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Rumour: 3D Classic Excitebike Free for North America Too

Posted by James Newton

It keeps coming

In Japan, the eShop will launch with Excitebike for free, and it seems the North American shop will follow.

Nintendo World Report claims the eShop will launch with a free 3D Classics version of the NES Excitebike, complete with a track editor and save space for 32 tracks.

Of course, Nintendo is yet to announce its launch line-up for the eShop, which will become available late Monday/early Tuesday next week, depending on your global location. We'll have all the eShop and E3 2011 news as it happens.


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XCWarrior said:

Sure hope they are leaving something to announce at E3 with all this news coming out the week before.



ImDiggerDan said:

I'm assuming it's a worldwide thing. Hoping might be a better word...

I think the launch of the update is actually global, too. If you read the press release from NOA, it states it will go live in the evening of the 6th and the Europe one states the 7th. 12.01AM GMT is my guess for the launch time in all territories.



resort55 said:

as we see, there are many new articles coming now, so eshop seems really close. i canĀ“t wait the last week!



NESguy94 said:

YES, I loved the original! I wonder if it is as easy to overheat in the new version?



pixelman said:

Ahhahaha, nice caption.

Also, awesome. I can test out how VC games'll look and play before I buy any. :3



WarioFan63 said:

@Chibi_Link eShop is confirmed for the evening of June 6 in Americaland while stimoultaneously confirmed for June 7 everywhere else. The big 3DS update will happen pretty much worldwide so it'll actually show up 12+ hours before the conference.



komicturtle said:

So watch everyone try to get online in eShop and there be a server crash (or simply some can't get in) because of the rush.



AltDotNerd said:

It's a shame that the Gamecube/GBA era of Nintendo games had incredible Co-op games, but lacked wireless connectivity so not many people could get together and play. Hopefully Nintendo could add games like Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.



grovertheblue said:

That is awesome! Hopefully they have more than just Excitebike redone for NES games in the eShop on launch day. I am hoping for Zelda I in 3D. Still haven't made it though that iteration and I would love to do so on my 3DS.



MeloMan said:

I forgot this is a day 1 free download. Thanks for the reminder, NL. I'm going to be so busy Monday... I'm thinking about taking that day off work, I'm going to be too busy tinkering w/ th E-shop and whatever other stuff comes with that download.



MadScientistMan said:

please, please, please be for EU as well, i love level editors!!!! , in fact i have lego indian jones 2 on the 360's level editor running now



Pj1 said:

Does this include Europe, it would make a nice freebie from Nintendo.



Kriedler said:

It had better include Europe, but I'll buy it, regardless. Love Excitebike
Now to get Excitebike 64 on the VC....



NintyMan said:

Pun intended, I see, but I do agree. Actually, I thought the free Excitebike was for North America. I didn't know it was for Japan only. Still, they would be daft to not let us have it free too!

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