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Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Different Content

Posted by James Newton

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With a global community such as the one here at Nintendo Life, discrepancies between regional offerings may seem severe. Such is the case now that the eShop is here, offering 3D trailers to users in North America while those in other regions languish without. We contacted Nintendo of Europe, who sought to clarify the issue.

Essentially, the European eShop will continue to offer content targeted at the region, which means you shouldn't expect to see everything available in North America replicated in Europe — and vice versa. While Nintendo couldn't confirm exactly what will be coming to the eShop, it did tell us there will be exclusive 3D trailers available shortly, with more to come.

While this likely doesn't alleviate the disappointment that Europe is still without the E3 trailers available in North America for example, there is still hope: make your voice heard below and we'll pass your comments on to Nintendo of Europe. Your opinion could make all the difference!

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killer6370 said:

theres an little bit about e3 now on german eshop,but it shows an error message btw its the same than the one on nintendo channel germany



daznsaz said:

im not been funny but the videos were shown at e3 thats fine but the games go worldwide its obvious you show trailers to everyone with a 3ds online they shouldnt need telling that hope they will be giving us more vids soon got to be more switched on about this stuff hasnt been live long though so hopefully will get better at our end still liking it though



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope we do get the e3 trailers, it would be great to see what some of the upcoming games will be like in 3D, especially Super Mario 3D, Mario kart 3D and Kid icarus:uprising. Those look awesome.



lord_hades said:

i hardly go on the eshop without E3 trailers i was looking forward to seeing E3 trailers in 3D but i was dissapionted



Linkstrikesback said:

Content targetted at the region?
Well I'm glad to see nintendo europe thinks the content we want is delayed releases (ok LoZ:LA only got delayed by a day for us compared to america, but thats still a really terrible start to get off to), higher prices and no e3 content until weeks after the events gone.

I'm honestly one more nintendo screw up away from never bothering buying anything from the download store again.



Omenapoika said:

Yes, if Nintendo of Europe is going to lack features for reasons whatsoever, they should compensate the customers. eShop seems promising, and I'd like to see more things in it in the future!



6ch6ris6 said:

so NoE thinks europeans are not interested in seeing the E3trailers in 3D on their 3DS??

NoE sucks. seriously.
just give us the trailers. you dont need to do anything other than just upload. it doesnt matter if the trailers are in english. no need to translate anything.



Ristar42 said:

'Different' is ok, its when that actually means 'less' or '50Hz only versions' that it tends to bug me.

I was also hoping the game gear VC would be out at launch for all of us, as reported back in March. Nintendo always seem to drip feed their download services, but I'm still happy with the 3DS overall so far.



tifao said:

Come on Nintendo of Europe ! We want to see the E3 trailers in 3D !
& we also want that "Flare Red" 3ds color !!



twiggy426 said:

Cave Story DSiware. Please?

The Ocarina of Time trailer on the e-shop was great. The E3 trailers in 3D would be awesome!
I really hope the European e-Shop missing out on features the other regions get doesn't become a trend though.



Token_Girl said:

Are some of the E3 games not confirmed for European release? Maybe that's what's holding them up.



scottecs said:

I'd like them to bring all the E3 trailer goodness in the same downloadable form (NOT overcompressed streaming videos) to the euro community! And please update the eshop more often with 3D screenshots and dsiware trailers as well!



NintyMan said:

That's bad for Europeans to miss out on such awesome trailers. They really are missing out. This sounds like how Club Nintendo is managed, which means that if there were content avaliable in Europe, North America wouldn't have it, and vice versa. Really, there shouldn't be disputes in Europe over getting these trailers. It's not like E3 is an American event only.



lord_hades said:

ive seen all the E3 trailers i watched E3 i want to see them in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Manolito said:

It's disgraceful that we didn't get those E3 trailers on the European eShop. And then they made matters even worse by adding that movie trailer!
NoE, where are your priorities?! Clearly not with your fans by the looks of it.
I really hope things change, but I'm not convinced they will.



lord_hades said:

EU had to wait 2 extra years for super mario bros for once can stop getting things last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Burny said:

You should not generalize like that. Europe is getting Xenoblade this very year and there were rumblings about The Last Story coming here.

North American Nintendo gamers meanwhile have no clue if they will ever get any of those games.



