The 3DS eShop has been available for a week now, and if you've read our Nintendo 3DS eShop FAQ you'll know there's plenty to discover in Nintendo's new downloadable store front. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is proud of the company's achievement, as he discussed in a new Iwata Asks article.

Speaking to key members of the eShop and 3DS development teams, Iwata revealed his own feelings towards the 3DS's big update:

I feel like Nintendo has finally reached the starting line when it comes to selling things in the digital world. Our previous efforts in expanding the connection hubs will come to bear fruit in Nintendo eShop.

The interview also revealed that a further four 3D Classics are in development alongside the already released Excitebike and Xevious, currently only available in Japan.

How do you feel about the eShop so far — is it living up to your expectations or do you feel Nintendo is still left behind in the digital stakes? Let us know in the comments below.