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Kirby Gets His Own TV Channel in Europe Tomorrow

Posted by James Newton

Pink all over your TV

The Nintendo Download for Europe dropped earlier, but there was no mention of an extra special feature awaiting tomorrow: a free download of Kirby cartoons.

The Kirby TV Channel on Wii will offer over 50 episodes, though only four will be available for streaming at any one time. New episodes will become available on Monday and Thursday, with six months' worth of Kirby TV on the way.

No word yet on whether the same channel will be available in North America, but we'll find out tomorrow.


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Hokori said:

yes! anime. is it on 3DS? I just hope US doesnt miss out on this....
if it is Kirby Right Back at Ya!



daznsaz said:

is it just wii or 3ds too maybe get something like this on 3ds soon if this isnt on it



Cipher said:

This is a free download from the Wii Shop Channel, Wii only, and will be available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia and New Zealand, according to Nintendo UK.



Splat said:

I would rather have it on Wii but doesn't look like it's coming to the US so...



AltDotNerd said:

Hey Pizzanos! They also need Super Mario Bros. Super Show (RIP Captain Lou Albano), Legend Of Zelda (Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse Me, princess), Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World (Hey Mario! It's a football!)



TKOWL said:

Please, please, PLEASE come to the USA. Kirby: Right Back At Ya! was my childhood.



Tylr said:

Super Mario Bros. Super Show(or World?) deserves to get a channel too. I want to watch Mama Luigi tell Yoshi a story and Mario teaching cavemen how to play football.
(Please make available for US kthnxbai)



TanookiSteven said:

Kirby Kirby Kirby that's a name you should know...Kirby kirby kirby he's that star of the show...PLEASE come to the US!



MeloMan said:

12. Tylr LMAO! Mama Luigi! I thought I was the only one that remembers that

While we're all hoping for any channels like this over here, just put this stuff on the Nintendo Channel, and give me the Captain N cartoons while we're at it. All I need is "The Quest for Power" episodes I and II and I'm good

EDIT: Didn't see someone mention Captain N already, kudos!

Let's throw in eh... Mega Man then... "Mega X" episode



Lan said:

God, keep that mario cartoon awaaaay please. i watched one episode. i wish i didn't watch one episode.
anyway, what about donkey kong? i remember liking that. and pokémon? f-zero? (they made a cartoon out of f-zero, right?)



Retro_on_theGo said:

I hope this comes to America. But it's for the Wii so I don't care. I do love Kirby and his awesome show a lot though! I remember crying as a little kid at the end of one episode because of how god damn cute he was while kicking a**. :3 Hope we get something like free first season episodes of Pokemon for 3DS.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I still can't grasp why it's free. Must be a catch. Maybe there's advertising shoved in there.

If not and it genuinely is free, then thanks NoE for doing something right for once.



XD375 said:

I'd only watch if it was a subtitled Japanese version. 4Kids butchered the English version pretty badly... Did you guys know the original version used orchestrated versions of Kirby video game songs like Green Greens as background music?



RyuZebian said:

Interesting to see Nintendo bringing some original content, and for free, too. Me: But why not give us Zelda cartoons?
Big N: Well excuuuuuse us, princess.
Me: Point taken. Then what about Mario?
Big N: Bagel.
Me: Oh, right.



PSICOffee said:

Why only 50 episodes? There were 100 total! In fact, you can watch at least 60 of them online right now subtitled and UNCENSORED. That means it most likely won't have the crap 4Kids removed:

Kirby with a gun
Dedede using real chainsaws and not "light swords"
All the music from the games
Better voice acting (Metaknight doesn't sound Spanish)

Seriously everyone, watch Hoshii no Kaabii (Kirby of the Stars) instead of the lame "Kirby Right Back At Ya!" crap. You will be glad you did.



Number_6 said:

I want me some Kirby TV.

I would freak out, probably in a negative way, if NA got the entire catalog of Super Mario Brothers Super Show instead.



Chris720 said:

I thought this was for 3DS for some reason lol, ah well... Nintendo's setting up the Wii for its last hurrah before its brother moves in next year.



RedYoshi999 said:

So will this work in Australia too? Or do I have to change the country to a European one? Even then it probably won't work. The BBC iPlayer didn't...



SilverBaretta said:

Oh, cool! Nice for the Europeans who like the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series.

@GuardianAcorn: The dubbed version of F-Zero GP Legend was cancelled before even the first season was done, so I highly doubt they'll put that up anywhere.



Henmii said:

A very cool (and unexpected) move from Nintendo! It would have been even better if you could keep the episodes, but still a nice offer. Hopefully they will do the same with other series (Mario super show for example).



DivineDope said:

Another vote for bringing this to North America! It makes me all PinkCuddly just thinking about it.



StarDust4Ever said:

Kirby got his own cartoon show? That's a first for me. Hopefully we get this too.

I have the entire Super Mario Brothers Super Show on DVD (volume's 1 & 2). The live action sequences are just as brilliant and witty as the cartoon part.



RyuZebian said:

... Okay, I probably can't take this anymore. The show seems witty at times, with King Dedede being a loveable character. But Kirby just comes of like an r-tard pokémon! x( I would no doubt like the show if I saw it as a kid though, just like I liked Pokémon!



Raptor78 said:

The channel / player is very good and well presented, I wonder if Nintendo will do this for some of their other programs (Pokemon, Zelda, etc.) using the same kind of layout.
...infact I think I would prefer the weekly NintendoTV episodes to be in this kind of format rather than through the Nintendo Channel.



BigBluePanda said:

It's enjoyable and is very faithful to the Kirby universe. Unusual mix of CGI and anime!

I also didn't know Meta Knight was Spanish...



Henmii said:

Downloaded it today! I watched the first 2 episodes and it was fun! Nice picture and sound! It worked pretty well! Tommorow I watch episode 3 and 4, and I will watch all episodes that come available! Nice service!

Here is a little hint for you guys: If you understand multiple languages, try some different languages! Because not all episodes are available in all languages!

For example: Episode 38 is not available in English. It's sadly also not available in German. However, since there are more episodes not available in German, they have bonus episodes. In German it runs until episode 54 if I am correct!

Here is another hint: There is a cool little pilot episode to be found on youtube! It's entirely speechless (if I am correct), but fun to watch!



b_willers said:

They seem to have missed a golden opportunity to promote Kirby video games within the channel interface. More people need to know about Epic Yarn!

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