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Rumour: 3DS eShop to Open with 3D Pokedex Application

Posted by James Newton

Looking at monsters from all angles

Nintendo is yet to announce the line-up for the 3DS eShop's launch next week, but according to Nintendo World Report, one of the titles from the Big N will be a 3D Pokédex.

The site went live with the first screenshots of the rumoured title, showing the ability to observe your monsters from all angles, as well as using the machine's Augmented Reality feature to snap photos of your favourite fighting friends in real life.

The Pokédex will cover the 150 new monsters in Pokémon Black and White, starting players out with 16 monsters and unlocking the rest via QR Codes, SpotPass or StreetPass.

We'll bring you more on the 3DS eShop launch titles as it arrives.


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Despair1087 said:

i would probably totally get this. free or not... unless i run out of points getting other super awesome stuff.



2-D said:

"showing the ability to observe your monsters from all angles"

Not coming out in Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Sorry guys.



legochesser said:

@8: ROFL
Nintendo is going better and better last days. Can't wait to see if they've more surprises next week on E3.



jdkipfer said:

"Pokédex 3D, featuring all of the new Pokémon from the recent Pokémon Black and White games, will allow users to look up information about more than 150 Pokémon and their moves, all free of charge." It will be free.



Juampi said:

My 3DS has been collecting dust for days now, but all this eShop stuff is getting me excited. June 6 can't come soon enough.



Morpheel said:

That's great!
Funny way to show the new pokemon 3D models outside of a new stadium-type game.



Robo-goose said:

I doubt that it will show EV's, movepools, and base stats, but it still sounds cool anyway.
This whole "free" thing certainly is attractive!

Those pictures are fake! They don't say "2D image of a Nintendo 3DS game"!



Ai64 said:

This looks nifty and worthy. AR pokemon sounds welcome too! I can't wait for next Tuesday. ^^



FriedSquid said:

AAAAAAW YEEEEAAA- WAIT. Does it mean it only covers the Generation V Pokemon? Weeeeeeell that kinda changes my thoughts. I like most of the Generation V Pokemon, but I'd kinda like to see the other 493. Plus, if I can only get the other 144 Gen. V Pokemon by StreetPass/SpotPass (or whatever) I might be in bad luck, because I live in a dinky town where everyone is like, "DERP WHATS NINTENDO." Not to mention I don't want to buy eCards and stuff. If I use my points (which may or may not be included with the download) I'll probably buy other stuff, but I kinda want this. Aah, decisions, decisions...



MeloMan said:

Can we have a downloadable movie at least to tide us over, Nintendo? This WAIT IS KILLING ME!! UGH!!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I'd like to hope there'll be an upgrade for more Pokemon in the future. Don't get me wrong, Unova Pokemon are good and all, but I'd like to be able to view 3D Lapras's too.

Mind you, we never got the Platinum update for Ranch... :/



turtlelink said:

@Komic: niiiiiice. Thats pretty cool how they show all the stats and moves. A little AR minigame in which you can use the pokemon to battle would be cool!



Doma said:

This is pretty good actually, especially if it includes some of the more extensive data.



fishman100 said:

this might help...i haven't yet bough either Black or White. Could familiarize myself!



emirblade said:

I'm pretty sure the pokedex would expand to older pokémon or different pokédexes show up.



TanookiSteven said:

I hope it uses a voice when explaining a Pokemon like an Anime . I would love to roleplay with it XD.

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