope this Ghirhim dude will be the most badass villain in the history of Zelda! Maybe screw up the world, since he looks like he could be a lunatic. He seriously reminds me of Kefka a little, so yeah, it seems possible.



LztheQuack said:

I think it's spelled "Ghirahim," not "Ghirahm"

I also believed Nintendo pronounced his name as GHIR-E-HEEM



siavm said:

Ganon was not in Majora's Mask and a lot of the handheld zelda games. So him not being in a game set before ocarina of time is not a shocker.



PSICOffee said:

@32 I can only hope he would have a little Kefka in him, that would be cool.

I'm surprised there's no zelda-triforce-worhipping-die-hard fans here complaining about the lack of Ganon and how the game will suck now. I think it would be cool if this game explains the very beginning with the first original Link before all the "reincarnations."



Henmii said:

By the way: Am I the only one who noticed that the blacksmith seen in the last trailer looks like the blacksmith assistent from Majora's mask?



JimLad said:

After Ganon, I think the most intimidating Zelda villan has to be Agahnim from A Link to the Past. Also Zant was very evil looking before he took his helmet off.
This guy not so much. Only the Japanese would have a villan who wears lipstick and has an emo haircut.



19Robb92 said:

I just thought about something.. When Link jumps off the bird in mid air to fall down to Hyrule, how do you think he lands?

I doubt they have parachutes.



Garo said:

Too bad Ganon's not in. He's a very important part of the series to me and I can't help but to feel that Zelda games without Ganon(dorf) are usually lacking something. I just hope Ghirahim proves to be as good a villain as ol' Ganny.



hYdeks said:

Looking forward to playing this game for EVERYTHING that's new. You can't keep the all the same things in the Zelda games or it just get very dull.



NintyMan said:

I just saw a gameplay trailer with the fight with Girahim. Needless to say that he's something different.



Noire said:


This is why this game will be amazing. I love you Debbie Ghirahim, you're so fabulous.



siavm said:

Did not use spoiler because I was putting my comment in a different context. By saying that, I am saying Ganon is not needed for a magnificent zelda experience.



MeloMan said:

I love it ALL. I've always wanted a story (finally!) about how the Master Sword came about. And perhaps if the whole Aghanim/Ganondorf persona is any indication, then there may be some alteregoing going on with Ghirahim and Ganondorf still, such as maybe the dark side of Ghirahim will lead to the eventual existence of Ganondorf... all exciting stuff. And don't forget that Zelda isn't a princess... damn I love a "how this came to be" story, and Aonouma has captured that well. Cannot wait to play this.



phoenix1818 said:

I was expecting Ganon would show up anyway, and that this guy would just end up being another Zant, but at least they're trying something different now.



cheetahs said:

I've always hated Ganon, but this guy looks alittle nutty. And most times, for games, nutty is good



Yogsoggoth said:

I understand being metrosexual is all the rage in Asia, but Eyeliner Link and his Angelina Jolie lips really makes me want to skip this game.



SuperLink said:

@MechaPhoenix Wow, I didn't need nightmares tonight, but thanks for that disturbing image anyway.

Anyway, I'm very excited to see what goes into the making of the Master Sword that makes it so powerful. That cutscene better be just jaw-dropping in how the most powerful weapon in the world is being built, right there.

@Yogsoggoth You make a good point.



charly_rozen said:

I think this Zelda will not be a lengendary game like Ocarina or Twilight Princess, it will be another for the collection. I hope to be wrong.

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