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Miyamoto: Virtual Boy Games on 3DS Could Happen

Posted by James Newton

Keeps a strange photo in his console

Late last year, Reggie Fils-Aime invited Virtual Boy fans to speak up if they wanted Virtual Boy games on the 3DS, and lately the question came up again, this time pitched to Shigeru Miyamoto.

GameSpot asked Miyamoto-san if there was interest in bringing Virtual Boy games to 3DS, to which the great man replied:

Well, that's not my exact plan, but something like that could happen. I can say that in my photo album on my Nintendo 3DS, there is a photo of a Virtual Boy. So that says that I do have a Virtual Boy at my disposal. [laughs]

Virtual Boy games would be a good fit for the 3DS eShop of course, but as only 14 games were ever released in the West — none of which in Europe — it's uncertain whether Nintendo would considers the effort required to make it a reality worth its while.

If the Virtual Boy is new to you, be sure to read our Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy and check out our complete list of Virtual Boy reviews.

How would you like to see Virtual Boy games come to 3DS?


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DivineDope said:

That would be so Awesome! I would love to play that Wario Land.

I am so Grateful for all the Magic that Nintendo shares.



skywake said:

I'd probably end up getting Wario Land if it was available.... if the 3D looked good in the video preview and especially if there is an option to turn off red/black



sykotek said:

I think they should release the few Virtual Boy titles in full color as 3DSWare titles. They could have seamless transition to Classic Red and Black for those interested like they do for VC GameBoy.



y2josh said:

Ah, how many good games were on the Virtual Boy? I thought there were like 2. I could live without them.



SuperSpank said:

Well, they should at least give them colour,old gameboy graphics are nice to look at...But the odd red-black graphics of the virtual boy gives you headache.



Retro_Gamer said:

It's a little piece of Nintendo history that would be really cool to play, even if there are only a handful of games.



YorkshireNed said:

Well, I'd definitely have a bit of Warioland. Yeah, I think this would definitely be a curiosity worth cheking out



TKOWL said:

It would definitely work. I'd like to try some VB games without paying $100.



TwilightV said:

I see either rereleases or enhanced remakes in the cards. Would be an awesome way to pay respect to Yokoi. :3



Dodger said:

I can't really see it being worth a release on the shop with how few good VB games there were, but it is a piece of Nintendo history that not as many people know about, I could maybe see it being a Club Nintendo elite prize or something.

But what do I know? It might be cool to have them, I can't honestly say I like virtual boy graphics.



DrCruse said:

Maybe you could port them over, but you still couldn't replicate the experience and the 3D effect. The 3D effect works much better on the VB because each eye is blocked off from the other, and only sees a single image.



ZueriHB said:

There are many different good games on VB. Not only Wario Land, but also Galactic Pinball, Jack Bros., Bound High, Space Squash, Red Alarm, 3D Tetris and Teleroboxer.



Yasume said:

That would be awesome. I'd definitely purchase Wario Land and probably that Punch-Out!! clone.



NintyMan said:

It wouldn't hurt to try it. I would probably only buy Mario Clash and Wario Land, but there might be others like me that have never played Virtual Boy and so it would be interesting to see they would've played out.



Token_Girl said:

I think warioland and maybe a couple others would make great remastered 3D classics. No more red/black issues.



FonistofCruxis said:

I really hope they bring VB Wario land to the eshop is some form. Either on the vc or even better, as a 3D classic in colour.



Nintonic said:

Can someone explain to me what's so great about Wario Land?

I would rather get games that I have played when I was little until I sold it.



Pj1 said:

Nintendo could give that thing a new lease of life! hopefully it will happen as I've never played on one....



Adam said:

Just about everything on VB was good... though that doesn't say much since there were maybe 15 games at most. Wario Land was the best of the series — just all around well designed levels, no real gimmicks other than shifting between planes in 3D. 3D Tetris was novel. Mario Clash was a spiritual successor to the original Mario Bros. arcade game but with two planes and more interesting levels. Jack Bros. was really challenging and fairly unique. I miss it, even if my eyes don't.



SilverBaretta said:

, I wonder if Shigs has a soft spot for the ol' red-eye blinder.....

This would be great, though, as I don't think any of the VB titles were inherently bad, they were just a significant strain on your eyes.



edcomics said:

It only makes sense to bring Virtual Boy games to the 3DS Virtual Console. At least they'd be able to finally make some money off of the VB at this point. Do it, Nintendo.




Virtual Boy compilation for 3DS, or perhaps eShop releases. Featuring
-Original red mode graphics
-Enhanced mode with up-to-date graphics.

