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We May Have 8-Player Online with Mario Kart 3DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

Bring on the competition!

There will be a number of new features in the upcoming Mario Kart for 3DS, and if all goes according to plan, an increase in the number of players competing against each other online will be one of them.

Mario Kart DS featured four-player online and Nintendo is looking to double this figure with the 3DS instalment. The game will feature eight-player local wireless action and as long as Nintendo can maintain the 60-frames-per-second slickness both offline and online, with the game running in 2D or 3D, eight-player online is something that gamers can expect.

Producer Hideki Konno confirmed with Joystiq:

... our goal right now is to have the same number of players for both local wireless and multiplayer over Wi-Fi.

As announced at E3 2011, Mario Kart is scheduled for a worldwide release this Christmas.


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Knux said:

Sweet, this is going to be loads of fun to play online once it is released!



Chris720 said:

Is it 8 only offline too? Having 12 players killed MKWii for me, too much randomness with 12 players, don't get me wrong, it's more exciting but it's such a pain in the arse at times.



NintyMan said:

Great! This and Kid Icarus: Uprising should have very fun online. Nice Little Mermaid caption too!



Supervada said:

Cool. Really need 8 players to play against since 4 on the DS version got alittle bored. lol When it comes out I will return drifting crazy (not like super crazy just crazy XD)



Plastifish said:

Please. Please. Please map the course so people can't 'snake'. That was the biggest flaw with the first DS version. I can live with a blue shell, it happens once or twice a race - I just can't stand the snaking.



Supervada said:

I mean I drift alot but I do get alittle sick from the ones who just drift thought out the race...ugh...



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope there are still twelve racers offline but with better item balancing and less rubberbanding but its good that there will be more players online than in MKDS.



Yosher said:

If Battle Mode will be playable online as well, I hope to God that we won't be forced to play in teams again. That was SO annoying in Mario Kart Wii.



Lan said:

mkwii took out snaking, you had to drift for a certain amount of time to get a boost. that'll probably return in mk3ds



Radixxs said:

Will be the biggest game for the 3DS, and probably sell a lot more of them.



Raptor78 said:

@BigBluePanda Although SSBB's online was slow and laggy I didnt have so much of a problem with MarioKart Wii... a couple of incidents where a kart dissapeared and then reappeared but such a tiny percentage of the games I was playing, So hopefully the online will be as good as the wii version.



Capt_N said:

If I decide to get a 3DS, I hope it's more friendly w/ home networks than the DS is. I don't like adjusting, or downing some security settings for a 30min. game (playing) session.



NESguy94 said:

YES! Thank You Nintendo! Just make sure people can't snake, that will ruin this games online mode real fast.



Dodger said:

Great, I loved MK DS wifi, but it didn't have enough people and MK Wii was insane because it had 12 people. Too many powerups. 8 is the perfect Mario Kart number.



MeloMan said:

I agree that 8 is the perfect number, but the more the merrier, just get the item randomness more balanced (here's hoping MKWiiU will have 16, lol!).



TheIndigoEffect said:

Why do people keep implying that Mario Kart Wii was a good game? It doesn't matter how smooth online play is when the gameplay is fundamentally broken. It is easily the worst Mario Kart game ever to be made.

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