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Rumour: SEGA Preparing a Third Sonic Storybook Game

Posted by James Newton

What goes up, must come down

Wii owners are used to getting their own unique Sonic games, and while the much-anticipated Sonic Generations will be skipping the white machine there's still a chance the hedgehog will put in another appearance on Wii this year.

A representative of SEGA Mexico recently took part in a webchat and discussed the Storybook series that's so far included Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic and the Black Knight, calling them "part of a trilogy of Sonic titles", despite there so far being just two such games. When told there are two games in the series, the rep responded:

No, it’ll be a trilogy, just you wait…

The rep also teased a further entry in the SEGA Superstars series after SEGA Superstars Tennis and Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, as well as saying he liked the idea of a Sonic Adventure game on 3DS , but has since claimed his original comments were misinterpreted. Considering Sonic Generations was first discussed by a SEGA Spain rep way back in October 2010, some six months before its official announcement, this rumour may have some weight to it. We'll keep you posted.


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Link79 said:

Didn't they learn their lesson with the last two storybook Sonic games?
Wasn't Sega saying they were hoping to make better Sonic games from now on?
How about Colors 2 instead of this crap again?



jackaroo said:

I did enjoy Secret Rings & Black Knight myself but for those who didnt theres still hope. The same team that created the storybook series did make colours too. So who knows. They could make this in the same style as colours due to the great reception. Just with more of a storybook theme to it.



Vinsanity said:

I'm game. I heard Black Knight was awful, so I stayed away from it. But Secret Rings was genuinely cool, and the first step towards righting the Sonic 3D track...mostly because it introduced the idea of treating Sonic like half-race car, and thus designing levels like race tracks. Which is what you have to do (half Mario, half Burnout); and what Sonic Unleashed continued to refine, and Sonic Colors perfected.

Besides, I remember getting an email survey awhile back where they asked about possible directions for the next Wii-exclusive "Storybook Sonic". There were themes ranging from a western of some sort, to some sort of horror story, to greek myths. I even thought I heard rumors of a "Sonic and Pandora's Box" awhile back, before Sonic Colors was released. Which would admittedly be cool.

Let's just hope it's going to be a Wii U title though, 'cuz the Wii's dead. There's no reason it SHOULDN'T be though, since the "Hedgehog Engine" (what Unleashed, Colors and now Generations, runs on) was built to be scale-able. And these games have shown up on the PS3 and 360...



SBCG4AP said:

I thought Secret Rings and Black Knight were pretty awesome (heck, Black Knight is one of my favorite 3D Sonic games after Colors and Adventure 2), so I'm game (HAH! Pun).

If it plays good and I can go fast, I'm happy.



Boyoshi said:

Huh, well sonic and the secret rings wasn't bad, and it was my first game. (other than Wii play and Wii sports) and i never got too play sonic and the black night doesn't look bad ( I guess), although Sonic Unleashed SUCKED! Anyway if they make it good then it might be the Wii breakthrough that Sega is looking for. :0



FonistofCruxis said:

I hated Sonic and the secret rings and I've heard bad things about S&BK (apart from its awesome soundtrack) so I hope this isn't true.



626b said:

No problem. Let's just hope the last storybook tale is the one of fast blue hedgehog with attitude.

But seriously, I think SEGA won't screw this one up. They'll just use a storybook tale as the main story, but build some good Colour/Generations gameplay around it. ...I hope.



CapedGodot said:

I know how terrible Secret Rings was. Yet, for some reason, when I pick it up, I can't put it down for days. Black Knight didn't quite have that same additctivity, despite the fact that the controls were so much better. Hm. I hope they make something as addictive as Secret Rings again.



Knux said:

No more Sonic Storybook c**p, Sega! Sonic and the Black Knight was dull and uninspired. The next Storybook game will probably be the same. But a Sonic Adventure game on the 3DS sounds interesting.



Hardy83 said:

I didn't mind black knight. However the thing that killed it. The ONLY thing was the motion controls for the sword swinging. My GOD they couldn't just have the option to press a to swing, not waggle waggle.



TheBaconator said:

I could go for another Adventure game or Sega AllStars game. Another Storybook Sonic game, eh, not so much.



speshalmon said:

@6 I feel ashamed I agree with you. (It must be true love, because I can see past the 'hog's flaws.)



Raylax said:

Pretty certain this is a false rumour. Sega have stated previously that they've axed the storybook series due to its poor critical and sales reception.



thesignpainter said:

i hated SRs but i actually enjoyed TBK quite a bit, running around cutting down everything in your path is actually really satisfying. not to mention all the bonus missions and the item collecting and such.



darklinkinfinite said:

I personally loved Sonic and the Secret Rings. It really felt like it was everything we needed a Sonic game to be since it lacked the extended cast, except for the narrative cutscenes, incredibly fast, tough as nails levels, and a fun customization mechanic. Sure backing up was a pain, but that was really my only complaint, oh and that tacked on party mode but there was enough in the single player that you could avoid that part entirely.

