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Monolith Soft's New Project is Bound for Wii U

Posted by Trevor Chan

Studio's job listing gets updated

To date, Monolith Soft has had two titles published on Nintendo's current generation of home consoles and the job listing on the studio's website has revealed that its upcoming project is one being developed for the next generation.

As translated by Andriasang, the listing appears to be a revised one dating back to June 2010 and positions that need filling include programmers versed in using Havok and shaders, 3D CG artists, 2D designers, motion designers, effect designers and general office staff.

Monolith Soft titles that have made it to release on the Wii number just two: Disaster: Day of Crisis and Xenoblade Chronicles ― the latter is already available in Japan and scheduled for a European localisation, but an American one has yet to be announced.

The studio was also responsible in bringing the Xenosaga series to the DS with Xenosaga I & II, and more recently, the Dragon Ball franchise with Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.


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Objection said:

I would love to care, since Monolith is a great developer, but Nintendo of America hates releasing their games over here. As in, it hasn't.



hYdeks said:

Yay agreed, there's alot of awesome games for Wii out in Japan that, for some stupid reason, will NEVER come here even though they should ( LAST STORY!!! ><) but yay, another game we will never see, big deal.

Why we show a company like NOA love when they never show it back? Anyone considering getting a PS3 or 360 instead of waiting for the Wii U? I already know a couple of my friends that jumped ship and bought a PS3 :S



MeloMan said:

This is one of the rare times in my life I'm seriously thinking of importing these games, and if I don't hear NOA doing ANYTHING about this situation, then I am definitely going to do so.

Other than that, how bout a Baten Kaitos 3, MS?



komicturtle said:



We now need to have Baten Kaitos. There was a BK game planned for DS but was canned. The touchscreen is a perfect use for BK's gameplay and now that WiiU pretty much has it, Baten Kaitos 3 should happen on WiiU- or even 3DS. Any of those two.

But I wonder if Namco hold all the rights. Nintendo and Namco should get together to make this game happen (considering Nintendo did publish the 2nd game, Baten Kaitos Origins for some reason).



CanisWolfred said:

If it does come to Europe I'll get a European Wii U so I can play it and European Wii games like Another Code R, Disaster Day of Crisis, Xenoblade Chronicles, and The Last Story.



Junkface said:

I remember seeing a trailer for Disaster and than nothing. I was wondering what happened. Well fingers crossed, mebbe if enough people beg?



retro_player_22 said:

@ MrDanger88

Or maybe it might, we just never know, they did gave us not one but two Baten Kaitos games though. Not sure if Xenoblade will ever be coming to NA though, sad about Disaster but hey I got the EU version in English so I already got through the game.



Hardy83 said:

Last time I checked, Baten Kaitos 1 was published by Nintendo, and the sequel was published by Namco.
This was before Nintendo bought Monolith Soft and before Reggie took over Nintendo of America.

Just saying.



siavm said:

Optimism is not going to save this year. I have bought nothing new for my wii all year. Zelda is probably going to be most peoples first and last game for the wii they play this year. They may get kirby but that is it. The Wii U already killed off most wii development in nintendo. And I think NOA priority right now is the 3ds. They already milked the wii dry, so they are focusing their efforts on the 3ds. They are just hoping for wii play motion to carry them until zelda.



Sir_Deadly said:

I am still very confused in y the voice actors were speaking english in Disaster:Day of Crysis, yet it wasnt released in North America. It still does not make since.



motang said:

Monolith Soft's New Project is Bound for Wii U...and probably won't see a US release!

Yes I am still bitter about Xeno Blade!

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