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The Rolling Western Keeps Those Wagons Rolling

Posted by James Newton

Another 3DS eShop title outed

There have been a few Western-themed games to download on Nintendo platforms over the years — The Oregon Trail, Fenimore Fillmore "The Westerner" — and 3DS is about to get one of its very own.

Nintendo just announced The Rolling Western, coming to the eShop later this year, with the trailer below showing some of the rootin' tootin' action gamers can expect when the download goes live.

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_Joejoe_ said:

I dunno, I think it looks pretty cool! And its kinda New IP from nintendo, isn't it? Something like that should be encouraged!

Armadillo Cowboy thing rolls into view

What have I done?



Issun said:

It is made by the studio behind Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks and I'm 90% shure of it, the visual cues and the fact it is Link's voice makes it pretty close to this fact ^^



Xkhaoz said:

Reminds me of Zelda, if it took place in a western and Link was an armadillo. It could be good.



Henmii said:

Very cool! So this was the cool looking Goron-like rolling game that I saw! Something different for once on the download systems (most of the time Nintendo does Art-style games on their download systems. Now they do something different). A Link Armadillo (he sounds like Link)!



JayceJa said:

actually looks pretty cool, almost didnt bother watching the video, now im glad i did, definitely interested in it



shinobi88 said:

This game looks an awful lot like what Sonic SHOULD look like in 3D. does seem pretty cool



Odnetnin said:

It seems pretty decent-looking, actually. Just cause it's not Mario doesn't mean we should write it off.



chiptoon said:

I hope he makes it as a character and appears in the next Sega cross over. or maybe both him and Knuckles can be in the next SSB



Henmii said:

"Just cause it's not Mario doesn't mean we should write it off"

I 100% agree.
Dear people, be happy that it isn't Mario!! Something different for once! And it looks very cool!



MadScientistMan said:

looks good, im pretty sure 3dsware has quite a big size limit compared to dsiware, because this has pretty good graphics



Linkstrikesback said:

This is actually my favourite announced title from nintendo at e3. Ok, we all knew skyward sword and mario and such were going to be there, this just looks pretty cool. We don't get enough games that just seem pretty cool anymore these days.



realar said:

@Joejoe_ Dude his name is Jiro. He is perfectly viable for SSB4.
All I need is character art.
Then again, I need Spotto.



D33G said:

Not sure if he'd be a character, but an assist trophie would b cool



IronMan28 said:

I like that Nintendo is putting out a Download title, and it's a new IP at that; this one should be interesting.



Alpha2797 said:

this game looks good. well, at least it looks better than dsiware. If it is the same price as a 500 points ($4.99 for 3dsware) dsiware game then i might consider it.

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