WayForward Technologies' digital releases have scored very well here at Nintendo Life, which is why it's undoubtedly positive news that puzzle game Mighty Flip Champs! and the action platformer Mighty Milky Way will be followed by a third title in the studio's Mighty series.

In an interviewed conducted by Nintendo Power, WayForward creative director Matt Bozon described the upcoming Mighty Switch Force as an action-orientated, jump-and-shoot platformer. With many Contra 4 veterans on the development team, Bozon said, "... expect ample fiery explosions and crunchy sound effects."

It won't just be the in-game characters that will be doing the jumping as the series is making the jump from the DSi Shop to the Nintendo eShop. Players take on the role of Patricia Wagon, a law-enforcement officer whose duties will require her to eliminate the Space Hooligans in Metroid-style levels.

Puzzles and combat will be seamlessly connected and the touch screen will house the Hooligan Tracker, a digital compass that will allow players to locate enemies that are out of sight. By using the Switch power, players will move blocks into position in order to use them as stepping stones. Puzzles will increase in difficulty when players are required to think several moves in advance. Once the hooligans are put behind bars, extraction points will guide players to the exit.

When asked to give an estimate on the length of the game, Bozon replied:

Though [the levels] are longer and more action-packed than our previous Mighty titles, the total game will be somewhat shorter, and here’s why. What I love about NES-era games, and especially Contra, Journey to Silius, and Mega Man 2, is that once mastered, they can easily be beaten in a single session. Nowadays if I want the satisfaction of sitting down and “taking in” a game in one sitting, I have to look backward. We’re going to try to change that, and embrace the pocket-sized appeal that’s been lost over the years. That’s the beauty of the eShop–we can experiment with different kinds of releases and see what the players like. So prepare for gaming concentrate.

[via nintendocharged.com]