HipsterDashie said:

When I watched the Nintendo E3 stream, the speakers specifically referenced us viewers watching around the world, via the web. The emphasis here being "around the world" - E3 isn't some unknown convention in some corner of the USA. It's a globally recognised event, so why should Nintendo of Europe keep such content from us?

Also, NoE, you need to sort out your exchange rates. $4 does not equal £3.60.



FriedSquid said:

Oh, it's not that big of a deal for trailers. Just go watch em' on Youtube. Besides, the quality isn;t as good on the 3DS anyways. Although it still makes no sense why they wouldn't give them out in certain regions, it is at least unfair to give out software in certain regions. But trailers isn't a big deal.



the_shredder said:

Nintendo of europe should get their finger out and give us a great service which i feel we're not getting compared to other regions.



Blaze said:

So this means what exactly? Expect nothing coming your way, North America enjoy your trailers while were stuck with nothing? I mean WTF! If Nintendo of America has it, how hard can it be for us to get it. All the people at Nintendo of Europe are B######S. I mean,if this is all their going to do, continue to give us things six months after America have got them, they might as well have not launched the E-Shop in Europe, I wouldn't have been surprised if they hadn't bothered. Let me guess what we'll get on the Thursday update...... nothing. Anyone with me?



jerryo said:

i have a US system, and i can tell you the only video you really should care not watching is Luigi's Mansion 2. the rest are not really that much different in 3D. also you are better off without them as most have very low sound volume. especially the Green Lantern trailer..



tylers_username said:

so canada is going to get the same games as america but their going to modify the games to contain maple syrup and a lot of "eh"?



KrazyBean said:

Word! Nintendo cannot handle online services even if their life depended on it!! Come the fudge on Nintendo, it's almost 2012 and you're still crap at this???



MF_MaxiMillion said:

I think we all agree that Nintendo of Europe didn't concern about their fans not getting E3 videos at all, since we didn't get anything to compromise with.

NoE should have concern about that, for the least, and hopefuly next year we'll see an E3 section in every eShop region.

Oh and this goes for future updates and titles too. I also see a great future for the eShop, but just knowing how Nintendo is giving theirselve way too much credit for it and don't realise they're too slow makes me wanna lose all the hopes for it.



ado said:

here in ireland we got trailers and no film trailer.
when i changed my region from ireland to uk the green lantern trailer showed up.
i dont want to be changing region like that all the time.its very awkward.the e shop currency changes to pounds when i do it.
i love the 3ds and the games coming out for it are the best in years but as for nintendo getting the online right as they said ,thats a joke.
the wii u looks great but if they dont get the online right for it it'll be a flop



3Daniel said:

I hope NOE gives you guys those E3 trailers. Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario 3d looked aboslutely gorgeous in 3d. I could definately see and feel the difference Star Fox would give with 3d. Mario Kart's 3d was underwhelming. I didn't notice a big difference in the depth. Resident Evil did itself an injustice in my opinion. The gameplay looked boring and the aiming seemed imprecise but the graphics were nice. The Green Lantern trailer was awesome in 3d. LOZ OoT was also disappointing. It looked compressed in some areas.



Kimiko said:

When will game / movie / music distributors get it through their thick skulls that we're living in the 21st century now, and that the online world has no borders, and that they should stop trying to pretend that there are? All this regioning stuff is pissing off their customers big time.



Cipher said:

Now, let me first say that I want the E3 trailers as much as anyone, but I think a lot of people are being harsh toward NOE without knowing the full details. For all we know, NOA could just not have provided them with the 3D versions of those trailers. Or perhaps NOE's waiting until Thursday to launch them all on eShop. Or perhaps they've been (sensibly) concentrating on getting the website back online before Zelda launches on Friday.

eShop is one week old and we've been promised great things by Nintendo's higher-ups. To say it's been ruined after seven days just because we didn't get a few trailers is a mighty exaggeration and highly unfair.



jerryo said:

" just knowing how Nintendo is giving theirselve way too much credit for it and don't realise they're too slow makes me wanna lose all the hopes for it."

this is indeed something that is concerning for the online services of wiiU as well. nintendo is absolutely crap when it comes to online stuff. i see quite a few are happy with the last update.. i am very disappointed..
Do not forget. these are the same people that some years back were saying that online is overestimated...

