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Here's 60 Pokemon Codes for Pokedex 3D

Posted by James Newton

Gotta scan 'em all

Pokédex 3D is out now — and free! — but like all good Pokémon games it requires you to build up your collection rather than handing out all 150 monsters to you. One of the ways you can add more to your stack is to scan an AR/QR code, a compilation of which you can find on this very page.

The 60 codes in this image were sent in by Nintendo Life Twitter follower Rhysuzaki, and for that we're very grateful.

If you have a code you want to share, let us know and we'll spread the word around.

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Teh-Ray said:

Sweet! Too bad a lot of them come out as "Unknown", though.

Can't wait for more!



RebeccaGunn said:

Tried to get these to work but all I'm getting is the silhouette of the Pokemon I haven't unlocked yet...

EDIT: a few work - but the rest need re-doing I think



skywake said:

Apparently all scanning the AR cards when you haven't obtained the pokemon yet does is increase the likelyhood that you'll randomly get it. You only get a set number of pokemon per day automatically via spotpass but you can also "trade" your entire pokedex collection with a friend.

Long story short: Pokedex filling still isn't a trivial task



suburban_sensei said:

Thanks for the link, Skywake. Pokedex really is pretty darn cool. I was surprised at how good the 3D and the Pokemon in general look.



Ren said:

Cool. I never understood the appeal of pokemon, but this is a pretty neat system. Maybe I'm too old. So what, once you collect them you can fight them then? That'd be cool, otherwise I don't care to just have them. it's neat to be able to find them all around, though.



daydreamer said:

Does everyone have the same pokemons in the Pokedex? Then how are we supposed to trade? thanks in advance via street pass



Imperfect said:

Just walking around with the 3DS will get you at least one a day. i prefer getting one daily then 3. Makes it last longer, and its always nice to see what new mon you get. by the way, has anyone noticed that by pressing the a button, the pokemon do an action? Like the water starters( i nikcname my pokemon so i sometimes forget what the species name is lol) final evo will pull out a sword, flourish it, and put it back. Pretty cool.



Master2112 said:

A friend of mine made a program in gamemaker that shows every possible combination in the QR-codes.
there are over 65k combinations possible, so a lot of them won't work, but you're guaranteed to get every one in existence now, and those added in the future.

for the settings, i used 100ms on either random or count up.
You can put 6 windows next to each other in random to get them faster


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