With the launch of the Nintendo eShop earlier this month, the 3DS has picked up momentum after a period of flagging hardware sales, and that momentum is continuing to build as Nintendo is about to launch its television service on its handheld console.

As translated by Andriasang, Nintendo's collaboration with Japanese networks Fuji Television and Nippon Television will be rolling out the Itsu no Ma ni Terebi service for the 3DS on Tuesday, 21st June. The Itsu no Ma ni Terebi application will be downloadable for free via the eShop, and once installed, users will be able to utilise the SpotPass feature to download original 3D television content that have been produced by the two networks. The content is free but will be accompanied with advertisements.

Updates will be on a daily basis and Nintendo has revealed the schedule in which programs will be made available:

  • Nittele Doubutsu de Calendar - An animal programme (Daily)
  • Tetsu View 3D - A programme for train enthusiasts (Daily)
  • Magic Class 3D - Performances from famous magicians (Daily)
  • Idoling Sumo 3DS - Girl groups take on sumo-style challenges (Daily)
  • Nikkan Topics - News and information (Daily)
  • 3D Choukoku no Mori - A programme on outdoor sculptures from the Hakone museum (Weekdays)
  • Enjoy Sport - Sports programme from Fuji TV (Saturdays / Sundays)

[via nintendo.co.jp]