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Pay a Visit to The Lost Town Next Thursday

Posted by Trevor Chan

Upcoming DSiWare title dated

CIRCLE Entertainment has announced the release date of its upcoming action download title for the DSi.

The publisher ― whose previous DSiWare releases include Castle Conqueror, Peg Solitaire and The Seller ― has got in touch to let us know The Lost Town - The Dust will be launching in North America on 30th June.

Set in a remote town in the South American Andes, the year is 2036 and the area is cut off from the rest of the world as a result of a mud slide. During a power outage, a military bio-chemical facility suffers a massive explosion. Amidst all the chaos, players take on the role of Chilia, a young girl who's not afraid to fight.

During the day, players will have to search for survivors and tackle mysterious creatures. Traps will have to be set, items collected, and various weapons will have to be utilised. As combat experience is gained, new skills will be unlocked.

Night time is when it will be most dangerous as the creatures are out to hunt, and we all know how grouchy monsters can get when hungry. Rescue will arrive in seven days, but until then, Chilia will have to recruit people to help her protect the town.

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CanisWolfred said:

This is normally the part where I criticize a game I've never played, but it just looks so bland it's not even worth that.



WolfRamHeart said:

Is the tiny screen size in the video supposed to represent how this game will look when you play it on the 3DS?



FonistofCruxis said:

Those graphics are terrible, I couldn't even see that they were supposed to be human at first and the game does look really bland and uninspired. Also the title sounds stupid, why not just call it the The lost town instead of having that 'the dust' subtitle? It just sounds stupid.



MeloMan said:

The concept intrigues me but I'm not impressed with the pace of the gameplay as it looks slow and monotinous. I'd like to see the review for this one.



golephish said:

can we get some VC content this Tursday!!! (hope for kirby) - also, i thought the 3ds would notify us about Thursday releases...



Henmii said:

It has a very strange topdown perspective. If it was isometric, you would have seen the whole character. Now you are just looking at some haircuts. Not cool!

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