especially the browser is very disappointing. and i will mention it in every post until it gains momentum and maybe nintendo revisits the browser and does something good with it! Opera mini was SO much better than this poc.



ado said:

"eShop is one week old and we've been promised great things by Nintendo's higher-ups. To say it's been ruined after seven days just because we didn't get a few trailers is a mighty exaggeration and highly unfair."
ok fair enough but we've been burnt before in europe.i dunno if i trust them.
hope im wrong though



YvoCaro said:

It's beyond me why we pay so much more for the 3DS system ánd for the 3D games, and then get treated like we don't really matter in the overall scheme of Nintendo. I'm a big fan of the company and have bought every handheld that's come to the market. And I'm still enthusiastic about the 3DS, even though it took Nintendo long enough to give us the promised system update. I hope they won't let us down now!



Punky said:

I agree with everything Ado says. He is my hero!
We just want the same content as the other regions. Not really too much to ask I don't think



outrun2sp said:

Any of you in europe should have got the warning signs from the WII to expect 50hz content in europe and a far worse release schedule. Its been like this for years and wont change.

Any 3DS or WII - U I get will be the american model.



Stine said:

So NoE thinks no one who lives outside of the US cares about E3 3D trailers? I can only hope we get them this Thursday. Seeing the OoT trailer in 3D made a world of difference, IMO, and I'd love to be able to see what Mario, Kid Icarus and the others look like in 3D. I guess we're not supposed to compare what we get with what the US gets. T.T You know, that kind of thing worked way better before we got Internet.

But please, Nintendo, can we get the E3 trailers? I'd really appreciate it, and I'm sure many others would, too.



ecco6t9 said:

As long as I get Qix,Quarth, and Crystalis on the Virtual Console, I am happy.



Winter said:

Why does Nintendo think we don't like the same as US people?

  • Give us more content!!
  • Nintendo have a strategy it seems that the longer we wait for the goods the better. Wrong, you lose half one the way... How hard is it to give more quality content? More content means more money and happier consumers, that is for all exept japan which always get the goods.
  • Cave Story....!!! We want it to, it's made, is it so hard then??!

On the positive side!

  • Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D obviously, almost everyone's dream come true, and well done with respect for older players and new, credit!!
  • VC on 3DS, thank you!
  • Links Awakening, we get good games, we buy, see?

Not upset about the trailers, I'm in for the games.. But it is a shame nonetheless.



monkey-man said:

How is it fair if we pay the same, if not more for our console and games but get less content. I'm not that bothered about the videos, its just that if they do it once the chances are they will do it a million more times, eventually leaving us with a fraction of the content as USA.

And plus why wouldn't Nintendo want to show off their games, its a cheep and probable best way to advertise their games.

First the lack of flash and html 5, now this...



komicturtle said:

Besides the trailers: Europe has been getting things on time and even before us in the US. Hell, you guys have Xenoblade and Last Story coming to you all shortly. I doubt not having the 3D Trailers should allow people to disregard the good things NoE have been doing for you guys.

But I guess it does.



Uno said:

They better start treating us with more courtesy then they have. I want those trailers when they are still fresh. And if NoE is “concentrating on getting the website back online before Zelda launches on Friday”, the least they could do is to admit that instead of giving their fans (those who bought the system, even tho it came with poor launch titles) that kind of answer.

I was (still am) a huge supporter of both WiiWare and DSiWare and I already spent money on the eShop, but if I feel I’m being treated like a second class Nintendo customer, I’ll start voting with my wallet. Like ado wrote some comments above, [although it is too soon to judge] “we've been burnt before in Europe”. NoE is the one who needs to inject their customers with some faith, not the other way around. And I’m not even bringing eShop’s pricing policy into discussion.

Great site, btw. Big lurker, but this is my first comment. Thanks to NoE.



Issun said:

I really want those E3 trailers, as well as a Solatorobo demo on the Nintendo channel : that would be really awesome and should help people get interested in the game ^^
And release Rolling Western quickly please, along with the Nintendo eShop points cards ! And yeah, asking the impossible here, but the E3 demos of the games would be the awesomest thing a game company would ever do !



Winter said:

...And one more thing..
Give us Speedy Gonzales (original game boy) , pleeeeeeeeease!!