In-development, unreleased VB games should also be released. Also, with VB re-releases, the rest of the world would be getting previously Japan-only VB titles.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Yeah, I'd love to play many of these VB games as I never owned one. Maybe some of these titles will finally get the respect they deserve.



artofmana said:

Let me tell you as someone who owns two Virtual Boy consoles and picks them up regularly, the Virtual Boy has a great, albeit small, library. The first thing I wanted was Virtual Console support as the Virtual Boy system is less convenient to set up than a 3DS. Now it seems Nintendo--or at least Myamoto--might be considering remastered/remake versions of the games. I wouldn't mind that in addition as I would definitely buy Wario in red and full color again! Those who have never played any of the games probably has their opinion tainted by the things said of the system post mortum. Truly, every game released for it is worth playing. Well, maybe not Waterworld. . . .



PSICOffee said:

Maybe they could just remake a few of the games released, you know, like add color. The Wario Land game is the only one I want to play anyway.



MeloMan said:

Since Nintendo is proud to dive into its back catelog of games, the VB games are no different imo. In fact, being Nintendo's first foray into 3D, I think it's essential to re-release the games from where it all began. It a part of Nintendo's history and it would give the games a 2nd chance to be seen and played by those that have never played them as well as fulfill the nostalgia of others. I could go on and on, but my main point is that these games are already 3D, they've been all but forgotten by the most people, and what better time to bring them around again than now? It's just over a dozen and if Nintendo wants, go ahead and release them slowly, but DO it.



Bass_X0 said:

...they didn't bother keeping the SGB enhanced colors for Donkey Kong '94. They won't be adding color to the VB. Perhaps different shades though that are easier on the eyes but thats all



Capt_N said:

Well, that's interesting. I must say, the possibilities of the 3DS VC are starting to make me want to get a 3DS, well,... that, & Steel Diver. Amongst other 3DS titles I think I would like.



pntjr said:

If this happens, i might pick up Wario Land and maybe MArio Power Tennis. also that Punch Out! clone.



bboy2970 said:

It would be so awesome if the whole VB collection came to the eShop! I have never been able to play Wario Land so that would be a no-brainer. Plus, I really really like Panic Bomber and would also buy Mario Tennis. And maybe even one of the two VB Tetris's if I'm feeling particularly loose with my money Make it happen Nintendo!



Henmii said:

"Virtual Boy Games on 3DS Could Happen"

It must happen!!

"...they didn't bother keeping the SGB enhanced colors for Donkey Kong '94. They won't be adding color to the VB. Perhaps different shades though that are easier on the eyes but thats all"

It's strange that they seem to have ditched all color options for Gameboy games. I remember that there where all kind of color options for your Gameboy games when using a Gameboy-player.



Bloodysaber said:


Yeah, I remember them but rarely used them, and it wasn't just a gameboy player. If you held (I think it was) Select + a button on startup it'd let you pick different themes.



Wolfenstein83 said:

If they can convert the games into actual color graphics, rather than just black/red, then I might play them again.
Also, in other news, does anyone know if they are ever going to have GBA games to donwload?



StarDust4Ever said:

I think that the Virtual Boy games would look fabulous in gray scale. Grayscale graphics don't generally strain the eyes much. I played a total of 15 minutes of Virtual Boy Wario Land in High school. I'm also a huge fan of the Wario Land series, with Wario Land 3 being the pinnicle of the series. If Nintendo decides that it is not worth the effort to emulate the VB console, then maybe Nintendo could release the Wario Land game, as well as possibly others, as enhanced remakes, possibly with color sprites, Game Boy Color style. Either way, I would love to play these games.



SwerdMurd said:

Oh Miyamoto! You're hilaaarious!

(His jokes are so terribly corny, but he's so intense and positive when delivering them that you can't help but laugh along with him)



Tasuki said:

The only good games was Red Alarm, Warioland, and Mario Clash. The boxing game (I dont remember the name) wasnt too bad either.



jaguarman said:

Yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase I have, in my collection, all(except space invaders) games of this machine,each of them is unique and i want them all in my pocket



GreenInferno said:

Well it's the best way for Nintendo to bring the balance sheet back to zero for the Virtual Boy project - it still must owe them a fair bit. Besides, it might give the disgraced inventor a moment of joy.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It would be a cool fan service to bring them at all.
If they kept them in red and black they wouldn't sell too well i think. Replacing it with the color scheme of GameBoy games or releasing them as coloured 3D Classics sure would help.
Anyway, the graphics in WarioLand look very detailed. Cool stuff there.



SuperTogepi said:

That would be awesome as long as the games don't give off headaches that often like the original games did.



Wolfpacleader1986 said:

If they can release Virtual Boy Wario Land, Mario Clash, and Teleroboxer on the 3DS Virtual Console, I'm DEFINITELY in!



SonicTheBluBlur said:

SERIOUSLY? No one else wants Mario's Tennis? I actually have a 3D screenshot of that game on my 3DS and would love to actually play that game!

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