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You May Have Missed These Mini Metroid Nods

Posted by James Newton

No new game, but Samus's presence is felt

We didn't see a new Metroid game during Nintendo's E3 2011 conference, but that doesn't mean heroine Samus Aran was absent from the show.

The Wii U press kit shows off a multiplayer game where two Wii Remote wielders must escape from a Wii U controller user, piloting Samus Aran's ship around and presumably raining down laser death. The ground troops were also dressed as the famous bounty hunter, though in a considerably more cutesy form.

Samus may not have her own game to shout about, but her influence on Nintendo's game design is still out in force.

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Token_Girl said:

Neat. I'd kill to be in Corbie's shoes, playing around with all the tech demos.

That being said, I don't mind not seeing a Metroid game. Samus already has a decent presence on the Wii.



TKOWL said:

@2 I don't think the resemblance is uncanny, seeing as Yokoi worked on both Kid Icarus and Metroid.



chiptoon said:

@ 2 and 6 - I could be wrong, but if memory serves the two games were built on the same engine (did they call it that back then?) and reused many sprites and assets.



Var said:

It is the Metroid 25th anniversary this year as well as Zelda, so I am somewhat surprised and disappointed that we haven't heard of anything so far.



Chariblaze said:

Don't forget the little jingle that plays at the beginning of a round, which is obviously the Metroid jingle that plays when you start the game.



Henmii said:


Yeah, Metroids in a new Kid Icarus make perfect sense. They where in the original Kid Icarus, and Kid Icarus (nes) is considered as Metroid's (nes) sister game since they both use the same engine!



Pod said:

One thing worries me about this image.

The Wii U will allow Wiimotes without MotionPlus capability?

WELP, there goes the chance of wider MotionPlus adoption in games.



Capt_N said:

I noticed it while watching it the first time/live yesterday during the conference.

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