Might as well while we're at it give you guys on nintendolife some credit too! You do an awesome job! I follow your site and love it! Almost never buys without checking here first..



Yosher said:

If a certain event is shown worldwide, and trailers of games that are SURE to be released everywhere (like Mario Kart and Kirby), then I think it's more than logical that those trailers SHOULD be available everywhere. I mean, Mario Kart isn't targeted at just America, right?



JettiBlue said:

I like the eShop so far, but seeing that Americans got 10 trailers after E3 and we didnt makes me a bit angry. I just dont understand why they would hold it back in Europe? Come on Nintendo, be good to us!



Chozo85 said:

I don't buy into the idea of 'region targeted content'. I can't think of to many games which are popular in the US and not popular in Europe and vice-versa. This seems to be an excuse for laziness. I think Nintendo of Europe have made good strides recently in terms of release dates and not having to wait for months after the US for games but clearly there is still work to be done.



zionich said:

This is a real shame, because i know it will come full circle. Case and point: FF3/6 =(



Wildfire said:

If the missing videos of E3 were my only problems with eshop... I can´t buy anything on e-shop because there isn´t any point cards available yet and it doesn´t even accept my credit card (just my luck). So nintendo...this is sad, real sad!



XyVoX said:

YEAH Cave Story, Escapee GO! to name a few come on Nintendo at LEAST make it all the same for Europe & America. also WHY o WHY does Nintendo just not release these Gameboy games ON a DSiVC aswell.



Uno said:

Neither do I. Besides, those trailers are available in Wii’s Nintendo Channel since last week, so that 'region targeted content' is just a lame excuse, at least in this situation.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I don't really take NoE seriously anymore. Add the E3 videos to the eShop ASAP and that'll be a step in the right direction.

Add some new games too, and I'll buy them. You want to make money right? So make some new stuff available!



Hardy83 said:

SHOCK! Regions are treated differently! Movies, electronics, music and games all do this.

It's stupid, but I don't think it's going to stop any time soon.

You think with every market being an global market, you would get companies to get their heads together and release things at the same time...Instead, it remains messed up.



Blaze said:

@ 62, seems that compared to other places in Europe even we are lucky! At least we got Ocarina Of Time 3DS Trailer & That awful Green Lantern Trailer, but i spose if you guys in Denmark & Norway and elsewhere in Europe ain't getting anything i shouldn't be complaining.



Linkuini said:

Normally I would think most of the people chewing out NoE so hard are overreacting a bit. But is failing to release a single, two-minute 3D trailer in Europe truly their idea of "content targeted at the region"? Because I can think of at least two problems with that. Almost all of them are for high-profile, first-party titles that are guaranteed as much interest in Europe as in North America. The excuse they made is just plain fishy.

And yes, it honestly makes a difference seeing these games in genuine 3D. The light from Luigi's flashlight scattering 3D rays right at the screen, the heightened sense of speed that comes from watching the scenery rush past you in Mario Kart... stuff like that is part of the show, and it stings me to think everyone in Europe is still missing out.



cnm_nintendo said:

Please don't forget Australia! Our shops have continually missed out on some great content that Europe receives despite Australia part of "Europe". Our eShop doesn't even have that Green Lantern trailer!



SennaKurosaki said:

There should not be any Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe and Nintendo Japan, etc... there should just be Nintendo Earth! This means that everyone gets the same things at the same time regardless of language or so called "expert" marketing opinion. It's just one of the many small steps needed for world peace. So come on Nintendo! Start treating everyone as equals.



Raptor78 said:

So the European eShop costs 50% more than the American eShop and has 50% of the content. That seems fair...

I understand that due to regional differences the eShops will reflect that, but the E3 had trailers for games that are going to be released both sides of the pond and those trailers are already on the Nintendo channel on my wii so why can we not have them on the eShop? It makes no sense to have it in one format (Nintendo Channel) and not in the other format (eShop).




we want all e3 traillers this thursday (the day its updated) its sucks america gets every thing 3d traillers now you tell who ever is ceo of NoE



AlbertoC said:

@73: What are you talking about? It's the same eShop, since here american (as in the Americas) 3DSs are sold. It is region based: Japan, Americas, Europe, Korea, maybe other strange regions like China and Taiwan, (i don't know about the last one, but the others are based on the current Wii regions), not country based.

