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Nintendo of America Announces National StreetPass Day

Posted by James Newton

Finally finish Find Mii

While some users in big cities and built-up areas are racking up StreetPass hits, others are less fortunate, denied the joy of a blinking green light. Of course, Nintendo wants to change this, so it's kicking off a new initiative with StreetPass Day on 25th June.

That's the date Nintendo is using to encourage 3DS owners to organise their own meet-ups and social gatherings, using the official Meetup Everywhere 3DS community. Nintendo is keen to point out it does not endorse nor sponsor these events, letting fans organise things for themselves.

If you're looking to arrange or attend a 3DS StreetPass event, the StreetPass community looks like just the ticket.


Ever since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS™ system, users around the U.S. increasingly have been seeking each other out to plan in-person meetups and exchange fun content via the system's built-in StreetPass™ feature. To make it even easier for fans to connect and come together, Nintendo of America has created a Meetup Everywhere community that people can use to organize their own local StreetPass-themed meetups and social gatherings*. To mark the launch of this community, Nintendo 3DS users everywhere are encouraged to hold StreetPass meetups on Saturday, June 25, which has been designated Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Day.

Meetup Everywhere is a simple-to-use online platform that enables an organization's fans or followers to coordinate local, real-life meetups based on shared interests. Nintendo 3DS users who are interested in sharing content with others via StreetPass are invited to visit to find events in their area or to plan their own StreetPass meetups. Users are also encouraged to use the “#streetpass” hashtag within social media to promote Nintendo 3DS StreetPass events throughout the year and attract even more participants.

While gathered together in the same location, anyone can use the Nintendo 3DS system's built-in StreetPass feature to share content such as Mii™ characters, game stats and custom characters. Users can control which kinds of information they exchange, and they can trade data from multiple games such as nintendogs™ + cats or Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition at the same time.

For more information about StreetPass, StreetPass-compatible games and Nintendo 3DS, visit


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User Comments (42)



Burn said:

Awesome idea! Now if everyone could just change their Mii color to white...



Shinjix2 said:

I finally got my first street pass yesterday. I live in NE Indiana and got my 3DS on day 1. (I even went to Chicago and never got one)

I'll check that site out. I would love to get more hits!!



Skotski said:

So glad the StreetPass Community is getting more recognition. :3

Don't forget: those heading to SoCal for E3, meet up with our pre-E3 StreetPass meet!
Get to know our Communities down here~
Especially our most active one: StreetPass LA.



Stuffgamer1 said:

"Finally Finish Find Mii," eh? Sorry, I already did. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a brother with a 3DS.

Now, this kind of event is really more useful for finishing Puzzle Swap. But I've only got 5 pieces to go in that, 4 of which my brother has, so...yeah, still don't care too much. I'll need more retail games with good StreetPass features for this to be an issue.



komicturtle said:

It raises the question:

Pedos and creeps.

Anyhow, great idea. Doubt it'll be successful here in little-ol' New Hampshire.



Morpheel said:

It's the national "Get your 3DS stolen" day

haha just kidding.
Or not?...



Skotski said:

Just so y'all know, StreetPass meet ups aren't just for StreetPassing... we tend to hold tournaments as well. Often with prizes.
Mario Kart and Pokemon tend to be popular ones for tournaments. ;D



Blaze said:

Why can't we in the UK get that! I only have 1 streetpass hit!!!



brandonbwii said:

I have finished Find Mii and have 17 StreetPass Miis. I would've had more if not for the dreaded "screen of death". I've gone to mostly demo kiosks in stores like Best Buy and GameStop and went to a comic-con two days in a row where I got 6 and 4 tags respectively.

I still need more tags though to satisfy my Puzzle Swap and SSFIV addiction. I still need 2 pieces to finish the other M diorama.



grumblebuzzz said:

To the US StreetPassers, I suggest going to places like GameStop. I live in rural Tennessee, a place where you would NEVER expect to get a Pass, but I've got 6 Miis in my plaza now, thanks to the fact that GameStop employees have 3DS'es and also have units in the back set up exclusively for StreetPassing.



Sneaker13 said:

They better celebrate with new puzzles and updates for Streetpass Quest, because at the moment I don't have anything to do with it anymore.



Skotski said:

@11. badmouthsadmouth
:3 You should try food courts as well. Young employees that work the registers usually have a 3DS.



grumblebuzzz said:

@ 13. Skotski

College campuses work too. I got a StreetPass this past semester every time I went to my history class. _



SuperSonic said:

I have a few friends who have a 3DS. Two of them are brothers that I see occasionally. The last one is a classmate that I see every schoolday. To get streetpasses my classmate and I leave the wireless on and walk from class to class with our 3DS's in our pockets. He and I help each other with Find Mii and Puzzle Swap. As of right now I've completed the quest twice and 3 completed dioramas.
For some reason all 4 of us started off with the pikmin panel. Is this because of our living region?
So anyway, the only reason I also have the Metroid and Zelda panels is because there is this random black guy (I assume because of his Mii's color) that I rarely meet on my bus ride home. He has like 7 panels! Not to be a stalker, but I'm trying to figure out what time he's on the bus so i can get the rest of the panels.
And BTW, I'm in the Bronx.



