Cats are supposed to have nine lives, and if that's the case, then frogs probably have just as many. At least, Konami's flagship frog has done a pretty good job of avoiding the Grim Reaper of video game franchises.

Frogger 3D is set for an Autumn release on the 3DS, 30 years after Konami developed the original for the arcades. Times may have changed, but the premise of Frogger hasn't. With a new look and new level designs, Frogger 3D will introduce new friends that will help the brave amphibian run, dash and dodge his way to safety.

The game contains 60 stages spanning across 6 worlds, taking Frogger into various locales like the streets of his hometown, the Far East, New York, and even space. Certain levels will require Frogger to team up with friends in order to destroy obstacles, absorb damage and light up dark surroundings.

Up to four players can compete against each other and the Forever Mode provides StreetPass battles where the aim of the game is to stay alive.

Konami has previously published other Frogger games on other platforms: Frogger Returns on WiiWare and DSiWare.