@75: What about Nintendo stop making delayed releases? I mean, we have to wait at least half a year to get main pokemon versions, to give an example. So, i'd complement your comment with: "Japanese are now in charge of the world. They decide where the red 3DS is distributed, and even mere digital downloads. " C'mon, they are just trailers, it's not that difficult to localize a trailer (as opposed to being an entire game), is it?



Slapshot said:

'Seeing is believing', isn't that something we've heard time and over again about 3DS?

Downloading the phenomenal 3D videos from the eShop was truly a highlight of the service for myself, and it truly changed my opinion on many of these titles for the better.

Why would Nintendo not bring this service to ALL eShop users? It doesn't make sense to me one bit!



Mowzle2 said:

I can understand there being delays related to Nintendo bringing trailers and games localized to Asia to the rest of the world, because they would need to be translated, and they would want to be certain the games would be marketable elsewhere. However, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and many other European countries, can all cope with English - so why can't Nintendo upload or distribute the same video content, DSiWare and full games which are in the English language at the same time. Our cultures are surely not so different that we all need separate English interpretations. Nintendo is a global organization, it cannot be beyond their capability to distribute their products globally at the same time.
I think not uploading the 3DS trailers from E3 anywhere but the US is just downright lazy, and a little contemptuous of their customer base worldwide.



AlbertoC said:

@78: Said unified english interpretation can led to serious problems, like the Mario Party 8 recall in the UK. Google "Mario party 8 UK relaunch".

But, i do agree that they're just trailers, and (3)DSWare, easier to translate than entire retail games.



Chris720 said:

All leads back to the original and most baffling question imginable... why region lock it in the first place? Everybody knows what everyone is getting and when, whether it's in Japan or America so there really is no excuse for making people wait for something others may already have.

Also, I personally think of Ninty as quite biased towards Japan, they get everything for anyone!!



sykotek said:

Honestly, I couldn't care less about on the other hand should be released everywhere IMO. ...except Australia.




Pj1 said:

Nintendo transfar the whole DS-Ware store to e-shop or whatever it's called....

As I'd like to download, Rayman and Bomberman......



Edwrd said:

According to Nintendo, I live in "no region available", that's how it'll always be then, ok I get it ... /runs away while sobbing/



edcomics said:

The world is a smaller place now than it used to be. All content should be distributed worldwide — not regionally.



RebeccaGunn said:

IMO I think lack of E3 trailers is SLIGHTLY sucky, but then again, the titles announced at E3 are usually for America only (with high possibility of hitting the EU + rest of the world at some point) the equivalent for Europe would be Gamescom I think?

NoE have improved a lot in recent years, I think I can take lack of 3D trailers in my stride compared with older issues, like holding out on Animal Crossing for 2 years and 6 months wait for Brawl...

Incidentally...if this phishing problem is such an issue that Nintendo has had to keep the site closed most of the week. Maybe they are being cautious with the eShop for now and dont really want to upload anything till the all clear is given? (good lord that'll make registering Zelda for the OST fun)



JamieLeeArzola said:

@76 Thats not what I ment, I ment that Mexico Sucks at getting games in Spanish and there prices are too hi!



TLink9 said:

NOJ: We love you all and treat you like you are spoiled
NOA: We want your money >:3
NOE: Meh
NOA(AUSTRALIA): What is Australia
Wake up Nintendo the world does not revolve around Japan. (well ok you kind of have the car industry)
Also I do not love Nintendo's release dates, why can't we just have the same date as europe or america when they are two days away. Just push the date up to match the date, it is not like we will run out of copies of the game.
Also why does it take 6 months to localize a game on the dsi shop?



diaglyph said:

It's surprisingly that NOE/NOA (Australia) reckon that we don't want to see the E3 trailers. Does this mean the games shown at E3 won't be getting Euro/Australia release?! (wouldn't surprise me, as it seems its easier to skip Euro/Aus region, e.g. not getting Phantom Brave Wii)
What a crock!
Put on the 3D trailers! I was excited when I read someone watching the 3D trailer for Luigi's Mansion on their 3DS (a 3DS viewer from the US). Thinking "oh it's in the eshop!" I go and look, and lo and behold - nothing! Only the Zelda trailer (yea nice, but that's all?!?)
I guess Nintendo Euro/Aus don't care about their consumers?!
Very very disappointed with Nintendo's lack of care factor.....



ivn_r said:

That is not always the case.

