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Pachter: Wii U is Too Late, 'Dumbest Name Ever'

Posted by James Newton

Pram toppled, toys everywhere

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has weighed with his thoughts on Nintendo's E3 revelation of Wii U, and it seems Mr Pachter isn't 100% sold on the console.

Speaking to Eurogamer last week, Pachter had this to say:

Nintendo won [E3] with a very cool console innovation and great 3DS software.

While he seems sold on the console's main selling point — the new Wii U controller — he's not so enthusiastic about the machine's timing or name.

The most impactful 'reveal' at the show was the Wii U, which, in our opinion, is arriving two years too late. Depending on pricing, the system will be either a phenomenal success or a phenomenal failure, as competitive bundles for Xbox 360 with Kinect and PS3 with Move are likely to be priced below $300 by the time the Wii U launches.

We want to know what you make of Pachter's comments. Is he missing the point in comparing Wii U to Kinect and Move? Should Nintendo have launched Wii U two years ago, when the incumbent Wii had spent just three years on the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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rjejr said:

Most twisted headline ever? Here's my equally unfair take:
Pachter says WiiU will be "a phenomenal success". Yes, go back and read what he said, no mention of the name, just that at the right price it will be, let me repeat that, "a phenomenal success".

Oh, and everybody who thought Wii was a great name raise your hand? Nobody, that's what I thought.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

He does miss his point about the Wii U having more capabilities than either Kinect and Move. I also don't think anyone should start comparing prices yet since we don't know the Wii U's price.



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't think the wii U is arriving too late and if he thinks that its arriving too late I would've thought that he would say one year late as 2010 was probably the best year for the wii as there were so many great games released for it that year.



Monsti said:

No he dosen't miss the point he's exactly right. It's a very exciting console and I can't wait to own it. But I'm a Nintnedo Fan. If the thing is over 400 bucks, Nintendo has a problem...



warioswoods said:

Hm, PS3+Move doesn't really cover all the ground of the Wii U. It's more like PS3+Move+PSVita-AbilityToLeaveTheHouseWithVita . . . which just goes to show that it doesn't really add up no matter which combination you choose. These systems have different uses that overlap in odd ways.

What I hope is that Nintendo is able to market and explain the system in a clear and instantly recognizable manner. That will put it well beyond the other systems for many consumers, because while you might be able to do some of the same things on the other systems, it isn't easy as a new purchaser to wrap your head around all the requirements (wait, I need the base PS3 and this Move thing, and then a Vita for special separate-screen features?). Just like the Wii, it needs a clear message: here's what you get right out of the box.



Blaze said:

Sure, Wii U isn't a good name, but the system capabilities sell the Console, not the name. As for 360 & PS3 Bundles, sure they'll be cheaper then, they've been out for about four years, of course a new console will cost more than a four year old one. Other than that, he dosen't really say anything about the Wii U being a failure, he just mentions some valid points.



rwq said:

He talked just before E3 about how the Wii U had to have the same big titles as Xbox and PS. But thats what I like about the Wii, not every game is about violence and action, and yet it kicks .



zionich said:

Considering it has been Nintendo that lead the way for Kenict and Move, he should really think about finding a new job. Course wether it is a "phenomenal success or a phenomenal failure", it seems like OMG HE PREDICTED IT !!!............ Maybe I need a new job.



Mars said:

I agree that it may be too late, unless the Wii U has a steady release of incredible software that distinguishes it from the PS3 or Xbox 360. Also, the price point will be a huge factor in determining its success.



daznsaz said:

dont want to be compared to the others its like some people say oh youll fail if you dont put these fps games on your console nintendo dont want to be associated with the copycats they do there own thing the bloke in the picture looks like a right banker bless him



Aviator said:

@rjejr If you read the article, you would realise that James did not twist his words.
'He also explained, however, that he believes Nintendo's Wii U "is arriving two years too late," while Sony's PlayStation Vita has "the second-dumbest name for a device after Wii U."'



NintyMan said:

If the Wii U was released two years ago, it would've hurt more than helped because Nintendo first thought of the console in 2008 and rushing it out would've made it premature. The Wii is proof that a console can have an unusual name and still sell millions.



