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SEGA Prototyping Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U

Posted by James Newton

Lurking in the shadows

One of the many third-party Wii U games shown off at E3 was SEGA's Aliens: Colonial Marines, with the company announcing the game is being 'considered' for the next Nintendo console.

The footage shown during the E3 conference looked pretty good to us, and the possibilities for the Wii controller with the Aliens franchise are immense, so let's hope Gearbox gets past the prototyping stage and makes this game a reality.


Gearbox Software and SEGA Support Announcement Presentation at Nintendo’s E3 Press Briefing

LOS ANGELES (June 7, 2011) – SEGA® of America, Inc., SEGA® Europe Ltd. and Gearbox Software today revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines™, is being prototyped and considered for the Nintendo Wii U™. In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and developed by critically acclaimed studio Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines for this new gaming console is currently under construction by a dedicated research and development branch within the studio.

“We are extremely thrilled about the potential of the Nintendo Wii U and are honored to be a part of the earliest efforts for research and development on the platform with the Aliens: Colonial Marines project that is so perfectly matched with the platform’s unique and exciting new capabilities,” said Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software. “As more details about the Nintendo Wii U emerge, Gearbox Software is equipped and motivated to engage and support the platform and its customers.”

“ With such a recognized brand as ALIENS and a renowned developer in Gearbox Software, this really is exciting news for everyone,” said Mike Hayes, CEO at SEGA of America and SEGA Europe. “The Nintendo Wii U opens up an impressive amount of new opportunities for publishers and developers alike and SEGA are fully supportive of this new platform.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines is the highly anticipated first person shooter set after the events of ALIENS and is designed to provide an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe. Players will blast their way through hordes of Xenomorphs on the USS Sulaco, the surface of LV-426 and Hadley’s Hope, using weapons inspired by the film series.

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Archy said:

I heard that there might be chance that this game will not arrive on Wii U.



JimLad said:

Walking down a corridor with a motion sensor on the controller screen going 'blip... blip... blip...'
That would both be awesome and scare the crap out of me.



n0body said:

@2 read the first line of the press release... game is being considered for Wii U.... LAME...



rwq said:

@3.. motion sensor on the controller screen. TOO COOL!



Ichiban said:

Would work well with that wiizapper/wii u controller combination they showed off methinks:)



Ravage said:

So we're playing as the Colonial marines that all died except for that girl by the time Ripley and co. get there?



Henmii said:

Oooooh, it's considered! How many of these third-party games are actually confirmed for the wii u? Are we in for another big dissapointment?!



Traxx said:

Actually, this is the only game of all the Nintendo E3 presentation that really matters to me.

WiiU-Zapper with Motion Tracker running on it is just too awesome - fangasm.

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