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First Nano Assault Footage Assaults All Your Senses

Posted by James Newton

Well, maybe not your sense of smell

Shin'en Multimedia's first 3DS game is the microscopic Nano Assault, and now we have the first video footage of the game in action. As you might have expected, it looks pretty stunning.

This off-screen footage from E3 shows off the game's standard top-down shooting gameplay as well as the tunnel-esque Escape mode.

We'll let Majesco's Manny Hernandez take you through the game.

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timp29 said:

I must say, picturing that in 3D blows my mind.

I was totally thinking 'oh this is just like that movie - inner space' right as he said it though lol.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game looks really impressive, even at such an early stage in development. I can't imagine how good it is going to look when it is done. Oh and the game looks like a lot of fun too. Shin'en always delivers the goods so I am really looking forward to playing this.



Late said:

Haven't heard about this one before but it looks nice. This isn't just a game for me.



moosa said:

It doesn't appear very challenging, but yes, I am excited to play this.



FonistofCruxis said:

That looks like a great shmup and it looks pretty unique as its not vertically or side scrolling.



pixelman said:

This... looks gross. And really fun. One of the weirdest games I've seen in awhile, haha.



Kimiko said:

I wish NanoStray had a Super Super Easy mode so I could actually play the game. As it is, I couldn't even beat the first level



JaXs said:

$40 for a bloody hand-held game is rape. I don't care how good it is.

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