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Pikmin 3 Plucked from Wii to Find a Home on Wii U

Posted by James Newton

You must wait longer for Olimar

Yesterday's developer roundtable gave some interesting nuggets of information, with Shigeru Miyamoto confirming that Pikmin 3 will now launch on the company's new Wii U console, skipping Wii all together.

Miyamoto explained the console is just a "much better fit" for the series, and having seen the Wii U controller we can't help but agree.

How do you feel about Pikmin 3 not launching on Wii?

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sgotsch said:

If this is not ready at launch nintendo will miss bags and bags of money. ^^



DangerousDreams said:

This little piece of information just made my day and definitely made up for the lack of first party Wii U titles revealed at E3.



phoenix1818 said:

I think Pikmin would work a lot better on the Wii U. It would have both the controller screen and much greater system power to give it a new twist so it doesn't feel like another port of Pikmin 1 and 2. Definately looking forward to this one.



NintyMan said:

Have to agree with comment 4 here. It might be disappointing, but a game like Pikmin 3 would actually be perfect for HD. All those huge creatures and environments would look more impressive and intimidating than ever before.



Eldin said:

I'd really like to see this as an launch title. That would just be a great first party game from day one. Something that the 3DS did not have.

I can't possible imagine how the environments will look from Olimars point of view on the U.



Taya said:

I've been waiting for Pikmin 3 for a long time. I'm disappointed it won't be on the Wii, but maybe it will be a better game in the long run.



JayceJa said:

I don't see why they couldn't have finished 3 for the wii, and made 4 for the wii u! I'm just annoyed ill have to wait even longer for it...

pikmin on the wii u will be amazing, but one on both would be best



rjejr said:

The slow painful Wii death march begins. I can hear the drums. And my Wii saying "I'm not quite dead yet" while I'm watching the Kirby video, but as nobody somehow has said it yet - I think this is the first nail in the coffin.

On a brighter note - Pikmin in HD, yes. Stylus DS style control, yes. Having an excuse to convince the wife we need to spend $300 on a WiiU (my 2 kids love pikmin), yes. They should use the controller screen (can we get a cool nickname for this please, Wiiscreen, Uscreen?) to give you a fist person view so Olimar can watch as 100 Pimkin tear up one of those big floating guys. OK, now I'm excited.



TrueWiiMaster said:

The awesome graphics combined with what Miyamoto's mind can come up with for 2 screens will make this a spectacular game. Here's hoping it will be a launch title bundled with the system just like Pikmin 1 on the Gamecube.



TKOWL said:

Remember, you can play the Wii U with Wii accessories, so people who liked NPC Pikmin will probably feel right at home.



motang said:

I think the tablet/touch screen interface really makes sense for this one.



Bassman_Q said:

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dissappointed that its not coming to Wii or 3DS, but still, it'll be amazing in HD. Just hope its a launch title. It better be, what with the 3DS's rather lackluster launch lineup. (Say that 5 times fast.)



moosa said:

NL, you guys should refrain from saying that particular games will "launch" on Wii U. That implies that it's a "launch" title.



Pee_Bender said:

I'm happy that Pimin 3 is now officially in the works.Although, I'm kinda dissappointed know since we might not get it for the 3DS. I was really looking forward to seeing Pikmin thrown at me in 3-D :[ Oh well,at least we can finally look forward to it! (I wrote this from my 3DS btw,works well on this site.)



Punny said:

Disappointment? Pikmin will be amazing in 3D. Plus, commanding hoards of Pikmin with the Wii U's Touch Screen sounds very comforting.



Henmii said:

Doesn't surprise me in the slightest!

And this won't be a launch-title since I think the franchise is not populair enough.



danschemen said:

my dad said that it would be perfect for the wii u because the screen on the controller can be an overview of the map and you can touch it to move around the map. i really don't care if they do that but this is going to be fun



Malouff said:

I don't see how the USA gets New Play Control Pikmin than Pikmin 3.
We also wan't New Play Control Pikmin 2.

Can someone at E3 ask for a comment on when Pikmin 2 will finally come to the USA?



Traxx said:

So, where's the sense in playing Pikmin with touch screen tablet? I played the hell out of ALL pikmin releases so far and I can't come up with any useful idea how the pikmin experience can be seriously enhanced by tablet touchscreen controls... Any grand scale idea (aside from just item selections, etc.) would totally change the game mechanics: Pikmin is NOT a full RTS game, neither is it just puzzle or action. Enlighten me.



Imperfect said:

@ 28 Pikmin 2 probably didnt get a release due to all the products in in it like duracell battery. Too expensive for Nintendo to clean up the red tape and still be able to make a profit.



Smilesprower said:

Finally. Its about time Mr Miyamoto. Now just get your buddies on F-zeroWX or what ever your going to call it and ill be a happy camper.



JustanotherGamer said:

This had better be a launch title for Wii U. Actually if this was a pack in game for Wii U could do wonders for sales of Wii U. But given that this is Nintendo's most advanced system and most expensive controller ever. The Wii U will not come with a pack in game. And just one tablet controller. We are not even going to even get an Atomic pak with the Wii U. The system with 2 tablet controller (one in Atomic purple)
The Wii U will only come in the Core system. The console, all your hook ups and only 1 tablet controller. For $325 - $399.99

I can live will shelling out up to $399.99 for the Wii U if it has decent launch games available. Don't pull a 3DS launch this time Nintendo. Pikman 3 would make an excellent launch title, along with others.



pieman333 said:

I loved playing the pikmin games, but I can't believe pikmin 3 isn't launching on wii, because I probably won't get wii u.

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