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Nintendo Download: 30th June 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

This doesn't suck

Long-awaited Virtual Console games are where it's at today, with Wii and 3DS both receiving quality titles just in time for July.

Wii Virtual Console

Final Fantasy III (Super NES, 800pts) — The wait is finally over as another 16-bit Square epic reaches Virtual Console in North America. Check out our Final Fantasy III review to see if this is worth spending your gold on.

3DS Virtual Console

Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy, $3.99) — The pink puffball returns, except this time he's white owing to the Game Boy's limited palette. Often slated for its easy difficulty, Kirby still holds a special place in many gamers' hearts, so look out for our review in the next few days to see if he stands the test of time.


Boardwalk Ball Toss (DSi: 200pts, eShop: $1.99) — "Remember the fun and excitement of playing carnival games at the Boardwalk?" says the official announcement. If "not really" is your answer, this probably isn't for you, but now you can have all the fun of throwing balls in your pocket wherever you go. We'll throw a review out next week.

The Lost Town: The Dust (DSi: 500pts, eShop: $4.99) — A top-down adventure game from CIRCLE Entertainment, the team behind the pretty decent Castle Conqueror. We'll review this for you next week.

Moto eXtreme (DSi: 800pts, eShop: $7.99) — Published by Chillingo — responsible for a small game you may have heard of called Angry Birds — this looks like a Trials HD-inspired dirt bike affair, which is fine by us. Full review coming next week.

Heart Spades Euchre (DSi: 500pts, eShop: $4.99) — It's a card game from Cosmigo, the publisher behind the surprisingly good 505 Tangram. Hopefully this effort is worth a look, so stay tuned for our review.


Big Town Shoot Out (Performance Designed Products, 500pts) — A rootin', tootin' shootin' game, this is a more cartoony take than the live action Fast Draw Showdown but with four-player modes it could be a blast. Take aim for our review next week.

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User Comments (97)



Kyloctopus said:

I thought rovio makes angry birds and chillingo makes Cut the Rope
Well I'm posting this on my iPad, and I have both games so I'll just check that out.
UPDATE They only make the HD edition of Angry Birds



SuperPeach said:

Haha FFVI finally comes out the week I buy it for my SNES at a store.

/me senses a pattern



JusticeColde said:

A new Wii VC game that doesn't suck, This makes up for all those unnessassa-unessase... Unneeded blank weeks.



jdkipfer said:

Wasn't that excited for Moto Extreme until I heard it was by Chillingo. Probably won't pick up kirby, much more expensive and I own the original cart.



Bass_X0 said:

$4.60 for a game you can beat in 20 minutes. Stay classy Nintendo.

Hm? But you could still beat it in twenty minutes back in the early nineties when it was a full price new Game Boy cartridge. Also, get your head away from the mindset that beating a game means that you no longer have to play it. Kirby is a fun game and is still enjoyable even if you've completed it several times. It has lots of replay value.



ocarinaoftime said:

This is good news to me i just beat ff2 vc last night.... Im getting ff3 vc when i get home....its goin be a long six hours till then...



jkshaz said:

I agree with you in the sense that the gaming community seems to have put too much stock into amount of gameplay equaling the price of the game or its worth. Plus as you also stated games I really enjoy (which many Kirby games fall into that category) I will come back to and get multiple play throughs out of it. However, I feel that your first point is sort of moot. The price in the 90s of this game is irrelevant to whether it is worth the money being asked for it today.



MrDanger88 said:

Im all for multiple playthroughs but to go from sprawling adventures in LADX to My First Video Game is a little disheartening.



Alpha2797 said:

is kirbys dreamland a good game? plz tell me how long the game takes to beat and give me a rating out of ten stars. thanks!



yoyogamer said:

You can make Dream Land last a lot longer if you attempt to beat it without jumping.



justinr said:

FF6! OMG! A small ray of sunshine! Does this mean that NoA have woken up from their hangover or what?



warioswoods said:

Game length and price don't have any necessary relation; game quality and price should.

Kirby's price is perfectly fine. On the issue of length, if you're concerned, it has an additional hard mode that is unlocked after beating it once. However, that's beside the point. You're getting a wonderfully constructed and expertly crafted platformer for less than the price of a sandwich you could eat in 5 or 10 minutes and then forget forever. Stop complaining.



tweet75 said:

a classic gameboy game and a classic SNes game in the same week! Keep it up nintendo and you will get my dollars!