Token_Girl said:

The problem will be when the PS4 and Xbox 720 release about a year later and blow the WiiU away. If they are sold at a competitive price point, the WiiU has a problem. I agree that the console should not be more than $300 if they want to be competitive.



sgotsch said:

@ 15. His statement involves the tought Nintendo started eralier with the Wii U development and would have releases exact the same console they are going to release...



warioswoods said:

@MrMagpie Good morning.


Speaking of bundles, I wonder if Nintendo will include a single Wii Remote Plus, alongside the new controller? It seems like a good idea for a new consumer (instantly gaining access to Wii library), yet unnecessary for those who already own a Wii and plenty of remotes.



DiggerandIndy said:

So Pachter doesn't like the name, huh? Well, everyone thought "Wii" was crazy at first, but we got used to it. Besides, at least Nintendo didn't name their new system the "Pii U"!



retro_player_22 said:

The old geezer who never learn to shut up. Yes Wii U is a silly name but the console will be great, I don't care how Microsoft and Sony are doing with their consoles as long as there's great games on the console I'm playing them all.



AmarMah said:

Is he refering to his own name? Beause he has got it wrong five years in a row about Ninty. Now if you asked me who was best at e3 for: New Tech (outstanding new tech should I say), Games, Handheld philosophy, presentation, proof of tech demos and games, and not to mention support of current systems who would you mention. Anybody who says anything but Ninty needs their head examined. Every one barre "N4G" Loved Nintys conference. And so did I! This guy can stay where he is, moron!



Hardy83 said:

It'll depends on third party software. Nintendo needs to buy exclusive and/or exclusive content.

Considering many games announced at E3 will come out many months after it's out on the other systems.
I don't think move/kinect/wiimote will play a part in it's success.
Nintendo is hoping to get the hardcore players back, and to do that they need third parties and exclusives as well as an online system that doesn't suck donkey.

Price WILL play a huge part. If it's over $300, "core" games might not see the point when they already have a system that can satisfy them.

I've said it before but Nintendo NEEDS those players who buy software more than the casual players.

So yes, the WiiU needs achievements, better online, third party exclusives and a competitive price point.



AltDotNerd said:

Who is he and why should we care? And as far as the name goes, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Token_Girl That's not a huge issue unless they make some pretty compelling innovations. Once you hit HD in terms of graphics, it'll be a long while before the next "mindblowing" visual development becomes even remotely affordable for the consumer.

It doesn't help in that one year the Wii U will most likely have proven itself (or otherwise) while the new consoles will have to make an argument for why people should buy them.

I stick by Sony statement on playing it safe this time around. Sony has seen red tape before; they definitely won't release a new console until Vita is actually remotely profitable for them (they mentioned it would be "nice" if it started making profit in 3 years). We "may" see a competitor from Microsoft since they have money and were originally first out of the gate in the current generation. They seem to be heavily advertising the Kinect right now though so it might still be awhile for them.

I take it HTML tags don't work...anyone know how to bold something?



Linkuini said:

He's right about this one. I'm already reasonably certain that I'll buy a Wii U at some time, but the price will play a big part in deciding how soon. People who aren't gamers may just consider it as good as any of the other options available for motion-controlled games, so if it's too pricey, they won't spare it a thought when they can find a good bundle.

SolarKnight, you can make text bold by putting asterisks around it. Like so.



6ch6ris6 said:

i start to hate this guy. he was funny in the past but now his statements get really absurd. seems like he cant handle his popularity within the gaming world.

wii u is great. cant wait to see real first party games for this thing



kevohki said:

He's right. I'm personally going to be playing many of those 3rd party games Nintendo had at the show on my PS3 months before the Wii U is even released. Price point and Nintendo series are the only things that will determine if I buy their next console. If it's significantly more than $300, count me out.