North America includes the USA, Canada and Mexico yes?

Well it seems the new Green Lantern 3D trailer is not available in the Mexico eShop, and Mexico is located in North America. So it may not always be the case.

I'm pretty sure we mexicans don't really care about the languaje, anyone owning a 3DS in Mexico is bound to know some english, and besides, movies like Green Lantern are in english over here. So if it's just the subtitles I'm sure we don't care.

Also I hope Nintendo doesn't decide to NOT sell an eShop game in the Mexico eShop just because of language. I'd be devastated if I couldn't play Megaman Legends : Prototype. Me personally, I prefer english, even if I am Mexican. I just hope Nintendo is smart enough to realize that.



MrDanger88 said:

Oh great so there's going to be crap and baby games for NA seeing how NOA is stupid beyond belief. Release SML2 and Super Mario Deluxe you dolts.



ZueriHB said:

Different region, different tastes, maybe. But not less buyers, and certainly not less buying power than US-Citizen.

Please, NoE, give some thought and do some world wide simultaneous releases, like PSN and XBLA do.

Some consumers will think: Where is that quality contend I saw trailers online? I know of lots of people with DSi or Wii, which checked the shop once at release, and didn't know there would be weekly releases, and just stopped caring. Also after what they heard is online in the US and Japan, people get disappointed.

And please, if you must delay some releases for several months or longer, give us quality content. Even IF you want to push 3rd party sales. Most people wan't Nintendo owned IPs. Give it to us. NoE, change your ways, please.



NocturnalYoshi said:

I find it surprising that NoE isn't giving its gamers the content they should be getting. I watch the trailers of the games i want in full 3D and they are amazing! Why is Europe missing out!?!?!

@NoE- If you wish to keep your fans and consumers in Europe, then start giving them the same content that North America and Japan do. Otherwise their interest will wane and they may go to your competitors for their games and consoles.



TwillightPrince said:

Everything Nintendo creates has so much more potential, but they are throwing it away everytime. Nintendo, this is ridiculous, you silly idiots!



Scarlet said:

Nintendo needs to stop annoying half of its fan base in the Western world every time it only lets one side have particular content. We all like the same games. Australia seems to get it much worse than everyone else. My advice to them would be to combine the e-shops and make everyone happy.



Issun said:

Oh and I forgot : communicate on Solatorobo ! You want this game to sell or not !? Yeah ? So communicate on it and tell the world how awesome this game is !! (because it will probably be my Game of the Year so far, and to be game of the year by my books, you have to be pretty awesome : this game is !!)



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

"The European eShop will continue to offer content targeted at the region."

I hoped Nintendo of Europe would learn from its former mistakes. But all we get nowadays is region locking even on handhelds. And don't forget the disaster with the PAL conversions on the European Virtual Console. Nintendo should finally get rid of region locking so you could at least access the US or Japanese eShop (it's possible on Xbox360 and PS3) and European Nintendo fans don't have to miss any more games they deserve.

Nintendo + online services = always a huge disappointment



Mafro said:

Does NoE have a community manager or anything for their eShop? It sounds like whoever is in charge there doesn't have a clue.



XyVoX said:

Your talking about a company that released all of its VC range for Europe in the sub standard 50hz Crap without the option for 60hz when 99% of peoples tv's could handle it, a Utter DISGRACE in my opinion, they release a 25th Mario Anniversary Disc MISSING many games all again running in 50hz just Ridiculous.



Mowzle2 said:

What's the purpose of region locking anyway? Is it supposed to be a way of reducing piracy?
I would have thought region locking would actually increase piracy, as folks desperate to get their hands on a game which is available 6 - 12 months earlier in another region would be more tempted to access a pirated game - if they can't get it in their region any other way.
C'mon Nintendo - equal access for all whenever possible, we WANT to purchase your games.



LightSamus said:

@90 couldn't agree more, I always get excited hearing 3DS news, it just sucks to log on and feel, "oh, I guess it's just a USA-only thing"
I really REALLY wish we could have more 3DS game trailers, and as a huge movie enthusiastic, I want 3D movie trailers.

