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The 3DS eShop Sizzles in this New Video

Posted by James Newton

An appetiser

Nintendo's new eShop took up a small portion of the company's overall E3 showing, with the announcement that The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is available now in North America, though European and Australian 3DS owners will have to wait a little longer, we understand.

Here's a short video to give you an overview of some of the content that will be available to download in the coming weeks and months.

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Monkeh said:

Can't even buy Eshop-cards yet, what BS.. of course don't own a creditcard.

Nintendo, don't you want to take my money asap?



TrainerOrange said:

OMG I had that GameBoy battleship game! Had totally forgotten about it. Wow. You know that feeling when an ancient memory gets brought back up?



Winter said:

Why don't they just give everyone the same? I mean, why make us angry or sad when we could all share the happiness? Why make us wait? It was my first Zelda.... Needless to say, I love it. There are retro-fans in Europe too, Nintendo!!

Does someone know when we will get it in Europe?



Odnetnin said:

Everything except for that guitar game looks good. Lol.

Also, totally downloaded Zelda the second it came out. :3



Token_Girl said:

Those are some nice looking gameboy games. I was worried about how they'd work the resolutions, but they look nice to me!



ThumperUK said:


Do you have debit cards in the Netherlands? In the UK the shop says it takes credit cards only. However it does accept debit cards with Visa/Mastercard symbols on them (the DS and Wii shops also accept debit cards)



TheUnknownGame said:

Nice to know that Zelda's coming out.

l wonder if Game Boy Advance games will be on the eShop sometime soon...



golephish said:

hopefully an eshop update (or news since they changed it to thursday) will reveal some new VC titles!



zelda101 said:

guys i have question before i buy my 3ds,
is the eshop region locked meaning if i bought a 3ds from america could i still use the 3ds ware and eshop app in dubai.

guys if could answer this question i would be so greatful


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