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Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge Coming to 3DS VC

Posted by Trevor Chan

After 20 years, Wily's still got beef to settle

Looks like North America will be getting one of the Japanese eShop launch titles soon, according to an Entertainment Software Rating Board classification.

A quick search on the ESRB website for Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge brings up a rating page that confirms the Game Boy classic is headed for North America via the Nintendo eShop. In celebrating the game's 20th anniversary, what better time than now?

As we get word of pricing and/or a European release, you'll read about them here at Nintendo Life, where you can also expect a review of this action platformer shortly after its release.


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Knux said:

I have never played this installment before, so this is awesome news for me.



Blaze said:

But I've already played all these games on their Original Consoles!



Capt_N said:

Capcom will make profit on these, since the collection these were to be in was scrapped/canceled. Should I get a 3DS, I'll frequently be visiting the e-shop.



Link79 said:

I was expecting this soon since Japan is getting it for the launch. I used to own this on my original gameboy as well as the sequels. Bring on the rest of the Gameboy Mega mans!



daznsaz said:

will i need a bigger sd card than the 1 that came with it to hold the free games etc not sure howmuch it holds gamewise for 3ds i mean or does the console have its own memory aswell as sd?



Birdman said:

Never played a Mega Man game before (I know), so this should be a good one to jump into the series with, no?



TKOWL said:

Meh. Played this for a bit on GB and the action feels super-crowded.

I still don't know why none of the NES Mega Man titles have arrived to any handhelds, though.



FonistofCruxis said:

Hopefully all 5 GB Mega man games will be released on the service too. Judging by the releases of the Mega man games on the wii vc, there will probably be long gaps between each installment.



Deviant_Mugen said:

@TrevorTheChan: "In celebrating the game's 20th anniversary, what better time then than now?" Minor slip-up there...

I've only tried the original Mega Man and found it quite frustrating. Then again, I wasn't playing with a d-pad, so that made the more precise jumps that I needed to make damn near impossible...



warioswoods said:

You know... "Fireman" just doesn't sound very evil. Rather benign and philanthropic, actually.



kurtasbestos said:

aaaraarruruurrhghghaghghghh this game was freakishly difficult when I was a kid and didn't have an NES so unlike everyone else I grew up with the Gameboy Megaman games. This was the only one I never beat and always kinda regretted not trying again when I was older and more experienced. Why do I not own a 3DS yet?!?



Oregano said:

@6 SD Card and Internal memory are 2GB each which considering the rumoured size cap is 50MB then you can hold up to 80 games and Gameboy games are absolutely miniscule(possibly smaller than 1MB).



Skotski said:

@15. kurtasbestos
"Why do I not own a 3DS yet?!?"
You're probably waiting for Legend of Zelda. ...which is about the same time everyone else will get it... increasing your chances on a StreetPass.



Retro_Gamer said:

This is great news, from what I remembered this game played just like NES titles. Hopefully this means Kirby's Dreamland has a chance to be released as well.



MeloMan said:

I've ALWAYS got room to play Mega Man, especially since the only Mega Man GB game I played was V. Good stuff



FluttershyGuy said:

Never played this (or any other Game Boy Mega Man). Is it identical to the NES version, or are there major differences, as I understand there are on many of the series' Game Boy counterparts?



WaveGhoul said:

So basically the GB mega man games before MMV are completely unoriginal and are weaker versions of the Nes titles?

Why would I want to play inferior versions of the Nes games?
The only appeal is that it's portable...



Tasuki said:

@BetelgeuseWC77: The gameboy Megaman games are just basically a water downed version of the NES games. Some of the robotmasters dont even appear in the GB games like in Mega man in Dr Wilys Revenge there is only Cut, Fire, Elec and Iceman instead of the 6 robotmasters in MM on the NES. Although the fifth game on GB titled Megaman V was different from the NES version and had a completely unique storyline thats the one I am going to get on the 3DS VC if and when it comes out.



Sneaker13 said:

Already have this one, so unless it get's something extra (like 3D) I'm will pass this one.



Bass_X0 said:

Its not inferior, its just shorter but plays just as well or better than the NES games. The stages are completely different too. I'd rather play this version than the NES original.



Noire said:


I like Mega Man. I will buy this for sure.



XD375 said:


I'm a huuuge Mega Man fan, but I'd advise you don't start with this entry. The controls and physics are rather buggy and it'd be a horrible first impression.

Enhanced versions of the first three NES games are available on PSP if anyone without brand loyalty to Nintendo wants portable NES Mega Man. They're Japanese PSOne import titles but they're pretty easy to figure out.



motang said:

All the GameBoy games are new to me, so I will try to check out much as I can.



Rensch said:

That's great news. I'm so happy they do this kind of stuff on 3DS as well.



CanisWolfred said:


That and the original Mega Man had some really slippery controls iirc. You definitely should give the others a shot, they're by and large an improvement over the first.



StuffyStuff said:

A nice game to launch with for sure. Suprisingly, the second game is way worse in just about every way compared to this game. This game has to be cheap because you can get these for next to nothing all day online and in used game shops.



ISlayGold said:

I'm happy that they're bringing back an old classic but what about Legends 3... is that even going to happen now?



Incredible-JMAN said:

this game ISNT a launch title for "our" (us and europe/australia) eshop, instead a launch title for japan only. that doesnt mean its not being released here, just that it wont be available day 1

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