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First Super Mario 3DS Screenshots Jump Into View

Posted by James Newton

See the plumber's next outing

True to Shigeru Miyamoto's promise, Super Mario for 3DS really does look like a combination of the plumber's best bits from his heritage.

We have the first screenshots below showing the combination of 2D and 3D that Nintendo hopes will create one of their portly hero's best ever titles.

We'll bring you video footage as it reaches us.

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NintyMan said:

Yes, Tanooki Mario is back! Although, at the beginning of the trailer, it made me wonder why those Goombas fell apart after Mario beat them. Are they made out of paper? Or are they just the living mushrooms that they are and tore apart? Other than that, it's nice to see Mario fight Boom-Boom from Super Mario Bros. 3 again, and the airships and raccoon-tailed goombas are a nice touch.



MasterGraveheart said:

Tanooki Suit!!! Wonderful! It actually kinda looks like what Mario Bros. 3 would be if it were 3D.

Tanooki > Raccoon.



Dodger said:

This game makes perfect sense. The New Super Mario Bros. series took the 2D mario games and added ideas from the 3D ones like groundpounding, wall jumps and just the way the game plays in general. It makes perfect sense that they make a 3D Mario with a lot of the ideas from the 2D mario games like shrinking when you get hit, the powerups and just the gameplay in general.



Henmii said:

Awesome! Looks more streamlined then the Galaxy games, but very good all the same. The footage looked even better then the screenshots. And Boom Boom is back!

"at the beginning of the trailer, it made me wonder why those Goombas fell apart after Mario beat them"

For some reason they where cut-outs, but behind them where real Goomba's.



Karakato said:

According to the conference, this game will be released near the end of this year. It may not be the open world 64-esque Mario sequel I was hoping for, but after watching the trailer I find this game even better than I hoped it to be. Well, I guess I know when I'll be purchasing the 3DS and the Vita . Can't wait!

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