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Sonic Generations Gets Online Play and StreetPass

Posted by James Newton

Special stage featured too

SEGA just revealed a few more snippets of information about Sonic Generations on 3DS, and it seems the game will include some oft-requested features.

AndriaSang reports that SEGA has confirmed two-player online competitive play for the title, sparking speculation there'll be a second playable character in the game besides the Classic and Modern versions of the hedgehog.

The game will also feature StreetPass support, though no further details on this were given. We'd expect sharing of best times at the least, but SEGA will go into more detail at a future date.

A Sonic Heroes-like Special Stage was also revealed, which should look pretty trippy in 3D. Check out some decidedly 2D screenshots in our gallery below.


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Vinsanity said:

I'm soooo excited for this! Sonic Colors was amazing. The core gameplay was solid, but the visuals and music were top-notch. And the actual content — getting the red rings, unlocking the "Sonic Simulator" stages, and earning chaos rings — was EXCEPTIONAL and the single most addictive thing I've done in a game since...maybe ever. So I could not be more excited for Sonic Generations.

Also, I just got a 3DS and am basically just using it as a replacement DS for my busted DS Lite (RIP old friend). I'm eagerly anticipating upcoming games for it, but there's little to play NOW. Because I've played OoT already, and don't care about a port/remake.



chiptoon said:

Havn't played Sonic Heroes, but that looks enough like Sonic 2 special stages to give me a buzz just looking at it.



Vinsanity said:

Oh also, I really hope, "Super Sonic Racing" actually makes it into the game:) Sega clearly has love for the brit-dance-pop/90's R&B music from Traveler's Tales Saturn game, since it was in Sega All Stars Racing. I know haters gonna hate on anything Sonic-related, but I personally love the soundtrack to both Sonic 3D Blast AND Sonic R.

I find it weird that there's a 3DS SKU of Generations coming out and none for the Wii. That's sorta bizarre since the hardware is similar. And the Wii's been pretty damn good to Sonic (he's one of the few non-Nintendo first party games to consistently sell over a million units on the console).



Linkstrikesback said:

So the news is that sonic generations has a feature that the last two handheld sonic games had and streetpass. Big announcement that...

And no, there doesn't need to be more than one character. Get ready for this mind blowing solution? Ok. Both characters play as sonic!

Crazy, I know.



pikku said:

Sighh....I might just have to get this. But yeah, I've actually been interested in this one for some reason. and at least they seem to actually be putting effort into the non HD version.



James said:

@Linkstrikesback Online play isn't a given though — PES 2011 on 3DS has no online play, whereas the DS one does, for example. Still, I think this should be filed in the "Good News" archive.



MeloMan said:

Don't know why there'd be conversation about another character in the game besides blue blur past and blue blur future... what else DO you need? For that special stage, hopefully there's no getting caught up or glitching when running down the tube... it wasn't terrible in SH, but that Sonic Adventure engine plagued even that tube. Here's hoping it's a modern "working" engine they use for it. Other than that, no complaints... I may actually buy the 3DS version over the WiiU version at this point.



Odnetnin said:

Some of this was in the original Nintendo Power article from last month. It made it sound like it was Classic Sonic vs. Modern Sonic in multiplayer, not Sonic vs. New Character.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Where the heck does the idea of having another character along side sonic for multiplayer come from? One plays as old sonic and the other as modern Sonic. 2 players. I honestly don't like sonic, but this game is interesting me and if it has enough content and good reviews I might pick it up.



Ronald0wnzu said:

Hooray for online! This game is now a must have.
Now if only Nintendo would implement online to their games.



Alpha2797 said:

I was going to buy sonic generations for ps3 but the 3ds version sounds cooler. I'm getting it for 3ds.



pntjr said:

There would probably be online leaderboards for SG. And for streetpass, maybe exchanging Trophies or Items.



SilverBaretta said:

You see, that special stage is what I want the modern part of the game to be like! sigh.... At least that's better than nothing....



hYdeks said:

looks good, hopefully it's not a screw-up like alot of other sonic games.



Rikublade95 said:

I'm pretty good at sonic games, but sonic heros really stumped me. I don't know if cause it was when i was little or what, but sonic colors I beat in 8 hours. could have beat it in lesser time, but distraction and other stuff. I got it on christmas and beat it on christmas. I just hope they make up for leave modern sonic mode like the classic sonic mode. Still getting it either way.

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