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Mario and Sonic Pass the Olympic Games Torch to 3DS

Posted by James Newton

It burns

Like watching Magneto and Professor X make friends in X-Men: First Class, it's still strange seeing old rivals Mario and Sonic be all chummy in Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, though it's nothing compared to seeing Metal Sonic wielding a tennis racquet.

The 3DS instalment is due early next year, with the Wii release going for sales gold this Christmas.

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FriedSquid said:

I like M&S@TOG as much as the next guy, but.... WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER!? A crossover platform would be WAAAAAY better! Whatever. ¬_¬




I'd love a cross over platformer AS WELL AS this. Its the 2012 Olympics and the 2008 game sold well - so what do you expect?The Winter OLympics game was a 9/10 on here. Its a class series



Kit said:

Can't they just let the blue guy die. Viva Mario, gold medal champion!



Yosher said:

I'd rather have a platformer too, but I'm still looking forward to this!



Justaguest said:

i dont look forward to this at all. they need to see that we want something else than olympic games. wheres fun in moving your stylus from one side to another as fast as you can? it just messes up with your touchscreen..

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