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There Will Be No Zelda 25th Anniversary Collection

Posted by James Newton

Good news, bad news?

Nintendo is celebrating 25 years since the very first Legend of Zelda, but whereas last year the company celebrated Mario's quarter-century with the much-maligned Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition, the Hero of Time will receive no such compendium.

According to the latest Japanese Iwata Asks article (via Nintendo World Report) Nintendo of America suggested a 25th anniversary collection of Link outings, but Nintendo of Japan wasn't keen on the idea, with Miyamoto and Iwata stating that doing the same thing two years in a row isn't very Nintendo-like.

Of course, Nintendo is still celebrating Zelda's 25th anniversary in a multitude of ways, with orchestral Zelda concerts, a gold Wii Remote Plus for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, a free download of Four Swords and of course the release of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Would you like a 25th anniversary collection though? What games would you choose for it, and on what format?


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sykotek said:

What would I choose? BS Zelda, specifically the 3rd, 4th quests and the LttP sequel, translated in English and available for purchase on VC/WiiWare ...toss in an interactive history with commentary/music selection...I'd say that'd make for a pretty good 25th Anniversary.



Fuzzy said:

A green or gold 25th anniversary 3DS would be pretty cool.

The Mario collection wasnt as great as I was hoping (I rarely play it- more of a collectable), and I've got most of the VC Zelda games.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It would be hard to top the Gamecube's Collector's Edition anyway. To do that they would have to add all of the GameBoys handheld Zeldas. And we all know how high the chances are for that ... Added achievements would be the icing on the cake then though.
Or make a special edition of Majora's Mask without the time limit so it won't be too frustrating to me anymore.



skywake said:

I'm more happy with Skyward Sword, Links Awakening on the 3DS VC, Four Swords and OoT 3D than I was with Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a re-release of Mario All Stars.

but I wouldn't mind a 3D remake of LttP



Retro_Gamer said:

I can't complain, what they are doing for Zelda's anniversary is much better than what they did with Mario's. Link's awakening at VC launch, four swords for FREE, ocarina of time 3D, skyward sword, zelda wiimote and concerts, that's pretty freaking awesome.



n0body said:

3DS owners get Oot 3D and Lttp, DSi (and 3DS) owners get FREE FOUR SWORDS (!!) and Wii owners get nothing!

Skyward Sword was scheduled to release this year anyway, after god knows how many delays, and it was always going to be bundled with a motion plus for those that don't have one, so I'm not buying that whole special golden remote stuff.

Nintendo could have quite easily released a complete compilation of every single home-console Zelda on one disc for Wii if they wanted to. WW and TP (GC version) are no more than 1.5 gigs each, so that leaves a whole 1.6 gigs for Zelda 1, 2, LttP, OoT, Master Quest and MM which should altogether take up maybe 10% of that. If Nintendo really wanted to they could have filled up that extra space with content not seen in the west, as well as a behind the scenes "making-of" documentary, soundtracks and artwork... all on a single layered disc!

The cost of porting the games to Wii would be next to nothing, and they could've easily sold the thing for $30-$40 and make a ton of profit!
I guess they figured they had enough green for one Zelda anniversary already.... their loss entirely.



RedYoshi999 said:

I'm not that sad about it. I didn't really want one besides the collectable side of it. What I want is a special Zelda 3DS or a remake of Majora's Mask just like Ocarina of Time on 3DS.



theblackdragon said:

considering the fan reaction to the Mario 25th Anniversary Collection, i think it's probably in their best interests not to try it again with Zelda, lol.



Ai64 said:

A shiny gold wii remote or skin for my 3DS. That would rock! Also, happy 25th anniversary Zelda!



madgear said:

A re-release of the GameCube's Collector's Edition with additions of Wind Waker would have been nice ready for anyone getting the Wii U since the GameCube versions will no longer work.



sykotek said:

@tbd: What fan reaction about the Mario 25th set? Was it the outrage about calling it "Limited" and then re-releasing it again for purchase later?

...I don't really care personally, but that was pretty bogus IMO, I can understand other people being upset about it. They could've easily solved that by removing the "Limited" printing in the second batch or not releasing the slipcover/artbook again.

To anyone that thinks Nintendo would release games they already have up for sale on VC should really think again.



theblackdragon said:

@syko: you don't remember? lol, if it wasn't the NA-region people whining that it was just a straight port of SMAS with a dinky little booklet and lame CD, it was the PAL-region users frothing at the mouth over the fact that it was a straight port of the 50-hz version of SMAS with a dinky little booklet and lame CD. Honestly, I think it's better this way... we've got Link's Awakening, the OoT CD, the golden wiimote, and the concert series — if they'd done it that way for Mario, with SMAS available for VC, the little CD available by registering some other game, maybe a special accessory of some sort and a Mario concert series, etc., there wouldn't've been half the complaints and disappointment, i don't think :3



skywake said:

@9 really? Wii owners are the ones getting the best deal here. Sure, OoT is awesome and so are the VC/DSiWare stuffs but.... Skyward Sword!!

As it is I own both a 3DS and Wii so lucky me I get both but I'd gladly have Skyward Sword over OoT 3D if that was the option I was given. Seriously, how often do we get a whole new Zelda?