I mean, only if a few people want them, it's not exactly costing them a big bunch of money to put them up there is it?



alLabouTandroiD said:

First things first: It's really great that you'll pass our comments on to NoE. If they're really interested in our comments it can only mean good things for both sides.

On 3D trailers: Put them up now, Nintendo. For now people should have bought all the eShop games they wanted so they won't be distracted by the trailers at all.
And it is really important to do as much as you can to strengthen the poularity of the 3DS. It's a bit hard to recommend the system to a friend right now. It would be a lot easier to do it if you could show them some really great 3D footage of games to come.

For your next keynote: let people watch a live stream of it on their 3DS. In full 3D. With the 3D trailers directly streamed to our systems. This would show me you really want to give something special to all the people who put down their hard-earned money for the system.

I don't think translation is a real issue since many downloadable games only come out in English already. But if a third party wants to publish its text-heavy game in English only ? Let them do it.

On demos: Put up as many demos of critically acclaimed titles as you can. When the majority of demos is top-notch people will be excited for the next demo that's put online. Don't forget to constantly put in some demos of niche titles too to keep things fresh.

On 3D movies: Don't forget that most Europeans like watching a movie sometimes too. Make them available free or at a reasonable price and more people will buy them. And the 3DS as well.

On games that you're not sure about releasing in Europe: I'd be willing to pay for a game in advance if i really want it. And i'd say i'm not the only one to do that. Once you get enough money out of the prepays bring it over to Europe.



AlbertoC said:

@91: Honestly talking, i do not own a 3DS. As i stated on a previous comment, i based the eShop regions on the Wii/DSi regions, and it seems i was wrong. Can someone please verify the Green Lantern movie trailer fact? ...Then it seems we're on a different region than the USA? So i'm bound to understand that if nintendo doesn't get games here, i can't even import from the states? shudder... :S

Microsoft and Sony have their games fully translated. Why not Nintendo? And BTW, i don't care absolutely nothing in having to read, or hearing english dialog, too. So, i'm fine with those games, Ninty.



ivn_r said:

@105 This is my fear as well D: The only possible solution I see, Is importing Prepaid eShop cards from the USA and using them here, or having a credit card from the USA to add funds. But not all people actually have that, and I'm unsure as if Nintendo is willing to import their prepaid cards, since the card itself says USA only, that meaning of course, USA eShop only.

I can confirm this, on the 3DS you can change regions from USA to Mexico, to Canada etc... And I was doing this because of my Club Nintendo account, I noticed the Green Lantern trailer and downloaded it, then when I had the Mexican eshop again, it wasn't there D: At least I could still keep the trailer in my system.



BigBluePanda said:


They region-lock because Nintendo hugely dislikes games being imported, hence the firmware updates on the Wii blocking off the Freeloader.

I remember a news article years ago, when Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out for the GBA, and Nintendo were somehow trying to block off anyone buying the North American versions outside of the country. I'm presuming as they didn't want sales deducted from that particular region.

Which is quite frankly, rubbish on their behalf, especially as loads of games never ever leave Japanese/North American shores.



Henmii said:

Regions, huh? I somewhat get it that they don't release all retail games at once in all regions, since there's always the fear of something not selling well.

But dumping something on a download-service almost costs nothing for Nintendo! There really is no excuse for Nintendo for not releasing all downloadable content at once in all regions. There is even less of a excuse for trailers. Nintendo: You want to sell stuff, or not!!!



diaglyph said:

That's another thing that bugs me - region locking!
Why can't I buy a game for my 3DS, when that game doesn't get released in my region?! That does not make sense!
A great example is Phantom Brave Wii, which only had Japan and US release, but not PAL release. Can't see how its meant to stop piracy! (which is a laughable excuse)



BJWanlund said:

NoA, while not nearly as bad as NoE, needs to get their act together with regards to content parity with Europe and Japan to a certain extent. Kirby's Dream Land in Japan but not America or Europe? Travesty! Tennis in Europe, but not Japan or America? Travesty!

Let's just get content parity with the games that got released everywhere for GB/GBC, and maybe even some "Import" titles that never made it to the West. I'd definitely like some GBA titles as well, there were a couple GBA games (cough Mother 1 + 2, Mother 3, Winning Post GBA cough) that I'd love to see as "Import" titles on GBA, preferably with localized text.


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