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Zelda: Four Swords to Be a Free DSiWare Game in September

Posted by James Newton


Nintendo just announced as part of its Zelda: 25th Anniversary package the release of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for DSiWare in September this year.

The four-player game will be a free download to all DSiWare users, presumably meaning it'll be available for nothing in the 3DS eShop too.

Are you excited about playing more Zelda: Four Swords on DSiWare?

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Despair1087 said:

im still pretty confused as to how dsiware will look on the 3DS screen. can you hold start and select to play it in its original resolution like DS games?



Meta-Rift said:

@2: That's what I've heard.

This is awesome! Is it the same as the GameCube version?



Dodger said:

Sweet, I can play this with my sister or dad now. That will be cool.



Squiggle55 said:

this might have been my favorite bit of news from the presentation, but slightly disappointed that it's not 3DSware



warioswoods said:

It will clearly be the GBA version, so it's cool but not the 4 Swords announcement I was looking for (WiiU!). However, the big questions are: local or wifi? and, new content or direct port?



xAlias said:


Now pleaase, announce single-download play with regular DS's, too!!



fishman100 said:


I hope the redesign the system so that you can connect locally or even play by yourself.



Henmii said:

Is this the original Four swords or a new entry? Cool that it is free, though a strange choice that they chose DSiware over 3DSware. Hopefully you can also play it alone.



theblackdragon said:

@revoc: no, they said free at the conference today. :3

that said, if they don't include a single-player option in this, please for the love of all that's holy, Nintendo, allow us to use wi-fi to find fellow players! i would love nothing more than to be able to play a game like this with friends, and I don't know anyone around with a DSi to play it with me



TeeJay said:

Maybe I can challenge myself by downloading this on both my 3DS and DSi and playing 2 player by myself. O_o



GreenAbobo said:

No way will it have WiFi multiplayer. Nintendo doesn't typically like to do awesome things like that, especially for free.



Token_Girl said:

I 3rd the internet four player hopes. We could start NLife 4 swords clubs (because I cannot find 3 others to play with me). Internet+voice chat on a free game seems to be too much to ask for though.



TourianTourist said:

doesn't work... I tried this with the original release and two GBAs... it's impossible to solve certain puzzles like pulling things from two different sides.



f3rnvnd0 said:

i remeber playing this with my friends for hours, knowing this will be back with wireless fetures and free

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