Yadoking said:

There isn't much I can think of I would want on it, in terms of games, since you can obtain several Zelda games in the Virtual Console. I'd like to see one for any extra goodies they might throw in. Instead of doing the same thing as Mario, why not just release an art book with other cool stuff. I'd be fine with that.



taffy said:

There's no need, Skyward Sword is coming out this year and they're doing a special addition Wiimote for it as well. Compared to what they did last this is alot better, although it would have been nice to of had a special addition 3DS like they did the red Wii and DSI XL last year.



Kevin said:

So we get a lackluster re-release of Mario All-Stars for Mario's 25th but NOTHING for Zelda's? Booooooooooooo!



Link79 said:

No point in a collection really. Most of the best Zelda games are on VC anyway.
Just buy all those and there's your collection.
As long as you own a Wii I'd say your covered.
Especially with Skyward Sword on the way!



TKOWL said:

We already have THREE Zeldas coming out this year, I say that's plenty enough.



Pj1 said:

It's a shame but whatever the content on the 'collectors' disc it wouldn't please everyone. So I suppose it's OK....



LoopyLuigi said:

I think sykotek had it right (see #2) give us something we haven't seen yet, though 4 swords is a nice bonus since a lot of us missed it the first time around. Let's hope they record the concerts and release a CD for those of us who can't get enough of Zelda music. Check out for a ton of amazing Zelda music!



NintyMan said:

Well, at least we won't have to hear complaining about Nintendo making a lazy collection. Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword coming out this year, as well as a orchestra tour, should be good enough anniversary gifts.



pntjr said:

a little dissapointed, but hey, you can't complain about free four swords!



Megumi said:

I didn't play the Oracles much, and skipped out on the Minish, yeah...release those games on the VC too! I need to play them! xD



AVahne said:

So far, the only thing I've done for the anniversary was finally get my copy of Twilight Princess.



Doma said:

Who cares... It would of likely been just as crappy as their Mario collection anyway.



SuperLink said:

I would like Zelda 1 and 2, and A Link to the Past remastered. That would be nice.



Ryno said:

I will celebrate the 25th Anniversary by playing the original gold Game Paks on my NES!!!



alex167 said:

I´d like "3D classics:The Legend of Zelda" and a new release of The Four Swords Adventure for Wii.



Noire said:

I'm okay with this. I don't need no silly collection ... get Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons on the eShop before the celebration's over and I'm set. And I'm silly enough that I'd buy A Link to the Past for like a fourth time if you released it as a 3D Classic title, Nintendo.



tweet75 said:

we do not need another zelda compilation, unless its a free bonus with skyward sword.



hYdeks said:

yay I feel they should do "Legend of Zelda All-Stars" or something and put Zelda 1, zelda 2, link to the past, and a copy of the original Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I don't find it fair that Nintendo said they don't wanna do the same thing 2 years in a row, BUT Mario All-Stars was the EXACT same game on the snes. Besides, how hard is it to make a compilation? Just suck it up and shock us for once Nintendo.



Tasuki said:

Wow its pretty sad when Sega who doesnt even have a console anymore does a better anniversary of one of their major IPS than Nintendo. I dont use this term often but I feel it applys to this.

Sega does what Nintendon't.



DavynD said:

Wind Waker, Link to the Past, and Majora's Mask on one Wii disc. And update Wind Waker for widescreen. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.



MeloMan said:

I say re-release the Zelda Collectors disc from the GC and do some 3D Classics work on the original 3 Zelda's and we're even.



millarrp said:

I would have liked to see a "new play control" version of wind waker, but oh well.



SunnySnivy said:

First everyone complains about remakes, then everyone wants re-releases.

Is there any pleasing you?!

@6 - They can't take the time limit off of Majora's Mask... that makes NO SENSE and it would ruin the game. Like the moon would hang there endlessly until you got all 4 giants? It seems to me like the game would lose it's feel. No time limit = would ruin the game. Sorry to rant but MM is my favorite Zelda game.



n0body said:

@SanderEvers @skywake
Skyward Sword looks AMAZING but it has nothing to do with Zelda's 25th anniversary... It just happens to be releasing on the same year. It's not like we wouldn't be getting it anyway, exactly as it is. And it's not like there is some special pre-order bonus or something to make it stand out as a special Zelda release. As I already said, it would have been bundled with a remote anyway as the game is motion-plus exclusive. The only difference I can see is the color of the remote, which for me personally is in no way exciting and not really unique either.

The point of a 'special celebration' is to do something out of the ordinary. Concerts qualify, porting over Four Swords for free qualifies. This does not.
Once again let me emphasize that Skyword Sword looks AMAZING and I am pre-ordering it.



phoenix1818 said:

While this is slightly dissapointing, at least now I can buy the rest of the Zelda games on Virtual Console without having to worry about wasting my money if a Zelda 25th Anniversary Collection was made.
As long as they will tranfer to Wii U...



Tri4ceHolder said:

I already knew that. They would of announced it at E3. In my opinion, they half assed the 25th.



Bassman_Q said:

I'm just happy that we get Skyward Sword, a new console Zelda (the last being released 5 years ago), and a FREE download Zelda. I'm personally celebrating by re-playing a lot of the Zelda games this year, specifically OoT on VC and, later, Link's Awakening DX on my GBA. Will probably replay TP before purchasing Skyward Sword as well. 2011 will officially be my Zelda playing year!

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