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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Due "In the Near Future"

Posted by James Newton

Hedgehog still alive

With all the excitement around Sonic Generations and the blue hedgehog's upcoming 20th anniversary — that's 23rd June, of course — many players are wondering what will happen to the second instalment in SEGA's downloadable reimagining of the hedgehog's adventures. Last year's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I came and went in a speedy blur, but since then we've heard nothing of the following episode, leading some to believe it's been quietly shelved. Not so, says Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka.

Speaking to Siliconera, Iizuka confirmed the game is still in the works but that Sonic Team is concentrating its efforts on Generations:

We named Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, so there will be an episode 2. We don’t have a release date or anything. But, we can tell you it will be in the near future.

Of course, the concept of a near future is all relative, but what's your interpretation — six months, a year, three years? Let us know.


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Link79 said:

I knew this game wasn't getting cancelled despite so many suggesting it was. I'm one of the few who actually liked it. Okay so the physics were a little off I'll admit. It was still an enjoyable game. Some of it was too much rehash though and not enough new material.
Hopefully things will be better for the sequel.



jackaroo said:

I enjoyed it too. Yes it was nothing like the original series (Physics wise) but I wasnt bothered. I just had a fun time playing it. It had good music, graphics and level design and was just a fun experience overall. Im looking forward to Episode 2 quite a bit. And apparently there working on all new zones this time around. Not remakes of existing ones. So it should be interesting.



thaantman said:

agree with every1 about the physics, but once you got use to them they weren't bad, I wouldn't even mind if they kept them, but just make sonic a bit faster, always felt like I had to do the homing attack to pick up the pace. But yeah throw in some more original stages, tails & knuckles and it's all good. It will be great if the second one did have tails & knuckles and it was a way to put them both on ep.1 as playable characters similar to putting knuckles on sonic 2



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I hated it for a number of reasons.

If Generations is anything as good as Colours, I would care more for that then another Sonic 4...



KrazyBean said:

After seeing Classic Sonic's physics in Sonic Generations (HD), this better NOT have the same crappy Sonic 4 physics!!

Otherwise I'll march in SEGA's offices and do stuff to them...and not in a sexual way >=)

Not really...Sonic 4: Ep 2 can actually have never before seen stages, so it can still be a fresh experience. Also Metal Sonic is in it! =)



SilverBaretta said:

I'd say it's pretty smart what they're doing, focusing on Generations at thr moment. A lot of people complained about Sonic 4 but not so much about Colors, so it's probably better to get the game with a mix of Genesis/Colors gameplay out first rather than the controversial game they made with Sonic 4. Not that Sonic 4 was bad, it was just not really the "perfect compliment" to the Genesis titles way too many people were expecting.



Token_Girl said:

Just tweak the physics a bit (you can even keep the homing attack, though it's not necessary in 2D space like it is in 3D), and I'll be super happy. I did enjoy Sonic 4 for what it was though. It was a nice little blast of nostalgia. The idea that they can recreate the epicness of Sonic 2 or Sonic 3/Knuckles now is silly, and fans need to stop expecting that will happen. It's because YOUR expectations have raised. 2D platformers aren't the most technically impressive games on the block anymore. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.



Omega said:

I think Episode 1 is a pretty cool game and I am interested in Episode 2. Originally I hated these episodic games but with long intervals in between it's okay for me. My only criticism is the high price of 1500 points. They may want to reduce it to 1000 points (or less) if they want more buyers.



Punny said:

Episode 1 was not the best Sonic game, but was still fun while it lasted. I'm guessing that Episode 2 will come out in September or October. Maybe in early 2012!



artofmana said:

@Link71 and @turtlelink and @jackaroo I really enjoyed the first episode, too. It had just the right mix for a fun game and I appreciated its length since so many of the games I own take a million years to complete and I like feeling I can accomplish something in that mix.



bboy2970 said:

Doesn't matter to me if it ever comes out. I probably won't be buying it. I dropped 15 bucks on Episode 1 and didn't like it that much. If each episode was 5 bucks then sure, I'd buy them all. But putting out a game in episodes and then making each segment cost a premium price is kind of ridiculous. I would bet that Episode 2 doesn't sell nearly as well as the first. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt a bit burned the first time out.



EdEN said:

Got Episode 1 and so far it's fun but not great. A bit expensive since it should have been $10.



iPruch said:

I think classic Sonic's mode of Sonic Generations is what Sonic 4 must have been:

  • Classic Sonic's look (why don't you understand this point, SEGA?)
  • Classic gameplay and better physics (although Sonic Generations' doesn't seem to be as good as Genesis ones).
  • A physical-format and more complete game (Nintendo did it with New Super Mario Bros. and it was such a success).
  • If they still think of digital-distributing, cheaper chapters and not 1-year-waiting periods between chapters.


Pj1 said:

I'm looking forward in seeing and hearing what Sega has in store for Sonic's 20th birthday, it's so quiet and yet Sega should be announcing stuff for it NOW! Come on Sega please. After all the first console I ever owned was the mega drive and yes I have a soft spot for Sonic....



WolfRamHeart said:

I learned my lesson from the first episode, I won't buy this unless it goes on sale for 50% off or more. Sonic Generations looks excellent though. Can't wait for that!



akacesfan said:

I liked it, but I hope they're more creative with the zones in the next game. Seems like here all they did was take the most popular zones from the previous games (Green Hill, Casino Night, Labyrinth, and Scrap Brain) and changed them up a bit. I want new zones, not the same old stuff.



WiiLovePeace said:

Don't know how I missed this article, but thanks for the update NL, I really enjoyed Sonic 4: Ep. 1 (the physics & everything else was awesome imo) & have been awaiting any news on the sequel & I'm glad to hear its still in the works. Too bad focus has shifted to Generations but its understandable.

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