Victoria said:

Dang! I wish it was on July 25th instead because I'll be visiting my family in the US then.
Seems like whenever I see an event in England, they're all miles away from me.



FluttershyGuy said:

Sounds like someone needs a room lit up.

This is a nice concept and, like StreetPass itself, it'll probably work some places. Others like mine, maybe not so much so. So far, doesn't look like Tulsa is a StreetPass town (or 3DS... always fully stocked at stores I go to, then again no money here to speak of...). I'll go to GameStop the 25th though, just for the heck of it. Will be long past finishing Find Mii (on my own), but maybe I can get puzzle pieces for Puzzle Swap and figurine battles on SSFIV.



NintyMan said:

While something like this would be a great idea for a big city, I'm afraid this wouldn't affect me very well in a small city. I've only had three hits since I first got my 3DS, and I haven't gotten a new one in several weeks. Maybe my local Gamestop might promote this?



HandheldGuru97 said:

I have never got a hit with Streetpass. I have tried everything going to my local Gamestop, going Downtown once but nothing has worked! This maybe because I live in Utah. Oh well I'm going on trip this Saturday I might be able to get one at the airport.



dizzy_boy said:

@9 nothing says we can`t hold our own street pass day here in the uk.
all you need to do is put some organisation into it.
all you need to do is think of a good place to meet, like your local game or gamestion, on a saturday around midday.
tell your friends at school or work (what ever the case may be), your friends in your local area, family menbers (don`t forget cousins if they live local). and get them to ask their friends and family too.
put the details up on face book, twitter, myspace, or what ever you`re signed up too.
maybe post fliers through nieghbours mailboxes to advertise your gathering. or put something up in the window of your local paper shop a week in advance, or even ask at your local game shop to put a flier up for you. you could even put on the flyer reminding people to bring their 3DS when they go shopping if they can`t stop to meet and greet.
and you need to think how long you need to stay where you are, half hour maybe long enough. you don`t want the shop staff getting pissed off with too many people hanging around the front of their shop.



sykotek said:

Be sure to follow the diagram above and remember to not pull out your 3DS while walking around, especially in bad areas. You are carrying $300+ worth of new electronics on you that is easily pawnable afterall. Nintendo is wise to not sponsor these events.



Sylverstone said:

I already finished Find Mii, thanks to the efforts of StreetPass NYC.

This is good for you others who are at a lack of StreetPass fun.



iphys said:

Awesome, there was already one other person signed up in my city!



Azaris said:

ugh this won't help no one within a 100 miles of me has a 3ds why can't we just get stuff online instead?



RedYoshi999 said:

You think its hard in the UK, try Australia. Most of the country is in rural areas and combined with the high price of the 3DS here, nobody I know has one. Anyway does anyone know the range that StreetPass can work in? I could bring my 3DS to work and see if I get any hits from customers.



Skotski said:

@31. Mario_Party_Fan_999

It's about 30 meters / 100 feet.
Enough to get someone from across the room or even on another balcony in a mall.

And don't forget, you can start your own StreetPass group. I'm sure there will be other hopefuls within nearby towns willing to meet up as long as someone initiates it.
...also always keep an eye on the most popular StreetPass groups within your country. Sometimes they do meet-ups in small towns.



neetyneety said:

Now if only people here in my country even knew how to use StreetPass... the few I see with 3DS's don't even know what to do with it.



Rob_mc_1 said:

Yay. A Nintendo initiative that make us do the work and coordinating to get together so they don't have the overhead of a real event. It's a good thing too because it would be hard to plan something like a Nintendo 3DS/DS/DSi Lan party with competitions and free swag because they would then have to choose locations. Now it is up to us to randomly choose a public free venue to congregate because Nintendo said so.

I will put in just as much effort as Nintendo has of this one and randomly circle a day on the calender.

I know that last part sounds bad but to me it looks like they are encouraging Loitering. When I look at my city I see someone chose the forks. While it is a very public place, for someone to show up there for a gathering with no official event driven by a large company sounds kinda sad. I am disappointed in Nintendo on this one.



NocturnalYoshi said:

I live in a little town/ village. I've had my 3DS for a few weeks 2 a month now, and still haven't had a streetpass yet But this gives me a glimmer of hope

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