Molotov said:

Yes, The Name Is Ridiculously Disgusting (Pronunciation Wise), The Symbol Looks Cool Though..... Yes, It Is 2 Years To Late: 2012-2 = 2010..... Yes, The Stock Market Plummeted Just After Its Announcement, Because Everybody Else Agreed With Us



Molotov said:

If They Would Have Called It Nintendo YOU/U Then It Would Have Been The Lesser Of Two Evils. Also, The Name Suggests That It Is A Massively Underpowered Console Which, Looking At The Type Of Presentation They Had, Is Not The Impression They Want To Give Us



Dorkvader said:

I don't think that it's two years to late for Nintendo, 5 years was just right. I love my Wii and I'm glad it finally reached it's full power, but now it's time to move on,.I wish the Wii U was coming out this year and i wish they would've named the console the Super Wii but we have a year and a half to know more about the console and i can't wait for the info



Raylax said:

Recycling taglines, James? I am disappoint.

At least I could swear this tagline's been used before. cba to go find it though.



KrazyBean said:

If the Wii U did come out 2-3 years ago...I would have got it in a heartbeat! But now, apart from Nintendo's HD exclusives....there's no reason for me to buy another HD console, I already have an Xbox 360 and lots of games are still coming for it (Sonic Generations and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, are my highlights).

A bit too late Ninty...HD isn't that impressive anymore. Also, Wii U?? Why didn't they call it the Nintendo REVOLUTION??! Way more badass than the Wii sounds like a bloody police siren when you say it repeatedly!

Also price is a BIG issue with the Wii U, I mean, why should I buy a Wii U for £300-400 whilst I can get PS3/Xbox 360 bundles for less than £250? Nintendo have got a lot of work cut out for them.

sigh Oh're quite the one. At least you upcoming 3DS titles make up for everything...Ocarina of Time this FRIDAY!! =D



thanos316 said:

this guy has to be huge or something that websites are always talking about his view points and he was even on spike tv talking about e3 on day 1 of the show. the name is a lil out there and i thought they was gonna come with something different in terms of names, stream would have been good enough for me. but just with the name wii no one cares it was about the control and positioning of the system. the wii u i think is coming at the right time, why should nintendo go crazy when the wii held its own and did way better than 360 and ps3. but lets wait till next year to see what the wii u can really do cause im optimistic and im sure developers don't wanna miss a cash cow this time around. and please stop posting comments from this financial guy



jayjay99 said:

Uuhh watever ! .the wii u is not late ''Théy r suppose. To make. A System evey3 to 4 years....watt about xbox360 and PlayStation??wheres Thérè new system?



RyuZebian said:

Yeah, Pachter is full of . I think his logic reasoning is broken... Maybe Pachter nedds a Patcher?



Molotov said:

Its Well Known Fact That It Is In Bad Form To Stop When Something Has Passed Its Full Potential But Rather When It Is Still In Its Prime; So Yeah... A Little Late



Molotov said:

Kinect And Move Where Introduced To Longer Their Respective Home Systems Lifecycle; Also, Both Have All The Features The Wii Has... And More



KrazyBean said:


You're kind of missing the point...the PS3 and Xbox 360 were the first consoles to introduce HD gaming back in 2006. The Wii U is being released in 2012, so it's 6 years late. That's what he means.



DarkLloyd said:

@KrazyBean you know there at that price YEARS LATER like the Wii u will be eventually in 2-3 years after release so they dont have work cut out for them at least not in the way i see it obviously its going to be a little bit odd compared to the other HD consoles prices but wont stop me getting it early despite the price it may hold



AlbertoC said:

@30: Isn't it 2011 - 2 = 2009? Why 2012?

I think the main point is that Nintendo didn't show the console. Just some demos for casual games that, frankly talking, even i didn't liked. Nintendo had to show the true potential for games, "casual" and "core" ones, and not just a "There you go, distract yourself with this controller and wonder something and let us announce the console at a later time". I felt like that.

Don't get me wrong, i really like Nintendo games, but i don't see a future for Wii U for the time being... It is in serious need of big name games like Mario and Zelda, focus on innovating and keeping games deep in gameplay (We will be using the controller on a Zelda title for the menus? And then controlling like a 3DS? What will happen to Skyward Sword, motion controller based style? Or what will happen to the new controller if we're supposed to use the Wii Remote? We will use both? Whew...) or actual, tangible demos from 3rd party developers (If you recall, the footage shown was from XBox 360 products, google it for yourself, "Nintendo Admits It Used PS3 and Xbox Footage in Wii U Presentation"), if Nintendo is that busy working on titles for the 3DS.

