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Here's Japan's 3DS eShop Launch Day Line-Up

Posted by James Newton

3D classics and 3DSWare abound

The eShop launches next week, and Nintendo Japan has revealed the games that will get the ball rolling.

In the 3D Classics stakes, there's the already-confirmed Excitebike as well as a new 3D version of classic top-down shooter Xevious. Both games will sell for 600 Yen in Japan, though Excitebike is free for a limited time, as it will be in the West.

For Virtual Console fans, it's all Game Boy in the line-up, with six monochrome titles lining up on day one:

It seems the majority of Game Boy games will sell for 400 Yen, with Baseball the exception at 300 Yen. With that in mind, Game Boy Color games will likely sell for around 800 Yen in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As for 3DSWare, it's kicking off with two games: 600 Yen mystery puzzler Mystery P.I Kieta Film from G Mode and 3D Block Kuzushi, a 500 Yen variation on Breakout, essentially.

Would you be satisfied if the 3DS eShop launched in the West with this line-up?


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ImDiggerDan said:

Well, 400Yen = ~£3 in the UK, which doesn't seem too bad to me for GBA games.

I bet it turns out that 100Yen = £1.00 by Nintendo's own currency conversion forumla, though.



y2josh said:

400 yen wouldnt seem bad for a GBA game no, but that's 400 yen for a old school game boy game and 800 yen for a GBC. That's kind of crazy. How much do Virtual Console games cost in yen?



b_willers said:

Well thats far too expensive, GB games need to compete with the £0.59 apps, they are in black and white after all!



Einherjar said:

I hope we still get "Links Awakening DX" on eShop Launch Day. I mean...its in the instruction manual .
The constant waiting for games and updates, the hefty prices for decade old games...Nintendo is tearing my fanboy heart appart...a little bit at least



FonistofCruxis said:

The 3DSvc line-up looks good but the 3DSware line-up is definetley less exciting but I wouldn't be surprised if the western 3DSware launch is different if the names of those games are anything to go by. I noticed that on the japanes website, the game boy version of street gangs (river city ransom) was also listed as a launch title.



siavm said:

I would not be happy with this. Luckily they have the update on E3 week. That way we will be too busy with the games coming out then what is on the store. Come on Nintendo. I expected more than this.



turtlelink said:

I would rather have Mario Land, Link's Awakening, and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe if we could get GB and GBC games.



flipnotefan said:

Unfortunately, the DSiWare version of Flipnote Studio won't be available in the eShop at launch. The news from Nintendo in Japan today is that a new version of Flipnote Studio is being developed for the Nintendo 3DS. I guess we will need to hold on to our Nintendo DSi and DSiLL's a little longer if we want to keep making and posting Flipnotes.



Raptor78 said:

600 Yen for the 3D classics seems like a good price point, 400 not bad for GB... but GBC seems a bit steep 500 - 600 tops but 800 seems way off the mark.
Im hoping that the DSi transfer function is just taken as read and thats why the DSiware isnt mentioned in the launch. If thats the case im pretty happy with the line up especially as I have a ton of DSiware games to transfer. If no DSi transfer / DSiware is available from launch then I feel the store shelves are looking a bit empty for my liking.



Luffymcduck said:

4 euros for GB game wouldn´t be too bad but 8 euros for GBC would be fail. It should be like:
GB: 2-3 euros
GBC: 4-5 euros
A PS3 owning friend of mine would laugh to these prizes too though.

Hope we´ll also get Megaman here for the launch.



Kirk said:


I'm supposed to pay 6X as much money for basically a black and white Game Boy game as I do for the average iPhone game.

When the **** is Nintendo going to get it!

Unfortunately as long as there are idiots that are going to pay these rip-off prices there's no real need for them to charge any less.

If they have to charge us it should be something like:

GB/GBC = 50p
GBA games = £1.00
3DSWare = 50p - £5+ (so we can get the really small low budget games cheap and pay a bit more for the bigger more developed titles)

Something like that.

I even think the actual 3DS games should only cost about £5-£10 on average (sometimes even cheaper for the really simple low budget games and maybe, maybe, on occasions a little more expensive for the truly epic games). Oh, and games like LOZ:OOT3D don't count as truly epic in terms of high development by the way, so they should only be about £5.



brandonbwii said:

What is the yen to dollar ratio anyway? Saying yen means nothing to me as I don't know how that typically translates to US dollars.

