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Mario Party 9 Keeps the Good Times Rolling on Wii

Posted by James Newton

Time to roll the dice once more

The logo for Mario Party 9 was glimpsed right at the end of Nintendo's E3 conference, with some expecting the game to see release on Wii U, but the game is coming to the current platform as these screenshots show.

The usual array of new game boards and minigames feature, with levels based on New Super Mario Bros. Wii appearing.

Will you be grabbing this one to play with your friends?

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TheBaconator said:

In the trailer it shows Shy Guy and Koopa as playable characters. That's two reasons right there I'm picking this one up.



NintyMan said:

There were a lot of people that didn't think there would ever be a Mario Party 9, but now it's coming true. I hope that it learns from the flaws that Mario Party 8 had and will have online capability. If it can have some of the charm of the N64 Mario Parties or even Mario Party 4 from the Gamecube, then it would really be the kind of Wii experience Mario Party should have.



rjejr said:

I'll probably pick this up by default this holiday season as there aint' a whole lot else out there.

I'm still holding out for Zelda on WiiU. Even if they don't release a separate Skyward Sword on the Wii U maybe it'll up-res the graphics. And I know I'm not the only one who saw Link running around fighting that giant HD spider while his inventory was displayed on the U controller screen. Maybe that's a NEW new Zelda, but I'm still waiting to find out. So for the moment that leaves this for Christmas. Never played ANY of the previous ones so it will be new for me and my kids. (Sold back Wii Party, our Miis aren't as cute as Mario and Co.)



FonistofCruxis said:

I didn't think there would be another Mario party after wii party but its good to see that there will be another.



Dodger said:

Board games don't make good online play. I've played Mario Party like games online, people get mad and quit two seconds before you win almost every time. I hope this turns out well, they can be good singleplayer/multiplayer fun but I've never had a fun game like this online.



TKOWL said:

And don't forget to pick up Mario Party 10 next year, only on the Wii UUUUU!!!!!!



warioswoods said:


Looks pretty wonderful. I do have to say, though, that I'm already dreaming of the incredible Mario Party possibilities on the WiiU, and all the things the controller-screen make possible.



armoredghor said:

actually looks pretty good. Keep it to once a generation, Nintendo, and you'll redeem the franchise.



Capt_N said:

My first thought was: "Nintendo is beating a dead horse, until it's a live horse again." If Nintendo slacks up considerably on MP releases, the franchise might still live, or be redeemed, as armoredghor said. I don't know.

Maybe in addition to Zelda:SS, & the next system, I might save up for this, too.



RedYoshi999 said:

YES! Gotta love Mario Party. It would be interesting to see it on Wii U though... Oh well, at least it will be out this year. And Mario Party 10 can be on Wii U.



Deviant_Mugen said:

As long as they bring back some of the challenge of the previous games in the series (MP 8 was way too easy), I'll definitely be picking it up. Seriously, there's really no need to win any coins (except to buy cheat candy) when Toad just gives you the stars and the AI relies on cheating to make sure you don't amass too many of them. With that said, the game does look good; I wonder if Hudson is going to be developing it...



Davidmoreaux said:

I always liked the Mario Party games my favorite was 2 but I did not like 8 at all, it looked terrible on a HD TV.



Yosher said:

Seeing the trailer, it seems the break this series took was for the good. It does look more fun than the past GameCube/Wii Mario Party games!



JimLad said:

Wouldn't mind a new Mario Party, one that makes good use of the Wii capabilities.



warioswoods said:

Interesting changes to the board play, in the official video on Nintendo's site. I'm curious as to why all the players seem to be moving around the board as one unit.



MeloMan said:

Me and my friends hardly gather up these days, but this might just be one to look out for. I've had my complaints of past versions, but I never get tired of MP.



JimmyWhale said:

I am REALLY confused about that car thing. Also I'm hoping this makes at least a little use of Motion Plus. But either way this'll get eaten up by Wii owners, myself (probably) included.



Henmii said:

I guess this isn't made by Hudson soft (or is it?). I mean Hudson soft is dead. But then again they seem to develop a new Tetris for the 3DS (I believe). Strange.



steveex said:

It looks so much better than MP8, the mini games look like re-imaginings of the good old ones. Hopefully it will have on-line mini game play.



Mo_Joe said:

Surly since it's near the end of the Wii's life span Nintendo would have some great ways to use motion controls in Mario Party 9.

Looking forward to it, enjoyed the GC titles a lot.



Yellowkoopa said:

I know this is late, but Mario Party 9!!!!!!????!?! The game looks extremely improved. I will definitively buy this.

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