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Four Swords Freebie is the Game Boy Advance Version

Posted by Trevor Chan

That settles it

You may remember Nintendo announcing that The Legend of Zelda multiplayer game Four Swords will be available for free for DSiWare. Further clarification from the company has cleared up which version it will be.

Nintendo has now verified that the freebie will be the version that came with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Game Boy Advance and separate from the The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure version developed for the GameCube.

It's not known whether this DSiWare re-release will contain any extra features, updated graphics, or online multiplayer, but Nintendo has said that it will be available to download this September.


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y2josh said:

Hopefully it has online. I don't know anyone locally with a dsi or 3DS



Chris720 said:

Any word as to whether this will also hit the eShop or are they making it a DSiWare exclusive?

Well, even so, I still have another DSi, so I guess I can transfer it over to the 3DS?



Portista said:

I hope it has online, because i only know 2 people with a DSi, and only 1 of them would get it.



tripunktoj said:

@2: Only DSiWare available in the eShop can be transfered to 3DS, but I dont see any reason for this not showing up on the eShop (except boosting declining DSi sales)

With no extras, it'd better be a short file to download, given the limited 3DS memory for DSiWare.



Late said:

Just like I thought. I have played the GBA Four Swords few times and didn't enjoy it. I'm still going to get it as it's free but as I don't have friends to play with, it may just take some space from my SD card.



Aviator said:

@2 All DSiWare that can be transferred is available to purchase on the eShop.



Punky said:

wouldn't hold my breath for online play.....hope I am wrong tho. Would work great online.



Token_Girl said:

Online would be perfect! Nlife game club ftw. I don't have anyone to play with locally. I doubt we'll get it in a freebie though.



SwerdMurd said:

woooow. Totally never heard about this--what a pleasant surprise! I wasn't ever able to play this one due to not knowing anyone with a Gameboy Advance, much less Link to the Past.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm with @LosAngeloTip on this one, I never got to play this game despite owning it on my Gameboy Advance. I simply didn't have anyone to play it with so I only got as far as the intro screen. I really hope that this version will be online.



Bensei said:

I doubt it will feature any extras, as it's free. I guess Nintendo's plan is that anyone who owns a DSi/3DS has a multiplayer game up his sleeve.



golephish said:

derp derp if this has been answered, but two things --- when excite bike is no longer free, will we have to pasy to use it, and will four swords be on 3ds?



Ai64 said:

I never got to play four swords. I definatly need to play the game when it's launched on the eshop. ^^



Kirk said:

To be honest I think that was probably the better choice, no?



Kevin said:

I just want a single player option like in Four Swords Adventures.



ueI said:

Anyone who has a 3DS or DSi will probably have this game, so even without online it will be easier to find players than it was in the GBA version. I would have been satisfied downloading either version, but this news brings up another question. You could originally use the great spin attack and shoot beams from your sword if you obtained those powers in Link to the Past. Will they be absent from the new version, or what?



Ark said:

@18 golephish
1. ExciteBike will only cost money for those who didn't download it for free in the first month, similar to the Wii Internet Channel (Nintendo later gave people their money back for that though).

2. Since 3DS supports DSi Ware, it's possible that Four Swords will work. There's no confirmation though, so we'll have to wait for that.



warioswoods said:

The GBA version — developed by Capcom — doesn't even begin to compare to the multiplayer-Zelda-perfection that the Gamecube version offered. It's still a neat freebie, I suppose, but not too exciting.



brandonbwii said:

I don't think it's online based on what miyamoto said at E3. Still, it's free and it's wireless and I have just enough friends who would download it.



theblackdragon said:

@Aviator: actually, not all DSiWare is transferable (nor even available in the eShop), and the Transfer Tool itself states that 'free DSiWare' cannot be transfered... they were so adamant about stating it was DSiWare and for the DSi that the question is valid IMO.



siavm said:

Why did we need clarification on which version it was going to be? It is coming to dsiware. The file limit is still 20 mb's. How could they put the gamecube version which is way bigger on that?



motang said:

pfft, I don't care, it is still going to be a fun game, and can't beat the price.



Link977 said:

its so short, but I still loved how you could throw a pot on someones head and they wouldn't be able to see anything but their link, everything else was black!



Mafro said:

This'll be worthless to me without online. I hope Nintendo see the importance of adding that into the game.



EdEN said:

Good to hear that since I just bought the GC version two weeks ago hehe.



bonesy91 said:

if it has online then "Hooray!" if not then well, I'll still never of had the chance to complete this Zelda title _



komicturtle said:

I played this on my GBA with my brother. We had loads of fun playing it. Then, we tried it with another friend and it was even more fun haha.

Glad that it's free and hopefully, it'll be a tad longer (since it is kinda short.. well, really short).



Henmii said:

I hope that it also will be available in the e-shop since I don't have a DSi (but I may buy a 3DS in the future). And I hope that you can also play it alone.



Alphack3r said:

lol already own it and beat it...Adventures was WAY better, as in totally epic! But hey, free is good ya know?
"Wake me up, when September ends..."



Kid_A said:

I doubt it will be online, since it's a game that requires a lot of communication between players; I'm personally just pulling for download play, because I know only one person within 50 miles of me with a 3DS/DSi.



SunnySnivy said:

People complaining even though it's free... just take it, it's free...

I doubt it will have online. I don't care, I will be happy to play Zelda wirelessly with my brother.



WiiLovePeace said:

SWEET! Hope this comes to Australia, I'm just suprised it's coming to DSiWare & not eShop, Luckily for me as I have no 3DS & won't be getting one soon & September is when I have my bday, thanks for the present Nintendo!



zachts98 said:

finally another freebi. I loved the legend of zelda phantom hour glass and spirit tracks. Maybe this will be a great one to.



Crunc said:

This is great, but since we only have one DSi (and two DS Lites), it's not as interesting to me. I'll still download it for sure, though.



golephish said:

never played 4 swords. did buy link's awakening waiting for oot (as I'm sure they wanted) and now am taking a OOT break and looking for DOA people



myusernameissam said:

knowing nintendo, its probably not going to have online, and its probably not going to be any better than the original. but heck, i love zelda, its free, and after owning this game for 3 years without a link cable i can finally try it out.



myusernameissam said:

i hope it either has online or single player though. i mean if not, what would you do when you werent near anyone else who has it?



Sh00kst3r said:

That's the point.
99/100 of us have NO ONE to play it with.

Also, I'm 99.99% sure it'll also be for the 3DS. If you've seemn the Game Show 3D thing on the eShop, the hostess mentions a free Zelda game for the eShop.



Milkman-123 said:

pretty much everyone in my neighborhood has a dsi, but i have a 3ds. oh well. 3ds has download play with dsi and 3ds, so its all good. my enemy has a dsi, so i will only play with her if nobody else has on to be a fourth player. she HAS to be the fourth. i want someone else to be a fourth player. but if i can only find 2 players with me, i MIGHT play with her.



Milkman-123 said:

theres a chance that this has online multiplayer. & i say this because the 3ds and dsi have wifi. gba never did, so you could only play with local people. 3ds version MIGHT HOPEFULLY have wifi multiplayer as an option. have hope nintendo fans.

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