Please Nintendo. You had momentum on the Stage, and i was just scratching my head... Let us see what innovations you have this time on mind, because aside very specific games, like survival horror game Fatal Frame, i can't think of anything cool for that peripheral. Like it or not, you're losing attention.

Lastly, i would like to point that this kind of comments are always like entering a mined field. Truth is, Pachter may have an analyst position, but ultimately it's the products Nintendo will offer, and the reception of consumers, what will make final positions.

Feel free to respectfully agree or disagree, everybody. You may have your own points.



ether_breather said:

Software sells consoles. If the games are there, people will come. I can't wait to get my hands on that controller.



Molotov said:

WiiU Is Supposed To Come Out In 2012... As Such Its 2012 -2 Which Gives You 2010.



Chris720 said:

Is this all Sony do now, bash Nintendo then a few years later create their own version of Nintendo's controller or console? A few months ago it was Tretton bashing the 3DS for being the "gameboy experience" and now the Wii U...

If Sony stopped bashing and competing like little children the maybe they'd actually get ahead. Sony make great consoles, but the company stinks!



Ren said:

it is almost too late, I agree, and I'm a Nintendo fanboy if ever there was one. I'm starting to feel like getting one of the others because I just want HD. Everything else I have at home is HD now, why not Nintendo? Just get it out fast, Nintendo or I'll jump ship too. It's got to be 300 or less, too, or it'll way fail.



daznsaz said:

i thought about getting a 360 ages ago just didnt get round to it and was like meh whatever wont bother now just wait for wii u prefer console makers that have been making them as long as ive been playing them i would get a new sega 1 alongside nintendo 1 if they made new 1 but not motivated to get the others



EdEN said:

Here we go again. Ok, let's make it clear: neither Kinect nor Move are a big enough "competitor" to the Wii or the Wii U. Why? Well, Wiimotes are STANDARD with every Wii sale so that's 80+ million users with motion controls. Since the Wii U is BC with the Wii, those same 80+ million users already have the motion controls for Wii U. How many Kinect and Move users are out there compared to THAT number?

Kinect and Move are extras. The Wiimote is standard. That's the end of Patcher's "argument".

@Ren: Why wait for a Wii U? Well, because you'll get new entries on your favorite Nintendo franchises as well as new IP AND the games available for the competition starting in 2012. HD Zelda, Metroid and Mario (as well DKCR and Kirby) are enough reason to get one and when you add in the streaming of the game to the controller, the more robust online, more 3rd party support, etc...



mickywill said:

Have to agree with @ether_breather - Software sells consoles, not price. No one here knows exactly every game that will be available at Wii U launch, so it's way too early to predict a phenomenal success or failure.



Malkeor said:

You know he's kind of right in some ways. He doesn't set anything in stone, because we don't know the price of the system yet.
His contrasting statements to the other consoles are fair as well.

I don't think it's right to bring the hammer down on Pachter, because he's only analyzing...that's what he does. And it makes sense to me.

Sure if this was revealed a little while ago, that would be a huge difference as you know really, he's not all totally wrong. It would be a more powerful system, not in the aging sense. Then again you could say the same with some of the other console launches, about them being too late, or too soon (PS3), etc.

He even likes the console so...basically it's just looking at what else would be on the market and making estimates, and putting the many "what ifs" into the equation.
It's only "too late" if the innovation doesn't come up to par with the impact the Wii had on the world. Don't forget that the Wii was behind hardware wise, but Nintendo is all about innovation. It's the business plan.

I also must be totally passing over where he says he despises the Wii U name.
Besides, at first, wasn't a good portion of speculators kind of edgy when the Wii name was first revealed?



arrmixer said:

I personally think the whole price issue is nonexistent... since we have "no real concrete knowledge" on the "specs" of this new system... one can't say a real price point for the system... the obvious worry is the controller ... I firmly believe especially in this economy, Nintendo has good leverage with its suppliers and manufacturers.....

Lets see...all this is just pure speculation....



TanookiSteven said:

Well. I don't care when it's coming Pachter. It's called planning .

