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Star Fox 64 3D Lands in North America on 11th September

Posted by James Newton

That's a Sunday

You probably heard the cheers when Nintendo's on-stage demo of Star Fox 64 3D featured the immortal words "do a barrel roll!". Expect similar cheers now Nintendo has announced a release date of 11th September 2011 for the game.

Nintendo also sent over the latest trailer for the game, which should get you into the spirit of the series — "it's a trap!" and so on — as well as showing off the new multiplayer mode that uses the 3DS's camera to show a live video feed of players so you can enjoy their grimaces as you destroy them all.

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NintyMan said:

That was one of the best trailers avaliable in 3D on the eShop, and they have done a very good job. A sunday release is typical for top Nintendo games, or so it used to be anyway. Should be a lot of fun!



Gavin_Rozee said:

What about Europe? We watch E3 too, and we like games. Maybe NoE have overslept. Still no E3 trailers on our eShop. It's been out a day and already NoE are screwing it up.

Anyway. I look forward to SF643D.



suburban_sensei said:

That's so awesome, just a few months away! Day one purchase for me. Love the camera feed when you play online, nice little touch.



CowLaunch said:

Yeah, releasing on 9/11 doesn't seem wise. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo revise this.



47drift said:

It's weird because you can tell the voice actors are the same (or are at least sound alikes) but they still sound slightly off. I know I'm not the only one who has memorized every line of Star Fox 64, so I can't be the only one feeling this way.

Ah well, I probably won't even notice when I'm playing the final product.



Einherjar said:

I dont think that a "space shooter / Flying game with animals as pilots would cause much trouble if released on 9/11. But im not quite sure, soes it have online MP or is it just local ?



Rensch said:

Perhaps you should consider changing the title of this article a little bit or is that just me?



Gameday said:

dope , now if they could just make a star fox for the wii u mmo with classes and let you be able to make clans. have rob tune in and let you know when your rival clan has entered your airspace lol im getting ahead of myself that still that would be awesome and let you be able to make your own character with certain custom features. star fox is a classic. so is that 3ds multiplayer online ?



TKOWL said:

Yeah, Nintendo, release a game about destructive space planes that can crash into buildings 10 years after 9/11? Real smart.

I think they should have it launch one week earlier or later.



motang said:

Downloaded the E3 video on the 3DS and wow it looks freaking awesome in 3D! Can't wait.



dinkelberg said:

i wanna buy a 3ds and im goin to get one a black one The legend of zelda ocarina of time 3D, Star fox 3D super mario 3D and mario kart 3d i look so forward to all these games and luigis mansion ofcource :b and i havent mentioned super smash bros 3D



DarkKirby said:

Some people have said this game has no online. That's 1/2 true, as far as I'm aware only local wireless has been confirmed, but online hasn't been denied. Not having online would be a big mistake.

Also the 9/11 complaints. Would you have it that 9/11 be forever a date where nothing is allowed to be released or done because some people find a round about reason about how it hurts their feelings?



AltDotNerd said:

It's ALL of North America, not just America. So the 9/11 release is coincedental. They won't ban/bash Pokemon in Japan since they have attacks like Earthquake and Surf (which resembles a tidal wave)



Bigrat said:

I CAN'T DECIDE! Should I get this, Super Mario, or Mario Kart? I should trade in lego starwars cause it looks completely s*cky compared to these!



BalrogtheMaster said:

Lol Nintendo:

A:Hmm, what day should we release SF64 in the US?
B:Well, we could release it on 9/11, so all Americans feel bad when they buy a flying game on a day when thousands of people died because of a plane!



Tasuki said:

Wow releasing a Flight game where you shoot down other aircraft on the 10th anniversary of 9/11? Nintendo should rethink their release date of that game.



armoredghor said:

@24 you got a point. This one looks decent. the facecam could use a better framerate though.



