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Nintendo Europe Site Returns to Full Capacity

Posted by James Newton

Security beefed-up

Last week reported that the European Nintendo website may have been a victim of a phishing scam, with Nintendo closing down certain sections of the site for security reasons. Now the site is back up and fully operational.

This means if you're picking up Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D today, you'll have to be quick to register it on Club Nintendo for a chance to win one of the orchestral soundtrack CDs.

Here's the official statement from Nintendo.

We are pleased to announce that the European Nintendo website is now fully operational and you can now safely log back into your Club Nintendo account. Following the recent investigation into a possible phishing threat to users of the European Nintendo website, we took the precaution of immediately shutting down some parts of this website. We have now done a comprehensive scan of the whole website and introduced additional security measures to ensure the ongoing safety of our customers.

We would like to reassure customers that their protection is our utmost priority and we take security very seriously. We maintain constant monitoring of our systems in order to identify intrusion attempts and block them..

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would like to apologise again for any inconvenience this has caused. We would recommend that you change your Club Nintendo password and if you notice any suspicious activity on your account then please get in contact with your local Nintendo Customer Services.


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SanderEvers said:

Registered my copy of Zelda OoT 3D and got to register my address as well And I got a mail that the CD'll be here in 8 weeks.



MetroidSlayer said:

Cant believed i registered....only to get a error message on the cd screen so apparently now i cant get it



Gavin_Rozee said:

Thanks for the heads up. After GAME screwed me over by not sending me the preorder content (despite me preordering ages ago), I feel better now I'm getting the CD



Mowzle2 said:

That's a real bummer, why don't you email Nintendo and tell them what happened, giving them the time you registered it. Probably won't get you anywhere, but you have nothing to lose by trying



Issun said:

Héhéhéhé ! Got it ! And it's gonna be awesome ^^
Now where's my new Solatorobo video ?



Mowzle2 said:

Either the Nintendo website registration page has a glitch, or maybe the registration area is overloaded. I'm trying to get my game registered and to accept the offer of the CD promotion and I go nowhere when I click on the "complete registration" bar.
@Topping :- You've got company
Think I'll log out and see what happens within the next 8 weeks.



kingClash said:

on the Belgian website it says: register before the end of june and you wil receive the soundtrack. It doesn't say that it is limited to an amount...



tripunktoj said:

As soon as this was fixed, Sega of America Sega Pass has suffered a similar breach of its database security, as I was informed today via e-mail just a few hours ago.



Toasty said:

heh, I've got the exact same problem as Topping already mentioned... I thought my internet messed up, so that the registration page would be glitched. But I guess it was a site fail.
I wrote an E-Mail to Nintendo about it; we'll see how things go. =



YorkshireNed said:

Yeah, I got the error message. I also got when I tried to submit a message to website support! So, I've e-mailed them directly from my e-mail address. We should all keep each other updated here to see what happens



Toasty said:

I just received an e-mail stating that they indeed are aware that some Club Nintendo-members had technical difficulties while registering their game and thus getting the OST. There's already a news on the (German) website as well. They say that those members, who already registered their game, but received an error message while typing in the adress, will be contacted by Nintendo themselves; explaining how they can progess in order to get the CD. =]

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