Alpha2797 said:

Has anyone noticed that 80% of dsiware games suck? I mean 'Boardwalk Ball Toss'? I know dsiware games can be better than they are now. The only good ones are Shantae, Plants vs zombies, and others.



Bones00 said:

As of this post, we have an hour and a half to go. It's 7:30 am PST here.



Birdman said:

Maybe Kirby, The Lost Town and that Chillingo game, but I'm reluctant to throw any more money towards Chillingo, so maybe not.



CrazyOtto said:

I'm only not downloading Kirby's Dream Land because I already have the original cartridge for it.



komicturtle said:

Kirby's Dreamland was my first Gameboy game ever

I know where my cartidge of it is.. Thinking whether I should buy it..

Oh, and don't forget the 'second' adventure in that game after you beat it. It's much harder.

I hope Nintendo brings Kirby's Dreamland 2. I missed out on that one



Samholy said:

final fantasy 3 on my 3ds ? is that really true ?
oh wow, its not a wet dream, its real !!!
instant buy !!!!



Knux said:

The complaining is hilarious. This update is a million times better compared to last week's update, and I will be downloading both VC games.



accc said:

I thought Aya and the Cubes of Light was supposed to come out on Wiiware today? ...Oh well, who cares we got FF3!!!



grumblebuzzz said:

Zero complaints from this guy. Glad I'll finally have my hands on Kirby's first adventure. As far as length, sometimes it's good to have a quick, fun little game you can play and beat over and over again.



Tasuki said:

So now that all you people that have been whinning about when are we getting FF3, what are you going to whine about now?



XCWarrior said:

I take it Final Fantasy III was Nintendo's idea of an apology for the BS comment on Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora's Tower yesterday. It's like handing us Steak when we asked for the Filet Minion with all the fixings.



WarioFan63 said:

@vherub La-Mulana's the only big hit right now. Unless Interplay remakes and Protocol are also on your wishlist.

@XCWarrior I'm certain FF6 was going to come out today regardless of the Rainfall business.



Alpha2797 said:

Ok, thanks, however, one question stays in my mind, how long does it take to beat Kirby's Dream Land? I'm still not certain if I'm gonna buy Kirby or not.



cheetahman91 said:

@Alpha2797: It's a fun little game but it's only five levels and the fact that Kirby can't take powers from his enemies yet is a little disappointing. I'd personally wait for the sequel to come out instead.

Anyways, regarding this week, pretty good. Kirby's Dreamland is a good release and hopefully this means that the much better sequel is on it's way soon. As for the Wii VC, I was personally hoping for Adventure Island II today, but I might get Final Fantasy VI instead.



Alpha2797 said:

@ cheetahman91
Thanks, I had a feeling it was short but only five levels? It's shorter than I thought. No powerups? That stinks. Yeah, I'm gonna wait for the sequel then.



Ryno said:

For all those kids wondering where MrDanger88 gets $4.60 well, its this thing called sales tax. You see, when you buy something governments think they should collect some money on most transactions. Good financial planning takes into account the actual cost (sell price, taxes, fees, fuel if driving, etc.) not just sell price. Anyway, glad to finally see Final Fantasy III in NA.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, IMO, a game that can be beaten in less than an hour isn't even worth $4. I'm glad Final Fantasy VI has finally been released. It's my least favorite FF, but maybe I'll enjoy it more when I play it with my brother.



speshalmon said:

FINALLY! You people have no idea how long I've wanted to play FF6, but I was to cheap/lazy to buy the SNES/GBA versions. Downloading right now.



Lordy said:

Yeah, lets just give all the RPG fans a game most of them have already beaten 3 times on the VC. That'll make 'em feel better.



Dodger said:

The sales tax on the 3DS eshop drives me insane. There is no option to just pay the $4.60 or whatever, you have to buy $5. I wanted to get Link's Awakening and Donkey Kong before I knew there was tax so I got $10, but I wound up needing 50 cents more. I looked at it, DSiware actually costs more on the 3DS then the DSi due to tax.

Anyways, the Kirby game looks nice. I'm still waiting to see if anything better comes out before I add more. Pokemon, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Mario Tennis, Mario Land 2 or maybe one of the Wario Land games. If I wind up having some money leftover sometime then I'll pick this up. I do love the Kirby series, but there probably will always be something I want more.