MeloMan said:

I haven't played this gem nearly as much as Zelda:OoT so I'm much more excited for this. It looks like the presentation has been beefed up for the multiplayer, along with video... chat? (Or just live video?). Hopefully the Multiplayer is simple and similar to SFC but not too involved like SF Assault (though I liked Assault). Anyway, this is an instabuy for me.



irken004 said:

Sunday? That means my local Target won't sell it until Tuesday because they're idiots like that.



UpstateHyrule said:


People are upset that a space shooter starring a fox, rabbit, falcon, and frog who defend a galaxy from an evil monkey in their awesome fighter jets is being released on a Sunday which happens to be September 11?



DarkLloyd said:

people treating the 9/11 incident like its a religion that was in the past people its just a date now nothing more every year after that has nothing to do with it so probably going to sound rude or something but who cares if its being release on that day



dinkelberg said:

lol people osama bin laden is dead and come on there have been soon 11 years since it happend it will not happen again dont hate nintendo because of it .



SunnySnivy said:

@28 It's a date that should be a holiday, honestly. And since it's the 10th 9/11 since the attack... I don't think releasing it on 9/11 is a good idea just because some people might not appreciate it. But honestly, it's not that huge of a deal.

@29... it's been 10 years, not 11. :/



DarkLloyd said:

@30 yeah i can understand why they might not like it espically the people who were nearby or the affected families, its been 10 years either they still feel for it or some has moved on like they should and using the expression dont let yesterday take up today

if a similiar thing affected me i might go nuts for a day or 2 but then move on and forget it after that Its not easy to just move on like that when stuff happens but i had to work at it



Kyloctopus said:

It just happens to be planes attacking on September 11th
But a day of mourning or not I'm still buying it on launch day



warioswoods said:

Oh, I guess that date isn't particularly significant for me, to be honest. I was halfway through the comments before it hit me. I suppose I haven't seen enough Guiliani on the TV set lately.



Lobster said:

I'm another who thought that this is a bad NA launch date for a flight game... Especially considering it's the tenth anniversary, I mean if it were not a round number I would probably not be so surprised. But yeah, really should have thought this one through better, imo. Release it a week before or after, or hell, in the middle of the week even, not that game releases are ever in the middle of the week. But still. Duh, Nintendo.

EDIT: Anyway I'm not going to get this one, I've never liked Star Fox. Goes back to when I was a kid and I was just absolutely terrible at it I think. I actually was given the SNES version free a few years ago and still had so much bad feeling that I almost turned it down. For free! So yeah. I'm glad for everybody who is excited, though, I certainly feel the same way about OoT and last night's release of Link's Awakening. Which I need to get back to, 'scuse me.



Winslow said:

Why would you need to see your opponent's reaction with local multiplayer? this would be more usefull in wifi connection, but for this? you can see their reaction from accross the room.



Teh-Ray said:

Aw jeez, I came here to see if there was going to be 9/11 comments. I wasn't disappointed. lol

But yeah, that trailer was one of the more impressive ones in 3D. Hopefully it'll leave Star Fox fans satisfied.



Radixxs said:

Lol, nothing wrong with releasing a harmless game on 9/11. People are too sensitive. Does it really matter? No.



Capt_N said:

Hearing an old guy say, "Do a barrel roll!", or any of Peppy's lines just sounds so funny to hear. Edit: I know some ppl might not think too fondly of the release date. This makes me think of how in the Mega Man timeline, the events of MMX(the day of sigma) took place July 4th, but here in the States it was changed to June 4th. Just something to think about.



Azikira said:

I wonder how much they paid those people to smile after being blown up? XD I sure as heck wouldnt be smiling about that!



Nintendude92 said:

3DS is looking so dry this Summer.. Just Zelda in June..

Which I've played to death so I don't think it will tide me over.



Traxx said:

Never thought I could be so meh about a StarFox game, but it happened. It's just I played it too much back in the N64 days and even spent a considerable time with the VC release. PASS.

@40: There's still RE:Mercs 3D.

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