The eShop launches next week, and Nintendo Japan has revealed the games that will get the ball rolling.

In the 3D Classics stakes, there's the already-confirmed Excitebike as well as a new 3D version of classic top-down shooter Xevious. Both games will sell for 600 Yen in Japan, though Excitebike is free for a limited time, as it will be in the West.

For Virtual Console fans, it's all Game Boy in the line-up, with six monochrome titles lining up on day one:

It seems the majority of Game Boy games will sell for 400 Yen, with Baseball the exception at 300 Yen. With that in mind, Game Boy Color games will likely sell for around 800 Yen in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As for 3DSWare, it's kicking off with two games: 600 Yen mystery puzzler Mystery P.I Kieta Film from G Mode and 3D Block Kuzushi, a 500 Yen variation on Breakout, essentially.

Would you be satisfied if the 3DS eShop launched in the West with this line-up?