Complaining about 3DS eshop prices seems silly to me. There hasn't been a VC game on the 3DS yet that has seemed unfair to me. I pay $30 to $50 for a game that lasts me 30 to 100 hours, seems fair to have to spend pocket change, less then $5 for a game that will last me 30 minutes in one playthrough and I probably will play several times. Much more expensive to go to a movie, counting a drink and popcorn and I can't take that movie home with me. I would rather complain about something worth complaining about (which $5 isn't to me) like NPC Pikmin 2 not being in the US, no 3DSware, no games for 3DS or Wii until the holiday season other then N64 remakes, etc.



wwww said:

@dodger I agree, the sales tax is driving me bonkers. Before I bought anything for the first time I carefully looked through all the prices, judging how much I needed to add for the games I wanted and how much money I'd have left for other price points. After my first purchase I realized it was all for naught. All that calculation gone to waste! Now I've got a balance of $8.32, which, frustratingly enough, is NOT enough to buy the $7.99 price point games.



ShadowSniper7 said:

Strange... I live in CA where sales tax is high. Yet, I haven't payed a dime for sales tax on 3DS downloads.



grumblebuzzz said:

To those who are saying KDL is short, easy and not worth the 4 bucks, I just BARELY squeaked past the final boss with one life remaining. This game is a bit stingier with 1ups than some of the other games in the series (The most lives I ever had was 4) so I found it to be a short, sweet, but challenging experience and the hard mode that's unlocked after besting the final boss is tough as nails!



LordJumpMad said:

If there one Final Fantasy game you should play
FF3/6 is a must play.
I stilll call it the best FF game ever made.



Link79 said:

I don't care that Kirby's dream land is so short. Everything else about it is so good the length hardly matters. The music is so memorable and catchy.
I just love King DeDeDe's theme!
Glad to see FF VI finally arrive on VC. This will be my first time playing all the way through.



The_Fox said:

Something good for the 3DS virtual console and something decent for the Wii VC? Nice.



Token_Girl said:

Man, they really need a shopping cart system for the eshop (alternatively, just charge the tax when you add the money, but a shopping cart system would be better). At this rate, Wii Points were a better deal it sounds like.

That being said, someone just got a job offer today...I think a 3DS is finally in my immediate future. I can't wait to stock up on these games (and the backlog keeps getting longer...).



grumblebuzzz said:

@Mickeymac, I am actually good at platformers (I completed DKCR 100%), but this game isn't as easy as people say it is. Heck, none of the Kirby games are. You die in them, or at least I do.



DrDaisy said:

I'd probably get Final Fantasy VI if I didn't already have it for PS1 and GBA. I might get Big Town Shoot Out though...
You shoot cards? WTF?!



Bassman_Q said:

DUDE! Final Fantasy VI! AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad I already own the GBA port... so no, I won't be re-buying on my Wii VC.



dungeonmaster11 said:

Well, since I kinda doubt now that my comment in the FFVI review will be read, I'll just go ahead and pose the same question here as I did there.

I gotta ask: I've already got the GBA port of FFVI (though I haven't gotten too far in it yet), so should I still get the SNES version as well? From what I understand, the SNES version has better music and sound quality, but the GBA port is better-translated (though, from what I've gathered, both scripts are good, it's just that the SNES version has more Woolsey-isms). I'm thinking I might just buy this version, play through it, and then later play the GBA version, but I'm not sure. Should I?



CanisWolfred said:

^Seeing as it's easier to just look to music up on the internet, I suggest just playing through the game with a better translation.



phoenix1818 said:

FF3's been out in Europe and Australia for a while now, but I haven't got round to getting it yet because I'm still playing Chrono Trigger.
I really need to catch up on my games!



Hortencio said:

Truly great news, waited 3 good months for this update! Without The Last Story or Xenoblade, my sanity receives a much needed boost with this classic. Considering these recent Wii RPG disappointments, I was kind of expecting NoA to tell me how flattered they were by my enthusiasm and excitement but, no, FFIII and Lufia II would not be released to the NA Virtual Console... If it weren't for damn Smash Bros., Nintendo, I'd totally break up with you!



Lordy said:

I downloaded FFVI and now I'm hooked. This is (I think) the 4th time playing through for me. I just proved myself wrong, I guess.

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