I'm also surprised that Japan didn't receive the Pokedex first.



tripunktoj said:

Maybe SGG and TG16 rleases will follow later on the same week (like TG16 on Wii)

EDIT: I might be right since the wire states NA eShop will update every Thursday, I also hope they realize most people out of Japan isnt willing to pay such high prices and they localize prices for each market, I would be paying even higher prices but I am a collector with OCD and no debts, the other 99.9% of people not agreeing said prices means the VC will go bankrupt in weeks.



Nintenzo said:

They'll never be able to compete with Apple with these prices. But, I do like the line-up!



Tethers said:

3 words: Way too expensive...

EDIT: Oh, wait, the 800 yen aren't confirmed yet...



Samholy said:

too expansive.
with these kind of games, nintendo has to compete with the iphone.

they shouldnt aim higher than 2$ US for their old games



Link79 said:

If these are to be the american launch games as well then I see three I'm getting. Mega man, Mario land and Kirby are good choices. I'm not so familiar with yen though. What's the american equivalent of these prices?



NintyMan said:

Wait, wasn't Zelda: Link's Awakening supposed to be a launch title? Other than that, that's still a pretty good line-up, especially with Kirby's Dream Land in with Super Mario Land!



Kevin said:

Where's my Zelda for launch like promised?! Quit whining about the pricing! Would you rather have no 3DS VC? People always find something to whine about. I'm one of them but not for this. I'm excited for the 3DS VC!



Spoony_Tech said:

No Zelda and no prices confirmed for north American. What the crap are they waiting for. They don't want the back lash there going to get if they release prices now. I agree where's my Zelda. I wont ne happy if its not out by Thursday! This is getting old Nintendo! I feel like your stuck in the mud sometimes!



Rathe said:

For those asking, based on current exchanges 400 yen = 4.96 USD.

These prices are unacceptable. I can run to a couple local video game shops and buy: GB games for $1-2 each; GBC games for $2-5 each; and GBA games for $5-10 each. Referring to the 3DS VC, why would I pay that much for a digital copy when I can get a collectible, physical copy for much less?

They can charge whatever they want for 3DSware and 3D remakes, for all I care. Those provide a new experience unattainable in any other form. VC games though...not gonna fly.



bboy2970 said:

I just looked at the NA line-up.....yikes. The only things I'll actually be getting from our list is Mario Land, Excitebike 3D, and Pokedex 3D, and 2 of those things are free! The only rational I can find for this is that Nintendo's E3 conference is less than 24 hours out from eShop launch. I would hope that means something for more content on the 7th to coincide with the show. Otherwise, I'm gonna be ok for eShop purchases for quite some time since I saved up a bunch of money for the launch. I guess that's not SUCH a bad thing but I'm ready to buy, buy, buy! So give me something to do that with Nintendo!

EDIT: And does anyone else find it extremely odd that Pokedex 3D isn't a Japanese launch application?? This may be the first time in history that we get a Pokemon release before Japan!



retro_player_22 said:

"Monochrome Gameboy games should be $1-$2 dollars each. They are way too expensive."

Yeah but you had to realize NES games for VC cost $5 each and in reality Game Boy games are much better in quality (despite being in black and white) than NES games. I say they should had sold them at around $4. Sell GBC game for $5 and GBA for $8.



shinobi88 said:

The big thing for me is the 3DSWare. Is it gonna be full of mostly worthless puzzle games and flash games like DSiware. I can't read what those are since they're Japanese, though one is a breakout clone which to me equals "worthless." If 3DSWare wants to make some noise it needs to fill up w/ action games and side scrollers like XBox Live



shinobi88 said:

For the guy ranting about prices above, do you think they're gonna charge $4.96 for GB games? No, Japans prices don't translate directly to America. They will be $3 or $4. Which is worth way more than getting a crummy used copy at a game store. A physical copy is only collectible in new condition. Either get new physical copy or straight onto the system. One is collectible and one is convenient.



gojiguy said:

Jesus those are pricy! I can get flashier and better iPhone apps for 99 cents!!

Nintendo, these prices better be different in NA!



Dodger said:

Don't see too much that Japan gets that we don't get that I want. I would like Kirby's Dream Land, but I can live.



Henmii said:

They have a better launch line-up for the 3DS VC then America or Europe.

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