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Telltale has "No Plans" for Puzzle Agent on WiiWare

Posted by James Newton

Another mystery solved

Telltale Games has really dialled down its WiiWare support in recent times: last October we revealed Back to the Future was not coming to Wii and now Puzzle Agent: Nelson Tethers is the latest casualty.

Cubed3 contacted Telltale, whose community manager Alan Johnson had this to say:

We're always looking to get our titles on as many platforms as we can, but currently have no plans for a Puzzle Agent release on the Wii.

With the studio's Jurassic Park series not heading to Wii either, it looks like we might have seen the last of Telltale Games on Wii.


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madgear said:

Maybe they have disc releases planned like with Sam and Max? It says on their website about Tales of Monkey Island possibly coming to disc and maybe they'll do the same with Back To The Future once the series is complete.



Pod said:

Well, I already played this anyway, as they gave it away for free that one time.

It's a very nice, albeit quite short Professor Layton wannabe, with more of a Twin Peaks vibe going for it.



suburban_sensei said:

I got Back to the Future off Steam, not the Telltale site, so I didn't get Puzzle Agent for free. It looks like a decent game, if Steam ever has a sale on it I will check it out.



vherub said:

sales must not have been there, hopefully 3ds/wi u shop will reach a greater percentage of system owners.



Odnetnin said:

That's a shame as Puzzle Agent is an excellent game IMO. Also, the sequel comes out next Thursday.



Henmii said:

Maybe it's for the better! The Tales of monkey island episodes where a bug-fest. The episodes did crash several times. I do not like that!



Odnetnin said:

Puzzle Agent is simpler graphics-wise. It probably wouldn't have any glitches.



the_shpydar said:

Puzzle Agent is a lot of fun. I'd definitely reccomend anyone who hasn't played it to go d/L it right now, as it's very cheap — and Telltale is always having sales as well.



Pod said:

Seems you get episode one for free if you purchase Puzzle Agent 2, which releases in four days.

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