(I wonder how much success Pachter would get if he rushed consoles out too much)



Cia said:

my prediction, wii u is gonna either fail or succeed. woo, i'm as good as pachter. seriously, that guy is a complete joke. the truth is that u is gonna succeed at least as good as gamecube, probably in terms of sales between gc and wii. my analysis have never failed.



PSICOffee said:

I completely agree. The name is more stupid than just "Wii." By saying Wii U it sounds like you're trying to mimic a siren:


and better late then never with the HD which I know Pacter was complaining about for awhile from Nintendo. However, I expected them to do this. I'm sure this new system will be just as successful as the others. But like the other game titles I don't like "Kirby's Epic Yarn" or "Donkey Kong Country Returns" they make sense, and I got used to them, even the "Wii" grew on me.

I still have no idea what the heck Wii U even really means. Why not just call the system "U"?



GamersCorner said:

I think the Wii U is coming out at a bad time. Many Nintendo fans will have only just bought the 3DS plus the price of the PS3 and 360 will continue to drop.

Then when Sony and Microsoft release their next gen consoles Nintendo will be a step behind again unless the Wii U is a lot more powerful than the small glimpses we've seen thus far indicates.



C7_ said:

Everyone remember when Wii was a dumb name? Right after it was first announced you say?

Imagine that.

Besides, Move and Kinect are "upgrades" to the existing consoles, just like the Balance Board and motion + accessories were. Wii U is an entirely new console altogether, if anyone's missing the point of a console release it's him.



Tylr said:

Doesn't he mean too early? You know...I kinda get the idea he thinks Wii U is an add-on.



Squiggle55 said:

i'm so disappointed with the name. I honestly hope more people like Pachter publicly criticize it and Nintendo is shamed into changing it before release. It's a very bad name.



Paperclip said:

Releasing it two years ago would've been awful. Though I do agree the name is probably one of the worst names they could have chosen.



timp29 said:

'Wii Puu' or 'Wii on U' would have been the worst names ever.

I think this guy is bang on the money. Yes nintendo has some very interesting innovation in this console and yes, considering the power of this console, it is about 2 years late to the party. The success of the console will come down to pricing, because lets face it, you will probably be able to get a mostly similar gaming experience from the other consoles, except for the handful of titles that use the Wii U controller properly. Most games will probably just use the standard Wii controls, especially if they are multiplayer.



SwerdMurd said:

vita's not too bad of a usual though, it's a weird changeover from the placeholder NGP name everyone had already gotten familiar with



Wolfenstein83 said:

The guy get's paid to be an "analyst" so in other words, paid for his opinion.
He needs to step back and not let that fact go to his head.
Sure Wii U isn't the grestest name ever, but when I am in the middle of playing an awesome game, I don't give a crap.
Even when the Wii came out, I thought it sounded a little silly, but now I don't care.
I also don't care what this guy thinks, I will judge for myself.
He can have his opinion, but I think his judgment is impaired by some other factors besides his own mind.
I also agree with others that if the new system would have been released two years ago, it would have been a bad idea, if only because we all know the idea would have been ripped off a dozen times by now.



phoenix1818 said:

I kind of have to agree with the name though, definately not the best name ever. I think Nintendo just need to get over the whole inclusive pronouns thing.
It seems that many "hardcore" gamers gave up on this console as soon as they heard the name.



JimLad said:

I hate the name, but I see why they kept 'Wii' in it.
They need to sell a new console to casual gamers that already have Wiis, the best way to do that is by selling it as an upgrade rather than something completely different. Also it's going to support Wii remotes as it's secondary controller supposedly.
It's not that bad when you think what it could have been. They might just be trying to get people talking about it, and they've succeeded.

As for being too late, I don't think it is in the current gaming climate.
Graphics have reached a peak I feel, the industry is not ready to accept a new standard yet. What the Wii U needs though is some Wii Sports-type killer apps to set it apart from other HD consoles. It won't be as easy as selling motion control back in 2006 mind, they're gonna need something amazing to penetrate the market.



Varoennauraa said:

The second I saw the name, I knew it was going to be hated. I was indifferent, or perhaps a bit disappointed of the similarity with the Wii.

But then its poetic nature started to grow on me. The myriad of words that starts with u and is supposed to be associated with the console is one, but in a way its also possible to look u as an another way to write 2 and to me the letter U means turning back(to collect those who were left behind?), which Nintendo is doing with this console.

