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Japanese TV Service Launches on 3DS this Tuesday

Posted by Trevor Chan

Fuji Television and Nippon Television providing content

With the launch of the Nintendo eShop earlier this month, the 3DS has picked up momentum after a period of flagging hardware sales, and that momentum is continuing to build as Nintendo is about to launch its television service on its handheld console.

As translated by Andriasang, Nintendo's collaboration with Japanese networks Fuji Television and Nippon Television will be rolling out the Itsu no Ma ni Terebi service for the 3DS on Tuesday, 21st June. The Itsu no Ma ni Terebi application will be downloadable for free via the eShop, and once installed, users will be able to utilise the SpotPass feature to download original 3D television content that have been produced by the two networks. The content is free but will be accompanied with advertisements.

Updates will be on a daily basis and Nintendo has revealed the schedule in which programs will be made available:

  • Nittele Doubutsu de Calendar - An animal programme (Daily)
  • Tetsu View 3D - A programme for train enthusiasts (Daily)
  • Magic Class 3D - Performances from famous magicians (Daily)
  • Idoling Sumo 3DS - Girl groups take on sumo-style challenges (Daily)
  • Nikkan Topics - News and information (Daily)
  • 3D Choukoku no Mori - A programme on outdoor sculptures from the Hakone museum (Weekdays)
  • Enjoy Sport - Sports programme from Fuji TV (Saturdays / Sundays)


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warioswoods said:

@siavm "Netflix beats this"

I disagree. Netflix is already running on my TV — much better suited to watching television or movies — along with my iPad and pretty much every other electronic device in my house. Another way to watch Netflix, this time on a tiny screen, isn't greatly appealing.

Original, quirky content made for 3D would be greatly preferable. But that's just me.



Noire said:

Idoling Sumo 3DS - Girl groups take on sumo-style challenges

Best idea for a show ever. Now I'm jealous. D:



Token_Girl said:


If netflix starts getting 3D content, then it would be really sweet. I think these video apps appeal only to people without smartphones/tablets anyways. Otherwise, why would you bother watching tv on a game console. It's great for kids whose family has a netflix subscription, but most adults who have a 3DS probably also have an iTouch/Phone/Pad/Droid already, I'd imagine.



MeloMan said:

Waiting on Netflix over here and the 3D camcorder app, then my life is complete.



AVahne said:

Hopefully when Netflix launches on 3DS, they'll start doing 3D streaming for everything else



komicturtle said:

Well, at least Sky FM is coming at some point (In Europe, at least, if I remember correctly).



Capt_N said:

"Idoling Sumo 3DS - Girl groups take on sumo-style challenges (Daily)"

To me, that really sounds like soft porn, although to me, porn is porn. Not saying it is porn, but,... what in the world is Nintendo's reason for showing this stuff on their system?!

I would like to know if Nintendo probably took a package programming deal, rather than individually selecting programming? This just sounds a little weird.



realar said:

The japanese really do get better stuff that and more stuff for that matter.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Do want !

Mainly because of the "content is free" - keyword though.
I mean it's not like i don't want to pay for things that have some value. But you have to convince me that TV content is something that i want on my console. And that's a lot easier to achieve if you let me test it for free.



Ikalpo said:

^ Double post?
I totally agree with the youtube app though, just so long as it has all the features of the site as seen on a computer.
Unlike some other youtube apps...



cheapogamer4life said:

This just means that the US and EU is only a month or so away. Japan get their systems one moth before us so we should get are 3d movies and such one month late. Maybe..



LuigiSucks said:

They already announced we'll get Nintendo Video and Netflix and all that other cool crap by the end of the summer.

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