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After WWE All-Stars, Wrestlers Begin to Brawl

Posted by James Newton

Take it outside

WWE All-Stars took the wrestling game template and tore it up, but the newly revealed WWE Brawl looks like it'll take the template and body-slam it through a concrete block.

New footage of the Wii game shows a street fight scenario where wrestlers have superhuman abilities, taking the All-Stars idea a touch further.

Check out the video below and expect more details soon.

WWE Brawl – No Ring. No Ref. No Rules.

  • First product that appeals to both core WWE consumer and those not fans of WWE just yet
  • Fast, furious and addictively fun brawl-style melee combat, in fully destructible environments
  • Saturday morning cartoon feel that reinvents the WWE Universe like you’ve never seen before!
  • Superstars turned up loud – super powers, impossible moves, exotic back stories

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Alpha2797 said:

I haven't played WWE All-Stars but that game did catch my eye. I felt like WWE All-Stars wasn't the average wrestling game. Looks like WWE Brawl isn't the average wrestling game either. It looks interesting but probably not enough to buy it. It all just depends.



Ron22 said:

WWE All-Stars is amazing (on the Xbox360, never tried the Wii version), but this game just looks silly. It's too early to fully judge obviously, but based on the Video, they took the perfect balance between Arcade and Sim that they hit with All-Stars and tipped it waaaaaay too far in the Arcade direction. Let's hope they know what they are doing.



Deviant_Mugen said:

The concept sounds good, it reminds me a lot of Def Jam: Fight for NY and the story mode of Wrestlemania XIX. Also, Undertaker is totally channeling his inner Shang Tsung with that outfit...



JusticeColde said:

I was gonna tell everybody about this, But it looks like they heard about faster than I did.

I just hope this leaves the possibility of The Rock or Undertaker in the next Smash Bros. game.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm not sure about how successful this will be. People who like fighting games might not be convinced to get one with WWE characters and WWE fans might think that this is taking it too far.



kkslider5552000 said:

Yes, I'm sure Mark Henry nearly killing an innocent man and CM Punk's worked shoot storyline are just like care bears. And I guess that new Conan the Barbarian remake maybe being PG-13 will mean it's like the Teletubbies.

If anything they haven't toned it down enough as they still have to force hardcore spots in storylines (especially involving announce tables) every single week without failure or any creativity.



y2josh said:

Who wouldave thought they would turn All Stars into a yearly money grab, or non money grab.



MeloMan said:

LOL! @ #15 that's EXACTLY what I thought!
I like my wrestlers standard tbh, but I did like a little game called ultimate muscle with over the top supers and stuff, so... I may just look into this (and now All-Stars though I'm not too crazy about the arcady-ness of it... we'll see...)



rjejr said:

Link be broken.

From the screenshots looks good though, 80's wrestling taken into the comic books from whence it came. I bet George the Animal Steele could eat people.



Incognito_D said:

this is actually quite a cool idea - as long as the exectution is good.
It definitely beats another iteration of Smackdown vs Raw x 16543123
New ideas and a bit of creativity and imagination should always be encouraged IMO

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