I like Wii U, it sounds nice.



warioswoods said:

It cracks me up every time you guys use the word "pram." I just can't take that word seriously, as I suppose I only know it by way of various Monty Python moments.



MiiMiiMii said:

I am excited about WiiU, but... and I know Nintendo isn't all about processing power but... I just hope the console is powerfull enough to take Ninty into the next generation. If Xbox and PS come up with something with more power than this it could quickly become completly swamped.



Splat said:

I don't have a problem with anything he said. I'm not sold on the controller either and the name is pretty bad. I'm not sure about the "should have released it two years ago" part but I do agree this could be a boom or bust move by Nintendo.



vherub said:

The wii name was awful, but you get used to it. Xbox sounded pretty lame originally, and playstation also was clunky. The only hardware company that named their consoles decently was Sega. Not that it mattered much.



Rapadash6 said:

I agree that they could've come up with a better name than Wii U. I mean, P U! Am I right?

As for whether or not Nintendo is "too late" I'm not so sure he knows what he's talking about. Nintendo was able to differentiate themselves with the Wii and it was successful for them, obviously, despite the gimped hardware. Wii U could very well end up the same way as it seems unique enough. However, if this thing is going to be more than $300 I don't see that happening. Wii went in strong as an affordable, new experience and was also marketed well. This is why it was successful and Wii U would have to do AT LEAST that to do anywhere near as well.



Punny said:

I admit that Nintendo is too late on the HD forefront, but better late than never. Also, so what if "Wii U" is a terrible name? We thought "Wii" was goofy, but we got used to it eventually. We will get used to "Wii U," too. Besides, I don't think the sole purpose of this new console is to compete with Move or Kinect. It's to show off impressive new technology (even if it is just a bunch of previously-made good ideas blended into one super system) and bring a brand-spanking new way to play into the video game realm. But, opinions are opinions...




ipad = advanced sanitary towel
wii = urine jokes ahoy
ps1,2,3 = p*ss 1, 2 and 3
xbox = sexbox = genitalia jokes.
ipod = cybernetic plant?

The point I'm making that comments about the Wii U's name are as childish as the comments I've written above!




Eh? The main competitor of the xbox's and ps is the wii and that's trounced its aforementioned competition anyway you dufus? Have you seen the price drops in the wii lately? Hello? The Wii U is still very likely to be cheaper than the PS4 and xbox's next gen console.



tanookisuit said:

I wish I knew why this guy was even considered relevant anymore. The pink tie makes him hard enough to take seriously. I'm not sure who 'us' is in his quote there, but they're confused to think this tech should have happened for an affordable console 2 years ago and it's too little too late. The tidbits of info coming out put it beyond the current stuff by a good little leap (and a grand canyon sized hop over the Wii.) I think people like this are just paid to be tools to someone else higher up. Shame we can't all be paid to be wrong all of the time, unless we have some weather forecasters here.



Henmii said:

Well, I am not entirely sold on the controller though I see it's potential a bit. The name is not necesarily dumber then wii, but it's cheap. The timing could be entirely right! If they really want to recapture the hardcore market, they must release a significant stronger console before the PS4 and xbox760 arrive. And that's happening! Hopefully it won't be outdated in a few years, attract good third-party support, and attract both casuals and hardcore a like!

If the wii had lasted for only 2 or 3 years, that would have been awful. On the other hand: It's a bit of a pity that Nintendo couldn't hold its succes a little longer. I mean: Everyone expected a lifespan of 6 years or more, but that's really not possible anymore. One of the reason of wii's lower succes is probably because of Kinect and Move. They seem more populair among casuals then expected!



JustanotherGamer said:

In Some ways Pachter is correct. Nintnedo is smart by keeping the "Wii" name branding. But calling the console Wii U is not good. a bad name. As for the Console being late. Nintendo is the first to launch in the 8th generation of consoles. Nintendo should enjoy a 1year to 18month head start over Sony and MS.

Nintendo having strong 3rd party support, and a great on-line gaming service is key to the success of the Wii U.
Plus they have 18 months at least to show ups what that tablet controller and the Wii U console can do.

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