Sonic and the Black Knight was several steps back, unfortunately. The sword could've been an interesting addition but the combat just stopped the gameplay in its tracks and really prevented you from feeling any sense of momentum. Eventually I just jumped over all the enemies and had a decent enough time. They brought some of the extended cast back into the game, which isn't bad in and of itself; since they all played more or less like Sonic we didn't have the Sonic Adventure schizophrenia where we had treasure hunts, shooting levels, and...Big...god I hate Big. The levels themselves were also incredibly tame and unexciting. I do believe the game lacked a single inversion. Still it also had some good points. I did enjoy the final boss, and I really liked the art direction, especially for armored Sonic and company.

I'd personally welcome a new storybook game if it was closer to Secret Rings in terms of difficulty and approach. Black Knight was just too watered down to be wholly interesting while Secret Rings really nailed so many of Sonic's important points and help start the series on its road to recovery.



artofmana said:

Yeah, for what it's worth I enjoy both games and actully think Sonic and the Black Knight is fun. Ridiculous and buggy, yes, but I enjoy it and proudly own and play it.



Pod said:

Sure, do another one.

A lot of people have actually liked the other two, and they certainly LOOK great.

If they keep up the visual fidelity, and add in what they have learned from making Colours, third time just might be the charm.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@29 Secret Rings is almost as bad. The gameplay is terrible and even broken in some ways.

Please do NOT put Sonic on rails ever again. It just does not work. If you do, I definitely won't buy it.



mastersworddude said:

Wow, nice to see people judging a game when we know nothing about it. How about the people here stop being so incredibly biased, and wait until we see the actual game than judging based on a name. Just because it's going to be a storybook title doesn't mean it's going to suck. If SEGA was been making good Sonic games recently, what makes people think this one will suck? Because it's part of a sub-series that got mixed reception? In the end it's just a name.




Why would you take a step backwards after the brillance of Sonic Colours? Then again there is a hint of a Sonic Adventure 3DS game and another Sonic and Sega Superstars game.

Secret Rings was ok but Black Knight not that good - why make another?



Teh-Ray said:

People forget that these games were pretty much a step-up from Sonic '06 and Sonic Heroes, in that they were actually pretty decent.

Personally, I'm hoping for a western theme, myself!



FriedSquid said:

No...NO.... NOOOOO!!! Get away! Get away from me! (HISSSSS!!!) (Hides in corner and throws rocks at it) However, a Sonic Adventure on the 3DS would be an epic idea, but SEGA probably won't do that. And, I have no opinion on a new SEGA Superstars game, unless it would be a fighting-style game. (I know he said that was misinterpreted, but that's my opinion IF it was true)



Ryon said:

honestly i dont know why you guys are complaining, I greatly enjoyed the last 2 story book games.

the music was pretty damn good, and gameplay was fun and different. there are really ONLY so many things sonic can do.



dungeonmaster11 said:

Cripes, it's amazing how people already seem to be thinking Sega's gonna go off the rails just because of the possibility of a new Storybook game. I'm still astounded by the level of hatred the 'Hog has gotten since the end of the Genesis days (though I will concede that Sonic '06 and the Shadow game sucked), but watcha' gonna do. If this does turn out to be true, I'm definitely interested in where they take it.



Henmii said:

"Rumour: SEGA Preparing a Third Sonic Storybook Game"

I thought they had given up on it?! Are we going back to the weaker Sonics? Please no!!!

"Didn't they learn their lesson with the last two storybook Sonic games?"

Apparently not, if this rumor is true! Aww, man!



MeloMan said:

SEGA "Mexico"?
Look, we don't need another reminder of the Sonic Cycle. Just let go of the past already. Dedicate those resources towards these games that break the cycle-- Sonic 4 Ep II, Generations, Colors, etc. I do admit... if it doesnt suck, I may consider. Now about a Sonic Adventure 3 done right...



hYdeks said:

Eh, yaay, they don't need to make another game in that series....quite ok, thanks =D But yay, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 would be great of 3ds, but I would love to see a 3rd! But yay, also no sega super star tennis...I sold my copy for 65 cents....not joking



DarkKirby said:

I don't have a problem with the storybook concept (despite how the "stories" are often pretty poor), but the rail based engine it's built around is horrible, frustrating, and not fun at all. I really hope they scrap that. Use another Sonic engine, ANY one, even the horrible Sonic 2006 engine or the Sonic Unleashed engine is superior.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

My first Nintendo Power issue was that one with Sonic and the Black Knight as the cover story... I never played the game (Secret Rings is kind of embarrassing).

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