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Rhythm Heaven Trailer Makes Sweet Music

Posted by James Newton

It's coming

Rhythm Heaven (a tentative title for now) is coming to Wii and it looks good.

That's our summary of the trailer below, which shows more of the rhythm-based gaming you've come to expect from the original DS instalment. With the precision of button controls — no motion support here — and a line-up of robots, peas, forks and more, this looks to be one of the more interesting titles coming to Wii in the next 12 months.

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bboy2970 said:

That looks so amazing! Man Nintendo! Your gonna really suck my wallet dry with all these amazing games!



ueI said:

After playing the DS game, I can't say this looks very original.



citizenerased said:

After playing the GBA and the DS games, I can't say I can wait for this. Because I can't wait. Because it's awesome and addicting.



HipsterDashie said:

The DS release ate through hours of my time trying to get all perfects, and I am ready to do it all again on this version. Bring it on!

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